Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back to *Less* Cold Weather

       I apologize that the blog has been really quiet all weekend. I went home to Toronto for the weekend...and of course, just in time for my arrival...the temperature dropped! Figures. I survived, however! I even managed a trip to the mall near my parents' house. It's a small mall, but they do have an H&M and since I've been really digging H&M lately, I decided to take a peek.

        I tried on a few  more things with those ruched shoulders (because, you know, I'm obsessed with them), including the charcoal grey version of the little jacket I have. This is it in a size 4:


      It doesn't fit as well as it does in a size 2. But the size 2 is pretty darn snug on me. Why is it that I always find myself in between sizes? Is it just me?

      I also tried on this dress, even though it's not really my style (much too girly), but I thought it had a lot of styling potential:


     Please excuse the tights, I was wearing them under my jeans to fight the freezing cold weather. I am wearing the dress in a size 4, and as you can see, it is a little ill-fitting. Here it is with a belt in size S, which of course, was still too big to properly cinch around my waist:

      The dress looked better belted, but I really couldn't hide the fact that the dress was still too big. I needed a size 2. The dress also comes in a light pink color as well as this taupe-y grey. It costs $39.95CA. It is quite pretty though.

      In the end I purchased this t-shirt with ruched shoulders for $12.95CA in XS:

    It comes in a multitude of colors including black, and purple. I just realized that have been really into grey lately, and I'm not sure why...but yes, I bought it in dark grey. =/ I also tried on a similar item that was actually dress , but same neckline and shoulder detail (in black this time!), but I didn't really like it.

      Other purchases for the weekend was this Rimmel lipstick in Nude Delight. I succumbed to purchasing this in Canada because I could not find this at any store in the US, oddly enough. It is a very nice warm nude color:

      I also purchased this Jacob top (size XS) using my GC from Christmas:

      I'm not sure if you can tell, but the top is a very pale grey color. It also comes in black and cream. I thought it was a great top that I could use under a suit for work, or on a night out (I'll post some sample outfits tomorrow!)
      All the sale item in Jacob were an extra 25% off. Club Monaco was also having an extra 30% off all sale items; I was so tempted to buy something! Especially since it's pretty rare that the CM stores in the US have an extra % off their sale items. I resisted though! I pat myself on the back.

      I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I made it! the mall that is. I was mostly disappointed, but found one great item.

      First stop was the GAP...since TX, I've been thinking about those hip slung pants. I've always wanted a pair of cargo pants. Something relaxed, but not baggy, and still sat on my body properly. No luck. The GAP has a bunch of utility pants, cargo, khakis, et cetera, but nothing that fit! Case and point--

I think these are the ones I tried. They are the New Easy Straight pants. They were folded at the ankle in the store, so I'm going to assume these are it...if I'm wrong, someone please correct me! Before I go on, I have to mention that I opened the door on some guy in the fitting room. Good thing he was only changing his shirt. =/ The sales associate pointed me to a room, and I assumed it was empty. Yea, no. The guy didn't lock the door either. Smart. Anyways, it's always bad news when you can pull on the pants without unbuttoning them, which is what happened here. This is what they looked like:

Way too loose in the hip and thighs. They made my butt and hips look way wider than they actually are. And the odd tapering of the leg was ultra unflattering. Next!
    The hipslung pants that I've been thinking about:

As you can see...HUGE!! I tried playing around with it so that maybe I could get some sort of "relaxed" look, but even a little pulled up and with the bottoms folded under, it just wasn't going to work. GAP, you suck.

      The next stop was Ann Taylor. I picked up two items: a sheath dress and a what I think was supposed to be a pencil skirt, both in 0 Petite. The last time I tried on an Ann Taylor item, it was a sheath dress in 00 Petite and it was still so huge around the waist. I wasn't getting my hopes up with this dress.

This skirt actually had this cute ruffle slit in the back, which I thought was a cute touch. But putting it on, it wasn't so cute:

The front doesn't look at terrible as the back does, though it does still look very roomy across the hips and thighs. The rise was way too high for my liking. You can't even see my belly button. The back? AHHH! I'm not even sure what was going on there. 0 Petite? Seriously, Ann Taylor? The last picture is of me, pinning back with my hands. I didn't really think that this skirt was worth the cost of alterations. Next!

