Sunday, February 21, 2010

Green Tights

     I love the look of colored and textured tights. I can walk into the store and I just want to grab every and any color I see. The problem? I can't seem to incorporate them into my wardrobe! There are two main reasons for this, I think. Firstly, I own very few skirts and dresses. This would seem to be a prerequisite to wearing tights, otherwise what would be the point, no? Secondly, I'm convinced I don't own the proper footwear to wear colored or textured tights. I prefer the look of colored or textured tights with tall boots, so that just a portion of the leg is showing rather than the entire leg; that is, a small pop of color to give a little visual interest. However, I don't own that many pairs of tall boots. Many of you petites with thinner legs can relate. It can get much too expensive to alter a good pair of boots to fit our small calves, and a lot of the time not making it worth the effort (or the $$). I own a total of four pairs of tall boots (OK, five, but one pair needs to be purged), including one rain boot, and one pair of Campers that are my "snow" boots which I feel are much too plain to wearing around in a skirt or dress.

      For this post, I've decided to throw together a few outfits that incorporate my green tights and please tell me what you think--whether you love it or hate it, or have any other suggestions for me.  Being unable to buy new clothes is getting really old, so I really need some new ideas on how to shop my closet and work with the stuff that I have until I can get some regular income flowing in.

 The green tights are Betsey Johnson that I got in a two-pack from TJ Maxx. The pair it came with was an all black tight with a very subtle "plaid" pattern.

H&M ruched shoulder sweater (Grey, size XS), Aritzia Wilfred Skirt (Black, XS), Nine West Jaewon Platform Mary Janes (Black).

H&M ruched shoulder top (Grey, XS), Aritzia Wilfred skirt (Black, XS), Aldo Slouch Suede Boots (Dark Brown).

...with my Aquatalia Rainboots.

...and I forgot that I have a matching handbag. LOL:

...with Olivia Harris Satchel in Dark Teal Patent.

    One pair of tights that I loved after seeing them on a celebrity is the Wolford Medallion tights from a few seasons ago. Impossible to find and costs $80! They're beautiful though, and would be so adorable with the right outfit. Here they are on Taylor Momsen. And no, I would not wear them alone on the bottom like she is here (pics taken from

    If you have any favorite tights, please share! I've been wantinig some royal blue and dark grey tights, just to have in my collection. I have a pair of HUE floral tights, that I was also going to show in this post, but totally I'll save them for a future post!

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Saturday, February 20, 2010


I finally have my laptop fixed! Just two weeks after I buy my new hard drive...and get this, the guy I bought it from, literally lives a mile away. Yea...someone isn't getting very good feedback. Anyways, I'm in the midst of reinstalling everything, so I might get a post up tonight, but if not, tomorrow. I also got myself a legal temp project that started this past week, so posting will slow down a little bit because of that. But otherwise, I'm super happy, I have my baby back!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rebecca Minkoff: Fall 2010 Presentation

      One of my *most* favorite handbag designers recently showed a preview of her fall collection. I own four mid-range priced purses and two of them are Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bags. I've also been itching for one of her Morning After Clutches (this one is in Vintage Violet  is on pre-order on Lunaboston):

and now I've been wanting a Nikki--a black Linear Stud Nikki, and a classic Nikki in a medium brown color (Linear Stud Nikki from Shopbop):

I usually prefer satchels and clutches, but I've been seeing some great slouchy hobos lately, and now I just want one (or two!) to change up my look a little bit. Her fall line is a little bit different than what she usually does, but she still has some great pieces that I adore. (Pics taken from Nitrolicious and Isnotfashion):

    I love the croc leather, and it looks great on MAC and Nikki. Some of the styles seem very vintage, and others a little '80s-inspired. I wasn't blown away by this collection, but there are a few pieces that definitely caught my eye, namely, the clutches!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

NY Fashion Week (Fall 2010): Mackage

     Well, it's Friday. And my new hard drive has not yet arrived. I'm sure it hasn't helped that the DC-area has been hit hard with snow this year. My dad says that in the ten years he's lived here, this is the most snow he's seen in DC. I find it kind of amusing, because even though it is a pretty decent amount of snow, Toronto would never shut down the schools and the federal government for a week! Anyway, as much as I'd like to post some IRL pictures, without my laptop and my iPhoto, sadly, I cannot. What I will do this weekend, however is most my faves from NY Fashion Week. Kicking the week off is Mackage. If you've been reading my blog the last few months, you are aware that I love a little "edge"/rocker chic look...and that includes leather! Here are a few of my faves from the show (pics taken from

Lots of sheer and strong shoulders seem to hanging around for fall. I also love the nude/beige/tan color for the season. Oh! And what do I see? OTK boots?? Yes!! *love*. I would also love to get a few pairs of leather gloves. I saw a great pair of short studded gloves when I was home in Toronto a few weeks ago. I was *so* tempted to buy them. I adore the brown leather jacket in the last photo. It's the perfect brown color for leather. *drools*.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Good and the Bad...

