Friday, January 1, 2010


       First off, I want to wish you a very Happy New Year filled with bigger and better things than ever before. =) I hope this is the year for me and SO career-wise. A new job for him and a new job for me. Things are already starting to look up. He's (slowly) getting better from a bout with colitis, and I'm being sworn into the DC bar and have a new project starting early in the new year. Let's hope the momentum carries throughout the year.

       My dad's birthday is on New Year's Day, and also, it's kind of a family tradition that we try to spend it as a family. Most years we have a house party, but last year and this year we've been having it at a banquet hall in a hotel. I generally prefer something low key, but I suppose it's a chance to get all dressed up.

      NYE ensemble:

       Talula Babaton (by Aritzia) dress in Black, size 2. This dress fits SMALL. I thought I could get myself in a 0, which is what I wear in their suits, but I could not even come close to zipping the thing up. Size 2 fits great though. I just had to have the length hemmed up about 2 inches. I didn't want it too short, because I wanted to use it as a classic dress; something I could use professionally, if there was such an event I would need to attend in the future. It has boning throughout the bodice, sweet heart shape neckline, a tulip-type skirt with exposed zipper, a slit in the back, and silk lining. It also comes with removable straps. Oh, and you probably can't see it in the picture, but it also has pockets! It cost $185CA (thank goodness I had a GC, because I could NOT resist this dress, it was too perfect) and is made out of a stretch wool material--the same material that some of their suits are made from This was one of the main reasons I bought this dress, so that I could wear my suit jacket over it, if necessary.

      The tights I'm wearing are fishnets in black. They're Silks Fashion tights with Control Top and no reinforced toe so I could wear them with my open toe booties without looking ridiculous. $15CA. Of course, they were basically one of three brands in all of The Bay (Canadian department store) that wasn't on sale for Boxing Day. Figures. I had some trouble putting them on though. They are EXTREMELY stretchy, so when it felt like i was going to tear through the fishnet, in fact, I wasn't. If I didn't pull more from the bottom, it would never make it up my legs! They're good though, the control top is unnecessary, but I didn't really have a choice. I was a little concerned that my toes were going to bust through the netting, since there was no toe reinforcement, but thankfully they didn't. The control top wasn't too impeding either, though it did roll down a little bit throughout the night. I was wearing them in size A. A close up:

      Also wearing my Nine West Abi booties. Comfort-wise, ouchy. And because I have bony ankles they zippers and buckles were pushing against my bone when I walked. Next time, definitely have to wear some moleskin in those areas. Accessories are my H&M earrings, Aldo chain bracelet,  my Sophia Visconti wristlet, Le Chateau stackable rings, and Le Chateau (I think) silver upper arm band. Here's a better picture of the arm band, and it is adjustable for ladies with a smaller arm circumference:

      And the fashion faux pas of the night:

My nephew all dress up in his suit and...white sports socks?? LOL.

     On New Years Day, SO and I went out for coffee at Second Cup (coffee chain similar to Starbucks). Afterwards, we were kind of bored, so despite the snow and the insane windchill we decided to go for a walk so that SO could take some pictures with his new camera. Somehow we ended up at the mall. =/ No purchases, but I did finally take a look at what was going on in Club Monaco. I saw some beautiful sheer, chiffon blouses which are perfectly in line with trends for spring, and a great shift dress with cap sleeves. On the hanger, it did look a little bit on the larger side though.  I was in no mood to try them on since I was wearing way too may layers. I was, however,  tempted to buy their merino wool sweaters which were going for 2/$89. But even still with the student discount and taxes on top, they were still a little bit too out of my price range. Even if I waited until I got back to D.C., I could still bypass 8% of taxes. We'll see. I'm sure those sweaters decrease in price again before the spring lines begin to roll in, I just need to be patient!

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