Monday, December 21, 2009

A reason to keep your old clothes...

     So I went digging around in sweater boxes yesterday looking for more sweaters since it's starting to get pretty chilly here in D.C. I "lost" about 3 sweater since last winter, including my favorite merino wool Club Monaco sweater. As much as I'm grateful that the are willing to do my laundry, I really wish they wouldn't. They shrunk THREE of my sweaters...and currently being unemployed, I have no real way of replacing them. However, looking for something "new" to wear...I found an old, old J Crew cowl neck sweater that must be 7+ years old. I tucked it away years ago because the cowl neck look hasn't been too "in" until this season, and also, I wasn't a fan of the fit for a while. I was into the whole fitted sweater look for a few years. Anyways, I went ahead and put it on, because it still looked great...just needed to be de-pilled a little, and voila!! A great "new" sweater and it looks awesome! I'm so glad I kept it, I'm usually pretty anal about purging my closet of things that I don't wear anymore--usually I just donate or give away rather than keeping them and have old things take space in my closet.

    Sorry about the bad photos. I have yet to figure out the best place to take pics and my room is a little small...and super messy ATM.  Old J. Crew sweater worn with my J Brand Lightweight 10" Skinny Jeans in Ink. The boots, if you are wondering are Camper Helix Boot. The circumference of the boot are perfect, about 13.5", no cobbler needed. Here's a close up:

They're very simple and streamlined. Nothing too fancy, almost a bit *too* plain, but they're great for wearing out in the snow and slush (as long as they are protected properly, i.e., with a cream/gel not just a spray!). I wore them out one day in Boston where I was literally walking around in ankle deep slush and puddles and my feet were OK for the most part...maybe just slightly damp/cold when I got home. Warning, they are a bit on the narrow/fitted side. I usually try to put in a winter insole for extra warmth in my boots when I can, but they would not fit in this boot.

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