Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thank you, Elfster!

      For the second year in a row, my friends and I decided to do a "Secret Santa"-type exchange. It saves us all the stress, and of course, cheaper. LOL. It's great though, because we are a fairly big group and the purchase $$ range is $50-$65. A good amount to get a nice gift, but also not so expensive that most of us can't afford to participate. We call it "Elfster" because we use a particular online program draw names, however, I don't really recommend it. It won't let me delete old exchanges and old wishlists which can make things really confusing and complicated. Unless this is fixed for next year, I'm going to use a different online tool.

      OK, the point of this post is to show everyone what I received from my Elf! It's awesome. My Elf was actually one of my closest friend's GF. Her style is quite different from mine. She does love HE stuff, like I do, but she's funkier, and more "FOB-inspired". If you are from Toronto (or some other Canadian city where there are a lot of Asians, you will know what this means). Also, her style is still somewhat younger, despite us being only about 5 years apart in age. Needless to say, if she was going to get my something other than a gift card, I was a little apprehensive. This is what I received:

      They are by Links of London. Small heart shaped silver stud earrings, but with a [kind of] triangle stud shape! The official name is: Flutter & Wow Silver Stud Earrings. And they are totally me! I love them. But now I have to figure out how I'm going to wear them. I have so many holes in my ears. Three on each lobe plus a helix piercing. I thought I was just going to take out my diamond studs which sit in the last holes, but they heart studs are actually quite bigger than I first realized. Now I'm thinking they need to go into the second holes at the very least.  Maybe even the first holes, but I don't have any studs to replace all the small hoops that are in them now. Aiya. I'll work something out. Here is the official picture from the Links of London website.

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Julie said...

Good news, you CAN delete both old exchanges and old wishlists!

To delete an old exchange:
1. Go to "Groups"
2. Click "Home" for the group the exchange you want to delete is in
3. Click on the exchange you want to delete
4. Click on "Delete exchange"

To delete old wishlist:
1. Go to "Wishlists"
2. Click on "Delete" for the wishlist you want to delete

I hope this helps! Happy holidays!

ch3r said...

Ah! Thanks! I spent forever looking for this! And a happy holidays to you too! =)

Alterations Needed said...

Those are super cute! I love the heart design...with a twist!

Alterations Needed said...

Those are super cute! I love the heart design...with a twist!

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