Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fitting Room Finds

    After my bout with 80 hour work weeks, I did have a chance to go home and spend time with my SO...and go to the mall, of course! I found a few great pieces that I'm super excited about.

      My first stop was Aritzia. I don't have any pictures because they don't let us take anything into the fitting room, but instead have us lock up our stuff. I did try on a high waisted skirt to match my pant suit. I've been itching to find a skirt that would match the jacket, but either I couldn't afford it, or I've had no luck with something in my size. This particular skirt was very nice. A nice high waist and knee-length. The only problem was that it was too tight! The only small size left was a 0. Which I thought would be fine since my suit jacket and matching pant were size 0. I was definitely wrong. Is it just me, or is Talula Babiton making their stuff smaller? Not that I'm complaining, there are a lot of tiny Asians living north of the U.S.-Canadian border, but just sayin'.

      I made a stop into H&M, but nothing really caught my eye except this freakin' FABULOUS dress with a leather panel down the center:

     There were only two of these dresses left on the rack. Both size 2. There's a good reason for this. We all know that H&M sizing has actually gotten smaller over the last little while. I haven't come close to being able to zip up a size 2 in recent months. At this point, since there was no other choice, I had to pick up a 2 and pray that this was going to zip up:

     No chance. LOL. You can see how tight it is. I couldn't get the zipper up past my waist, it was so small, and the back just lay open. It looked HOT, though. I was really disappointed. It's selling price is $149. Yes, it's expensive, especially for H&M, but if it had fit I would have bought it in a second. I left the store with a black long sleeve top with ruched shoulders. Yep. More ruched shoulders. I can't get enough.

     The final stop in the mall that's worth mentioning was Jacob. My main purpose of going in was to find my friend a birthday present. She loves Jacob, but now living in the U.S., she misses it immensely. I thought I would take a look and see if I could find her something that wouldn't break [my] bank. I found this sleeveless cowl neck top that comes in a bunch of different colors. The lighting is a little off, but I'm wearing it in lavender, size XS:

      Cute. It retails for $35, regular price. I think this is what I'm going to get her, but I'm going to wait it out. I'm sure that by the time I go back for it, it will be on sale. Everything goes on sale at Jacob. I love that. My mom also happened to get me a similar top from Jacob with elbow length sleeves:

    I adore this next top. It comes in five colors: Black, grey, orange, red, and light coral. This is me in grey, size XS:

     Such a great top for a night out. Regular price is $28. Extremely reasonable. I purchased it in grey (of course), but when it goes on sale, I'm probably going to buy another color. The SO isn't a fan of this. I'm not sure why. But oh well, he's not wearing it, I am! LOL.

     This last purchase, I could have almost died. I've been on a search for a nice pair of cargo pants for EVER. Wide leg, straight leg, name it, I've been trying to find the perfect pair. This season, J Brand released their own version which has been seen on celebrities, non-stop so far this season:

     J Brand Houlihan Twill Cargo pants. They come in several different colors and retail for $231 on Shopbop. Ouch. I'm also not a fan of the back of the pants. It doesn't seem to be very flattering.

     When I was wandering around Jacob, I found their own version, and I was ecstatic. It comes in two colors, black and army brown and retails for a very reasonable $59:

Jacob cargo twill pant in army brown (size 0) with H&M ruched shoulder top in black (size 4), and Rosegold Lara platform sandals in black (size 6).

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I admit, however, the fit is a little off. It is very low rise, which is fine for me because I have a naturally short rise and I am short-waisted, but it nips in a little bit too much at the waist making it a little tight around the hip area. There is also a seam across the thigh, that makes it a little tight in that area. I tried on the black ones in the fitting room, and I don't recall the seam feeling the way it does in the brown. But according to my SO, it looks like its cutting off my circulation. LOL. OK, I wouldn't go that far, but it is certainly tighter around the seam than it is around the rest of the thigh. I don't mind though. It's not uncomfortably tight, and they look awesome otherwise. I'm super pleased with them. I may have to go back for the black.

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Kerry said...

Something I learned from my sewing teacher - different fabrics will behave differently, even if cut and sewn to the exact same specifications. That includes different colors of the same fabric. Apparently the dying process changes the way the fabric behaves in terms of stretch, so it is not uncommon to try on two identical pairs of pants in two different colors and they do not fit the same. That might explain why the black pair did not feel as tight on that thigh seam.

ch3r said...

Oh that's interesting to know. So I may not actually be crazy!

AubreyOhDang! said...

i have been questioning skinny cargo pants, but these look excellent on you! good purchase. I think it's a keeper!

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