Friday, January 15, 2010


     EOTD for the second day in a row! I don't usually go out this often, but I'm going out again tonight and this is what I'm wearing (please excuse the blurriness--I'm still trying to get used to not moving so much when I'm decreasing the shutterspeed of the camera, my cami is not straight, AND I'm slouching! =/ But I was too lazy to try and retake all the pics again):

H&M Blazer (black, size 2), Smart Set lace-trim cami (grey, XS), J Brand Lovestory Lightweight Jeans (Ink, size 25) Sophia Visconti Wristlet (black), and Michael Kors Parker Boot (black, size 6.5).

      A  note about the jeans. Like my J Brand 10" lightweight skinnies, these fit very slim throughout the hips and thighs, and are very stretchy. I have two pairs (the other in Dark Vintage) and both are in a size 25. I love them so much. They make my little ruler shaped body actually look somewhat curvy. The wide flare is so great for a different look and is a night out on the town. BUT, these jeans won't work if you happen to have very short legs. The trick is to maintain the clean and long lines of these jeans, and you do this by keeping as much length as possible. Once you lose too much length after the knee-break, or if the knee break is way below your knee, the proportions will be way off and in turn make the leg look very short (this is true of all flared/bootcut pants, but holds especially true for these jeans because the flare is so pronounced). If your inseam with high heels is shorter than 32" this is definitely something to keep in mind if you are considering buying these jeans. I've seen them look fab on some women, and absolutely horrid on others because they've just been hemmed much too short to give a flattering silhouette.

     Some more pics, I've received so many compliments on these jeans, yet somehow these photos do not do these jeans justice (I'm *am* working on my photo-taking skills, I promise!):

Here is a close up of the boots:

The are black patent leather, with a great zipper in the back. 4" inch heel and an almond toe, which is a little bit on the rounder side.

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Alterations Needed said...

I really like this one!! I looooove blazers with jeans...such a great look. You pull of those JBrands so well! I'd be terrified of such a big flare.

stylepint said...

What a great look! Blazers are always a great staple!

stylepint said...

What a great look! Blazers are always a great staple!

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