The bad news first:

   (1) The death of Alexander McQueen. Many news links reporting it was a suicide. Unfortunate and sad. He was to show his collection at NY Fashion Week this afternoon, but understandably, it has been postponed. The fashion world will miss him.

   (2) Laptop hard drive still not here! This is getting frustrating! Argh! =(

The good news:

   (1) It's NY Fashion Week! Hopefully I'll be able to show some snippets of my favorites over the next week. Exciting! I've already seen some great stuff from Mackage and BCBG MaxAzria.

   (2) Alterations Needed has created a new forum just for petites! What a great idea. Hopefully it will be of great use to petites like myself. Check it out here!

   (3) If you haven't heard yet, BR is now offering 15% off items for students in their stores. I'm not sure if this applies to sale items yet...(I would hope so unless they are being stingy like J.Crew). But this is the rumor that's going around. So if you have a student ID, this is great news.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Maxi Dress

      [A post that I was working on before my laptop died. Enjoy!]

      A question that I see a lot on various fashions forums is: "Am I too short to wear a maxi dress?"

      The most logical answer would be to say, Yes. We've always been told we shouldn't wear long pieces or they will overwhelm the body. But my answer? No!

      With the proper fit, the maxi dress on a petite figure can be incredibly elongating and slimming. The best example? Nicole Richie. In the summer, she is frequently pictured in a maxi dress looking absolutely fabulous. Many people forget that she is only 5'1". Here are some of my favorites (pictures taken from NicoleRichieFashion blog--not sure where she got the photos from). I love the first one by Diane von Furstenberg:

Eva Longoria who is 5'2" in T-bags (image from Fabsugar):

      The key is to keep fit of the top of the dress close to the body (at least to below the bust), and the bottom not too "poofy"; that is, reasonably close to the body without being tight, but also with not an overwhelming amount of material. You also don't want the print to be overly large or you will look swallowed up. Finally, beware of the length. You don't want the dress too long or you will undoubtedly fall flat on your face, but not so short that you will see your ankles. And no, you do not have to wear heels! Flat thong sandals are just fine. =)

     Here are a few pictures of me in one of my own maxis. Sorry, bad photos:

      As you can see, this one is a little long on me. I *do* trip! But, I always trip all over myself no matter what I'm wearing =/.  Don't give up if the first few maxis you try on aren't a good fit. Keep trying! You *will* find one you love. As always, the key is fit.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bad News... Mac died! Well hopefully it's just in a coma. My father and I are trying to revive it, but apparently it is preferring to walk towards the light. =/ I knew I would have to replace it right about this's almost five years old (ancient in laptop years)...but I just can't afford to do it right now. So unless I can get it working, or replace the hard drive within the next few days...this blog will be extremely slow, or be without some good IRL photos. I apologize. Hopefully my baby will decide that it's better to be among the living and I can start posting regularly once again.  Sorry ladies! I'll do my best!

(EDIT: I ordered a new hard drive for my Mac which should arrive early next week. Assuming the hard drive is the problem, I should be up and running by Wednesday. Cross your fingers!)

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Monday, February 1, 2010

As promised...

...some sample outfits for a top I purchased over the weekend with my Belated Birthday/Christmas GC. Jacob sleeveless top (very pale taupe-y grey, size XS):


...with J Brand Lightweight 10" Skinny Jeans (Ink, size 25), Lauren by Ralph Lauren pointy toe pumps (Garnet Patent, size 6). Awkward second pose. Ack.

....with Jacob One-Button Blazer (Black, size 0) over top. The blazer also has a little tie in the back so the waist can be adjusted.

...with Aldo slouch dark brown suede wedge boots. 

I just brought these boots back to D.C. from Toronto. It's so difficult to wear suede boots in the winter back home because of all the lingering salt on the ground. Even if the ground is dry, you can do some serious damage to your clothes and footwear if the salt and your clothes somehow make me, I've learned the hard way; you are just asking for trouble when you wear suede footwear in the winter! I'm so happy I can bring them to D.C. and they will be relatively safe.

...with Aritzia Talula Babaton pants (Black, size Zero) and matching one-button suit jacket (Black, size Zero), Lauren by Ralph Lauren Zabrina almond toe pumps (Black, size 6). Sorry about the angry face in the second photo. LOL.

...with Aritzia Talula Babaton pencil skirt (Black, size Zero).

      As you can see the Jacob top is pretty versatile. It can easily go from day to night. I need more tops like this. Right now, most of what I have in my closet can only be worn casually, on a night out, or just for work.

      Did anyone catch the Grammy Awards last night? From the pics online, I think my favorite red carpet look was Taylor Swift  The neckline was really unique, and although I'm not usually into glitter and sparkles, the color was gorgeous (photos courtesy of


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