Thursday, January 14, 2010

EOTD (Ensemble of the Day)

      I don't do this too often. Mostly because I have nowhere to go, and partly because as much as I love clothes and accessories, truthfully, I'm really just a T-shirt (or sweater) and jeans kinda girl. I don't think I wear anything rather special on a daily basis; a real tomboy at heart, I guess. Tonight I'm going out for Happy Hour to support a friend, so I thought I would at least put on a different pair of boots (instead of my UGGs):

Jacob merino wool boyfriend cardigan, J Brand lightweight 10" skinnies in Ink, Smart Set lace-trim cami, and Eric Michael Vogue Boots. 

      I really love these boots. They are slightly slouchy around the leg, but with 12" calves what can a girl do? It would cost a small fortune to have a cobbler alter these, lining and all. But they're still awesome because the leather is super soft and smooshy and they have a buckle at the knee that can be adjusted so they won't slip all the way down. They can also fold over at the knee.

      And a picture I took with my new CK boots. This outfit I would never actually wear outside the apartment, but it feels so Victoria Beckham: 

Old F21 top (that I'm pretty sure I've never worn before), old, old, OLD pair of Marika leggings, and Calvin Klein Feliz Boots.

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PetiteAsianGirl said...

omigosh! love, love, love those above the knee boots. I never even shopped for such boots because I was convinced that I wouldn't find any fit for petite legs.

Also it's great that all my favorite petite bloggers are doing outfit posts now! So much fun to browse.

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