This dress looked really nice on the hanger, but on? Yikes!

      I don't even know what to say about this. You can see me holding a lot of material on the side. The final picture is me pinning the dress back with my hand from behind. It looks a bit better there, but the alterations on this dress would be costly. It was just big all over, including the bust. The wrinkling in that area was atrocious. I quickly changed and left the store. That was not fun at all.

      I was most excited about going into Banana Republic. I've lived in the D.C. area for eight months, and it was just now that I'm realizing that the store doesn't carry petites. Great. I was determined to try on some stuff anyway. I couldn't find this top that I was talking about yesterday:

I did find these two dresses, however:

Neither of which came in petite sizes. Here are the IRL pics on the hanger:

The first dress is the Classic Sheath Dress which sells for $130 and made from 96% Wool, 4% Elastane. This is what it looked like on:

      It was a little big. The sizing itself wasn't terrible, especially for being a regular women's size 0. The shape itself however, was a little strange to me. I'm not sure if you can tell in the first picture, but I felt like it made my shoulders look very sloping. I was not a fan. The second picture was me pinning it from the back with my hand. Not bad. But still, I did not like the silhouette.  

      Lastly, the Lady Sheath Dress. This dress has a super stretchy material. Looking at it on the hanger, I was a little concerned it was going to give me the look of saddle bags by being way too wide around the thighs instead of being fitted, but I had to try it on anyway.  This is a picture of me in it pulled down all the way:

Size wise? There was no extra material to pin. It was actually *perfect* in that aspect (and this was a size 0, it also comes in a 00 according to the website).  The fit itself? It was a little awkward. The waist of the dress was right around my hips so it made for a strange fit around that area.  It looked all lumpy and bumpy. BUT...pulling the dress up to were the waist *should* be, I got this:

    It looked pretty smokin' in the fitting room, if I do say so myself (despite the wrinkling on top due to pulling it up). LOL. I did have to pull the dress up quite a bit though. Maybe about two inches? This is how much room I had in the shoulders when I pulled it up: 

    Yes, it was a lot. Luckily though, there is seaming across the waist, so alterations can be done to shorten the torso. How much? Erm, well, we're going to have to see about that. It doesn't seem too complicated, considering the seaming is already there. But the dress is very stretchy, so that might cause some problems. Overall though, I *love* this dress. This is definitely one of the smallest dresses I've seen BR carry in a while (with regards to width).I'm going to be stalking this dress until it goes on sale. 

    I went to J Crew right after, but you know...I never find anything I like in the B&M store. I like to look online and the catalog and order from there. The clothes look so much more appealing on models. In the store, they just look blah. Anyone else get this feeling with J Crew?

    The final stop was Club Monaco. I saw some great blouses, but I was getting way too thirsty and was ready to get out of there. They do have a lot of stuff on their sale rack though, so if you love CM, then it's a great time to go!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


   I'm sorry, I lied! I mentioned in my last post that I was going to go to the GAP and check out those hip slung pants, and I didn't. I was actually planning to go today, but at the last minute when I was about to catch the bus, I decided against it and made a trip to Target and TJ Maxx instead. I kind of regret it though. I found nothing interesting worth trying on. TJM is in seasonal transition phase, so they seem to be clearing stuff out, but not yet replacing it. A super disappointing trip except for these cute caramel-filled Hershey Kisses in pink foil--Valentine's Day Edition:

      I'll try to go to the mall again tomorrow. Hopefully the weather (and my mood) will improve enough so that I will be willing to go without hesitation.

