Monday, December 21, 2009

The Latest Shoe Purchase:

...Nine West Abi:

      So I had been contemplating open-toe booties for the last few seasons. At first they seemed overly trendy and I try not to purchase things that won't last more than a season. I prefer to buy quality pieces that will last over time. However, thanks to the economy, and designers' decisions to stretch out trends over multiple seasons, the open-toe bootie trend looks like it's going to stay at least through Spring/Summer '10. Great news for me! The right pair can really give a simple outfit a little edge.

     For months I had been holding on to this $75 Amex pre-paid gift card that I earned on a legal research website during school. I was trying to hold on to it until I found something great and super expensive that I normally could not afford. Well, I held off as long as I could. Being unemployed and not making a really purchase fun in months, I was itching to buy a pair of shoes that were super impractical and just plain hot. I debated a long time as to whether I wanted shoes or splurge on some cosmetics at Sephora. Finally, I decided to buy a pair of shoes that were reasonable in price and would not have to put in any extra cash to cover the balance. I searched for weeks trying to find the perfect shoe. I had an idea in my head about what I want my NYE outfit to look like, and I just needed the right shoe to fit the idea. After much searching, I pretty much narrowed it down to three pairs:

Nine West Abi (image from Regular Price $98.95.This is a great boot. Small platform, which was a pre-requisite, heel is a good height, and a pretty classic shape--not too "stiletto-ish" nor too thick.

Nine West Haldir (image from Regular Price $98.95.

I saw these in the Nine West store and I loved them.  I was actually leaning towards these at first, but the slight awkwardness of the height of the boot at the ankle concerned me. Sure they would look great with skirts or a dress, but how about my skinny jeans? I didn't want my jeans to lay awkwardly over top of them. If they did, my only option would be to wear them with skirts or dresses...and with me, that's a rarity.

Report Signature Reade. (photo from Regular Price 189.95.

I love the Reade sandal. But it was out of my price range. It has been on sale on some sites lately, but OOS in my size. =( I still have my eye on them though. Good amount of platform without being overly high, strappy, and the heel shape is classic. Lovely.

      In the end, yes, I did go with the Abi. The leather on boots are great--thick, and fairly non-creasing. It is a little pebbly, but nothing too distracting. So far, they feel really great. I'm so excited to wear them for NYE.  Here are a few more IRL pictures of them:

Sorry about the filthy mirror. I really should clean it sometime. Worn with a super stretchy cotton-spandex Wilfred skirt (from Aritzia), and an American Eagle deep V favorite T, uh, just because that's the shirt I was wearing at the time and I didn't feel like changing it.

Up close, wearing a F21 silver chain bracelet with magnetic clasp. $7.90.

And here's another look with my favorite pair of J Brand 10" Lightweight (72/28 blend) skinny jeans in Ink. Size 25, if you're wondering. They fit SMALL.

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