Friday, May 7, 2010

More AT and ATL

    After my first experience with ATL, I have come to know better--that is, as to what size I really am. I still needed a few more work appropriate tops and cardis, so with the F&F, I made a few more online purchases (at work, no less).

    I purchased two ATL cardis. The first, which I was really excited about because I just love this color, is the V-neck cardigan in Willow Green:

It fit absolutely perfectly in XSP. The sleeves were just the right length, the overall length hit at the hip without being too long, and it wasn't too wide. Just slimming enough not to be too tight, yet not too baggy so it looked like I was carrying some extra weight (please ignore the fact that I am not wearing any eye make-up in these photos):

      It's sheer, but perfect for the D.C. summer weather, when you need a little cover up in the morning. Wow. Awkward pics, sorry. LOL. Regular Price $49.50. I'm kind of wishing I ordered this cardigan in grey and blue as well.

      The second sweater I purchased was a Crewneck Cardigan in Blueberry. I love this color too, but this sweater did not come in Petite or in XXS. I decided to take my chances anyway. To my dismay, the fit wasn't great:

The sleeves are a little long, the overall length was pretty good (I like my sweaters a little bit on the longer side anyway), but the width of the cardi around the waist wasn't the most flattering. You can't really tell in this picture, but if I lifted up my arms, it looked like I had wings. Overall, it wasn't bad, I could certainly get away with it, but the sizing wasn't perfect either. The knit is also a little thicker than the green V-neck cardi that I had ordered. I thought about it for a few days, and just decided to keep it. In this case, color trumped fit. Haha. I love me some jewel tones. Regular Price is $39.50.

    I also purchased one open front cardi from the AT B&M store. This comes in three colors: black, brown, and white. I opted for the brown:

      I really love this cardigan. It's 53% silk and 47% cotton, and it feels so nice against my skin. It's a great office cover up when the A/C is blasting. Regular price is $68, and I'm wearing it in a regular XS. I figured that it was meant to be worn open, so it probably wouldn't be too noticeable if it was a little wide around the torso.

      My final online order from AT consisted of two tops.  The first was the Grosgrain Tier Top in Ground Pepper, regular Price $54. I purchased in XXS because it didn't come in Petite. I had seen a picture of Katie Holmes wearing this ruffle tiered top with a pair of jeans and I decided that I wanted one too.  When I first tried it on, I wasn't that impressed, despite having every intention of keeping it when I first order it. I found it too long for a workplace outfit. It wasn't in a petite size, after all. I thought that maybe ordering a XXS, would help fix the problem. Not really. But when I put the top on again to take these pictures, I found myself really liking it with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings:

Also worn with J Brand 10" Skinny Jeans in Ink (size 24) and my new Rosegold Lara Platform Sandals in Black (in size 6).

      The other blouse I purchased was the Oyster Sateen Beaded Blouse in Soft Pewter size XSP. Regular price $78. When I first pulled it out of the packaging, I thought it was super pretty. It also looked nice on and has some serious styling potential (which I did not do here):

      It might be really cute with a little skinny belt. Here's a close up of the front detail:

      The fit is great, but being $78 at its regular price, an extra 30% sill made it pretty steep. It is made of 56% polyester and 44% rayon, and the detailing is just gorgeous, but I think it will have to go back. It was actually hanging in my closet with the rest of my clothes for a while, but the practical side of me says that its much too expensive for my little unemployed self right now. If I actually had a permanent job, rather than taking on temporary projects, I would have definitely kept this.

      Now that you've seen a few pictures with my new Rosegold Lara sandals, what do you think? Keepers? Yay/nay?

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Really Petite said...

I love the beaded blouse! I'm glad you did a post on this one! I have had my eye on it but now it's nice to know how it fits :)

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