      I have been browsing a few websites in search of some new spring pieces to add to my wardrobe. As of yet, nothing (that is reasonable in price) has really caught my eye. It is still extremely early though, I know.  The more exciting stuff should be streaming into the stores in the next few weeks. I have, however found a few pieces on the BR website that I would like to try on:


     This BR heritage draped top in 100% Silk charmeuse looks so pretty. A little bit on the pricey side, however--$79.50. It comes in two colors, Silver Star and Freshwater Pearl. The Freshwater Pearl is what is shown in the pic above, and unfortunately seems to be sold out in every size except XL. Also, it doesn't come in petite. This may or may not matter depending on the actual length of this top, but I will have to try this on to be sure.

     I have this slight obsession with sheath dresses. As I've mentioned before, I'm generally not a fan of dresses, but I have had the most success in finding a flattering fit with sheath dresses. BR is selling this Lady knit sheath dress online for $130:
      It is made from 71% Rayon, 27% Nylon, and 2% Spandex and comes in two colors: Black and Hematite (shown). I'm not sure of the material, but the dress certainly has potential and does come in petite sizes. Now if only this dress had a matching jacket that I could wear over top, it would be a great addition to my work wardrobe.

      So far, those were the only two pieces on the Banana Republic website that have peaked my interest. BR tends to be a little bit boring sometimes, but I will say that I have noticed on previous occasions that their clothes just don't have too much "hanger appeal", but once you put it on you can totally change your mind. If anyone owns or has tried these pieces, please let me know how they fit!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back from TX!

      I've returned from San Antonio! The weather was great...I was much too overdressed. People were in short and flip flops, and here I was in my light turtleneck and UGGs. =/ I had a good time at the conference, though. Surrounded by 1000 other tax attorneys. It was a wild time! LOL.

     San Antonio apparently has these great outlets about 40 minutes outside of the downtown area. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to go, so I don't have any "fashion-y" pictures to post, except for my two small purchases at Forever21 from the Riverwalk Center.

This wide silver chain bracelet, for $9.80. I think it will be great for a night out to give an outfit a little retro-y edge.

      And these gold stackable stud rings for $3.80. I usually don't wear gold jewelry, but I can't resist studs and I loved this.

      I also stepped into GAP and saw these cute hip slung pants that I really wanted to try on, but didn't. I may go to the mall tomorrow just to check them out again. However, I can't even remember the last time GAP bottoms actually fit me...if ever. I guess we'll find out how they are tomorrow.

      Here are some randoms I took in San Antonio, mostly on the Riverwalk. I'm sure the scenery would be much prettier in the summer when there is a ton of foliage:

      Ooh, BTW...anybody check out the SAG Awards? My favorite dress of the night (that I saw online) was Lea Michele by Malandrino.  I love this emerald green color on darker, warm skintones.

      Up until a few years ago, I used to hate green. Then, on a whim i bought this kelly green t-shirt, and realized that green was my most flattering color! Goes to show, that everything is worth trying, because you never know but you might discover. Now I have a serious green obsession.

      I also liked Diane Kruger's dress, but I was not a fan of the color. It wasn't terrible on her, but I would have chosen a color that was very different that the mustard yellow. The dress itself was very flattering though.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Spring/Summer Trends 2010

       [In TX for a conference! Just a post to hold you over until I get back. Heh. Hopefully, I have some good stuff to show you on Sunday or Monday. Have a great weekend!]

       Yes, it's only January, but like many of you I'm already itching for the new spring stuff to come into the stores. In fact, we've already started to see a preview as many brands are releasing their "Resort Collections" and also stores like Old Navy and American Eagle. So what are we looking at this coming season? A lot of repeats. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. I like getting a few extra wears out of my more "trendier" pieces that I've purchased over the past year. Here's a spring preview of what's to be expected:

  Distressed jeans are still the "thing", but also, with a little added twist: patches. I'm not really into this 70s look, but as far as avoiding the whole super distressed and ripped jeans look, I find myself starting to cave. These are Gap Real Straight Patch Jeans ($79.99). Also available in Petite. Not that I'd think they'd fit. Apparently, the new GAP line of skinny jeans is great, if you aren't petite. =(

I actually really like these distressed skinny jeans from Gap:

Gap Always Distressed Skinny Jeans in Medium Wash also available in Petite for $69.50.

