Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fashion Fixation: Lauren Merkin Snakeskin Embossed Louise Clutch

    Generally every fashion season, handbags go through their own trends as much as clothes and shoes. Handbags are a great accessory that can really complete an outfit. Oddly enough however, the handbag this fall/winter season has been somewhat neglected. Most of what we are seeing are clutches and hand-held bags. Very minimalistic, with no little danglies or extra embellishments. Need bigger? Go with a practical satchel. Nothing exciting, huh? I don't mind. I love clutches, especially the huge oversized ones. There's something about them that appeals to my tomboy tendencies. 

     One clutch that has caught my eye this season is the Lauren Merkin Snakeskin embossed Louise Clutch. From

      How gorgeous is this? It's not real python (I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to care for if it was!), but this classic "print" is just perfect and goes with everything. Retails for $200. I've always had an attraction to Lauren Merkin's Louise and Eve clutches (the Eve being smaller in size). Such a classic shape and she makes them in dozens of different textures and colors each season making it too easy to want to collect them like an old coin collection.

     I have also been obsessed with the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch for years now. Although I would be perfectly happy with black, flat iron grey, or wine, this one in Sea Green eludes me:

     Kind of plain, you say? I thought so too, at first. Until I realized that the detachable chain can be worn in several different ways. Then I was sold! RM handbags have actually gone down in price this season (unlike Chanel, which has gone up 25%), making this just a little more within my reach. The perfect day-to-night clutch.

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curls-and-pearls said...

I like the RM clutch - anything snake print freaks me out LOL I can't even touch it in the store even if I know it's not real!

Cee said...

I found the RM MAC to be a bit bigger in person than I had imagined, but I have heard it fits a ton. She's coming out with fine wine this fall. From the pics I've seen, it looks gorgeous!

MsHark said...

Shopbop has 20% right now for their friends and family sale! The promo code is on my blog... I think they carry that bag (I have it in a wine/red color.. love it!)

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