Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Boxing Week Shopping, Again...

     The crowds in the mall drive me absolutely insane during Boxing Week...but I found myself there yet again. I had a good reason this time, however. SO didn't like the Lululemon top I gave him for Christmas (he said that it "wasn't his color"...even though he owns shirts that color? But anyway) so he told me that we could go to the store and pick him out a new one. I also had to return some weightlifting gloves that I bought him on Boxing day because they were too big, and I was on the hunt for a winter coat that I've been dying to buy, for like, three years.

     First stop, the TNA store. For those of you that aren't really that familiar, it is the name one of the house brands of Aritiza that was made into its own B&M store. It was my lucky day. The first coat that I saw hanging on the rack was the grey classic knee length parka in XS. WOOHOO! Yes, every girl in Toronto has this coat (and probably in Vancouver, as well)...but it really doesn't matter to me. My old TNA winter coat is so warm, but also six years old, and, I live in D.C. anyway--no one will have it there. Haha. Here it is:

      It was on sale for $260CA from $275CA. Yes, not much of a sale, but that's Aritzia for ya. This coat is filled with polyster unlike my old coat which is down-filled. I hope that it's just as warm though. It probably isn't, but I suppose that's OK since I don't live in Toronto full-time anymore and D.C. doesn't get as cold. It has zipper and magnetic closures with the fur trim hood and a bunch of extra pockets for iPod and cell phone and my ID. I'm really excited about it. I hope it lasts as long as my older TNA coat. That one still looks great, but it is a bomber style, and I think I'm getting a little too old for its "look" despite how much I still love it.

      [EDIT: I've been wearing this out in the bitter cold the last few days, and I have to say, it is a very warm coat. The top half of inside is lined with fur, which really helps keep me insulated from the cold. But despite being a coat down to my knees, it is still quite drafty. Top half much more warmer than my bottom half.]

      Next stop, Lululemon. The store was pretty cramped. Racks everywhere. People everywhere.  I had a huge bag carrying my new coat. AND, I was carrying my full-sized RM purse. I was hitting everything and everyone. SO spent about 15 minutes in the fitting room. He couldn't find anything he liked. Admittedly, there wasn't much selection left for men. Oh well. I told him that I would put money towards the new camera he wants to buy tomorrow instead.

     My mom actually bought me a pair of Lululemon Groove pants for Christmas, which I think are great....but are the wrong size. She got me a 4, which is equivalent to an XS. My other pants are a 4, but I've noticed that I still have the crinkle in the butt area, and according to Lululemon's blog, it shouldn't fit like that and I should go down to a size 2 (XXS). Of course, there were no 2s left in the Groove Pant at all. Oh well. I needed some tops anyway (although I may still go any buy some bottoms online--they offer free shipping now within the US and Canada! A REALLY SMART business move). I ended up with a Cool Racerback Tank in size 4 in Ocean Blue (at least what I think is Ocean Blue), and a black and white striped Flow Y Bra IV also in size 4:

      The Cool Racerback Tank runs for $39 (US and CA) and has a longer length. It pretty much covers all of my butt. It is also made of their light luon fabric. Some of their other tops are made from the heavier material, which tends to cover any "lumps and bumps" you might have. The light luon isn't as forgiving.

      The Flow Y Bra IV is $42. It has pockets for their cups (great for extra support and for those of us who don't like to be flattened out by our sports bras) and is perfect for wearing under the Racerback Tank. The interior lining has this cute floral pattern and the back of the bra has a mesh insert, to make it more breathable. Not sure if you can see it the picture there.

       If you have never experienced Lululemon, their products are a little pricey, but definitely worth it. The fit is amazing and it will last forever. Also, if need be, Lululemon also offers free hemming. It's nice that they recognize that we don't all have legs with a 34" inseam.

     The third stop was Jacob. I really wanted to spend the rest of my gift card on a new sweater, but I couldn't find one I liked. I prefer a merino wool or cashmere blend. Cotton sweaters just don't hold up as long as I'd like. I was a little disappointed, but I'm sure when the spring lineup rolls around I will find something nice to spend it on. I love Jacob. I haven't come across an American store/brand with this style of clothing with the same quality and price range and carry pants that FIT. Ann Taylor with their new designer actually comes fairly close to quality and style, but even though they have petites, the fit still sucks. 

     I wanted to make stops at H&M and Club Monaco, but me and SO were meeting a friend for dinner and we were getting hungry. I can't afford anything from CM right now anyway, even with a 20% student discount. The prices there just seem to keep increasing every season. Not sure what is going on there.

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