      Also still "in", the skinny jeans and leggings look. Except now have evolved into the form of "jeggings" AKA jean leggings or denim leggings. They are basically jeans in a super tight, super stretchy material. Some brands are making their jeans more stretchy, while others are making leggings look like jeans. You choose, I guess. Personally, I'll be sticking to my 10" skinny jeans. They will do just fine. Here are some denim leggings by J Brand.  I haven't tried these, but I'm pretty confident that these fit small. J Brand skinnies tend to run very slim in the hips and thigh (from Piperlime):

      On the other side of the pant spectrum, the slouch pant. Not to go as far as the harem pant that that's been hanging around the last few seasons and huge in Europe apparently, but still that relaxed fit. I've always loved the look a relaxed straight leg jean, but have always found it difficult to pull off. Partly because if it's too slouchy, the crotch tends to hang too low and thus shorten the leg line, and also, I could never find a pair that fit me around the waist properly. This trend though, not only works with jeans, but regular pants as well. See Phillip Lim's cropped version (pic from fabsugar):

Dolce Vita Paula Pant which can be found at Urban Outfitters for $168:

      Cropped pants can be super difficult to pull of if you are short. I personally try to stay away from them. The wrong length and it can instantly shorten the leg line, especially if the pants taper. As a petite, I think that if you are going to attempt this slouch pant look, I would go with a full length pant and try to keep the tapering minimal--go with a straighter leg instead.

      Jumpsuits. This was a big look last spring/summer especially after Nicole Richie was seen in her little romper a few years ago:

      I thought this look on her was so awesomely glamorous that I wanted to try it too. I couldn't find one that worked for me though. Little short-waisted me could find one that was short enough in the waist and I didn't want to spend the money trying to have one altered to fit my body. I am not so much a fan of the full length jumpsuits, but apparently they will be seen this upcoming season as well.
      Blue. True navy, marine, and light dusty blues, especially turquoise will all be big for spring and summer 2010 in both clothing and fashion accessories. Everything from jackets to sunglasses. So exciting. I love blue.

      The Statement Necklace x10. The statement necklace has been around the last few seasons, but this season it's going big. Like *really* big. Whowhatwear Daily describes it as accessory overkill. I honestly love the look, but I could never do it for everyday.

      Hot pants & Boy shorts. Yep. They're back. If you've got the legs, go for it. With a cute pair of platform wedges, your legs can look miles long, even if you are only 5'0 tall. Please be sure that the occasion is appropriate and it is appropriate for your lifestyle. I love a short short, but as a 30 year old attorney, I am perfectly aware that I cannot walk around the streets with my butt cheeks hanging out. Which, BTW, I have seen and I am not going to mention any names. The following images are from Fashionising:

Vintage influenced hot pants from Marc Jacobs Spring 2010

Short shorts and boy shorts on the Blumarine and Balmain Spring 2010 catwalks

      You can also get some great tips for wearing hotpants and short shorts here.

      See-through and sheer fabrics. This look wasn't around that last year, but it does appear every so often. So if you have one of these in your closet, then pull it's time to pull it out. Or, if you plan on buying one for this season, stash it away instead of donating because it *will* come back again. It's a very pretty look if styled correctly. It can be soft, pretty, and romantic. But it can also be trashy if styled poorly. Think layers and lots of draping (image again from Fashionising):

      Boyfriend blazers. The longer jackets are still here. I like this look on some people. It can really polish off a super casual look. But, on my petite frame? Smaller is better. I tend to feel overwhelmed in a longer blazer, but that's not to say that it can't work. Try it with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. Here's a picture of Ashley Olsen in her white boyfriend blazer (pic from Mahalofashion):

and Nicole Richie (from FierceGlamour):

For shoes, cut out booties, gladiators, woven, embellished sandals, all still here.  Wedges are going to be extra huge this coming season as well. Some of my early faves from

Kelsi Dagger Sydney, $120

Steven by Steve Madden Atone, $120

Left: Via Spiga Tarin, $175 and right: Steve Madden Kasidy, $79

 Cynthia Vincent Daryl, $295

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