Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review: Bandolino Indulge Boot (and Bonus EOTD)

     I am quite aware that I put myself on a super-low/no-buy this month, but I went ahead and bought these boots:

     Bandolino Indulge Bootie in Black, size 6.5 (my regular shoe size is 6). My excuse? I needed a work boot that I could wear with pants that wasn't so high that it looked like I was wearing flood pants and was practical for walking the city streets of the District. Most of my work pants are hemmed (or unhemmed) for heels. So I had three choices: I hem all my pants (which I don't want to do), buy all new ones (heck no, I have a hard enough time finding pants), or buy a new pair of boots. I also had like $350 worth of credit that I could use which made it look like I wasn't actually spending any money. =)

     At first I was really skeptical about these boots. Mostly because of the bow. I'm not really into the whole frilly, girly stuff, but seeing as how they were going to be covered up by my pants anyway, I thought I would give it a go. Plus, I actually love the seamed almond toe of the Bandolino boot. I have a wedge style with the exact same toe shape, and it's just so classic (photos taken from Zappos):

     The regular price of these are $109 at and they were having 20% off boots with a $125 purchase (I also bought my mom a pair of knee-high boots for her upcoming birthday).  So here they are:

     When I pulled them out of the box, I found the leather to be very soft and quite supple. The heel itself was a perfect height ~3.5". When trying them on with a pair of work pants, which are usually about a 32" inseam, they didn't drag or flood. Actually, to be honest, they are a just a *touch* too short for my personal preference, but it's probably a good thing--less chance of my pants dragging on the wet and salty pavement in the winter.

      To my surprise, the bow is actually a very nice touch. I can see it really adding a little something if I chose to wear these boots with skinny jeans or a dress. 

      The fit? I purchased a 6.5 like I do with all my boots, and although it did fit with an insole and my regular sports socks, the heel was very wide. So wide, that my heels slip when I walk. Really weird for a boot.  I usually have that problem with pumps, but never boots. It could really annoy me (and be really dangerous!) when I'm walking, so I decided to go half a size down to see if that helped. It didn't. My toes felt squished AND my heels were slipping out. No good. Plan B? Put some thick heel pads in the back to keep my heels from lifting. Much better!

      Verdict? Keepers!

      Here's a bonus EOTD with the boots (I know I haven't been posting many EOTDs lately. I've been so busy and uninspired!):

Cropped 3/4 sleeve Jacket: ATL [purchased for $50 after extra 50% off sale price!] (size XSP).
Sweater: Smart Set Turtleneck (dark green, size XS).
Denim: Habitual Audrey Legging (Eventide Redux, size 25--these run really small).
Booties: Bandolino Indulge (black, size 6.5)
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff MAB (dark brown).

     This is a super cute little jacket I found at ATL today. They are having an extra 50% off all sale stuff! It's a good time to run to your local ATL and see if they have any good items left over. I've had my eye on this little jacket for a while, but could never bring myself to buy it (or even try it on in fear of loving it too much). My mom is in town, and she bought it for me! YAY! It's so cute layered over a long-sleeved sweater. I would even love it over a pair of elbow-length leather gloves, which I sadly do not own. This is what the jacket looked like in the fitting room over an ATL V-neck sweater that cost $15 after the 50%:

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kileen said...

this is a great outfit! those shoes really work well with those skinny jeans and it's a good thing that some thick heel pads salvaged the shoes. the ATL jacket is super cute too and really adds a classic touch to the look. <3!!

AubreyOhDang! said...

you are boot-obsessed girl

Amy said...

Cute boots! And you rock that jacket. I'm going to have to check out that ATL sale and see if I can scrounge up anything nice too :O


curls-and-pearls said...

Love that jacket. I'm a girly girl so I was excited to see the bow on those boots LOL! I think you'll get a lot of wear out of them.

Stylepint said...

Great outfit and reading your blog has made me obsessed with boots lately too. I just need to find ones that fit me! =)

martienn said...

lovely ; ) your blog is really interesting :)

if you want follow me :* <3

BonnieE818 said...

I have those boots from last year.......may be a different brand.....came from DSW. I love mine and wear them alot. You have great taste! :) bonnie

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