Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shoe Deliberations

      The fact that I haven't been posting lately is a little misleading. I have been working 80+ hour weeks, but the shoe-buying has gone a little crazy, I'll admit. Part of the reason is that I shoe browse at work. LOL. So my thought process is: Buy now, think later...

   My first purchase was something that I had been thinking about a long time, and I finally broke down and ordered them:

The classic Converse, in Grey, of course. I love them. $36 from using a 20% off discount code. I didn't break the bank by any means. They look great with a bootcut jean for a casual look. I'm not really a fan of wearing them with skinny jeans; the look is a little too "skater"/hipster for my personal liking. As much as I love them as they are, I am considering turning them into these:

      These are from Shopbop, selling for $195! I was thinking of just buying some studs from eBay and make it a DIY project. Still thinking about it. BTW, I purchased them in a Men's 4/Women's 6. They have no arch support, so if you need a little support you'll have to buy some insoles.

      Summer is approaching, which means sandal shopping. As as I have made my readers well aware, just about everything cuts into my poor feet. I have been obsessed with some studded flat sandals lately, however. After some thinking, I did purchase these Dolce Vita Sandals in Taupe: 

      They are actually much grey-er looking than in this picture from Zappos. Oh how I loved them!....But they were huge! My regular shoe size is a 6, which meant I had to purchase a 5 in order for them to fit perfectly. Apparently, the smallest size this style comes in is a 6. =(

    I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I've been contemplating a pair of combat boots. I used to have a pair in my early teens that I loved. I never owned a pair of Doc Marten's even though I wanted a pair. I adore the look of combat boots with a pair of skinny jeans or looser straight legs. But I always thought that I couldn't justify the price of a good pair of boots, especially since I wasn't sure how often I would wear them. Problem solved! I found these Mia Bootcamp boots from Macy's on sale for $40 from $160!

      They run 1/2 size small, but they are totally awesome. I can't wait to try them out with some outfits. They even come with a leather sole. I thought they might be too clunky, especially for someone of my stature, but they are perfect. 

   I somehow got sucked into buying some Steve Madden shoes. I never buy Steve Madden. They look nice from afar, but up close, the quality is just not to my standards. The materials are hard and stiff, and usually synthetic (so non-breathable), and I tend to find that they run on the larger side. On a whim, I purchased this Steve Madden Spaced Sandal: 

I bought them because they kind of reminded me of these Antik Batik Tipi Thong sandals ($218 from Shopbop):


I would have bought the ABs but I was told they run big and they didn't come in a size 5. They SMs were actually quite pretty out of the box, but again, I wasn't crazy about the quality of the footbed. As you can tell in the picture they are hard and stiff. I wanted to like them, but when it comes to shoes quality is a big factor for me, especially when if it relates to comfort.

      I so badly want a pair of platform sandals, and to make the first SM purchase worthwhile, I also bought these Steve Madden Hailley in Black Leather. They looked great on ine...and even in these pictures that I took they look pretty nice. But IRL? The quality was just awful---everything I usually expect from Steve Madden. I'm not even sure I bothered to even put these on my feet. From far away, gorgeous...but the idea of having them on my feet for more than half an hour made me cringe at the anticipatedthe pain. I pulled them out of the box, took a few pics, and then put them right back to be shipped off. 

     As you all probably know, Ann Taylor was had a Friends & Family sale last week. I went a little crazy. (Pics of my purchases to come next week!). Besides a few tops for work, I ended up buying the Ann Taylor Perfect Leather Pump in Ground Pepper. On the website, the shoe tends to look very brown (at least on my monitor), but they are more of a grey taupey color. I've heard that these have a narrow heel, but I've never taken the time try them until a few days ago. I took a chance and asked the SA if the heel did actually run narrow, and she said that she thought so...and she went and pulled me out a pair. I slipped my foot in and I was in heaven. So comfortable! The problem? My smaller foot seemed way too small for the size 6. I looked down and saw the rather large gap between my heel and the back of the shoe and had to think really hard about it. Could I really fix this, so that it would fit? Then the SA told me they were on sale! $99 from $155, plus 30% off. Sold. LOL. I figured if I really couldn't make them work with some heel grips and some foot pads, I would just take them back. Unfortunately, when I took them home, I walked around in them with some heel grips in and decided that I couldn't get them to work for me. I was still walking out of them, which meant I definitely could not keep them. Here's a picture of how adorable they are:

      My last shoe arrival was the Nine West Rocha Pump. I have been wanting these for a long time, but either I couldn't afford them, or they were sold out in my size...until now! When I pulled these out of the box, I was in love. I'm not sure why, but didn't think I would like them. I think maybe because NW shoes sometimes has a tendency to look a little plastic-looking and crease  in weird places. But these...they had the perfect almond shaped toe, and a great platform that wasn't too high. Totally classic looking and even appropriate for the workplace. The question was whether I could get these to stay on my feet! It was close. I put in some heel pads, and an extra thick heel grip, walked back and forth in my room for about ten minutes. But sadly, I had to admit to myself that they didn't like me. =( They stayed on my heels for the most part, but every so often they slipped off. I could only imagine what would happen if my feet started to get all sweaty when I was walking down the street. My practical side told me that these had to go back to Macy's. What's a girl got to do to get some perfect platform pumps? These are $79 regular price, but I purchased them with an extra 20% off during the Macy's shoe sale.

      My temp project ends tomorrow after putting in some serious hours. So I will be back to posting more often! And now that I have a little $$ to spend, hopefully I'll some exciting stuff to post. I'll be going home to T.O. this weekend, so I might even have some H&M fun. =D

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Stuff

    I was supposed to go home to Toronto this weekend, but I got word that my temp project was to go into OT again. There was no way I was going to make 60 hours by Thursday afternoon when I was scheduled to leave. So I was kind of disappointed because I was so looking forward to spending time with SO, but at the same time happy, because that also means a little extra cash I can spend on myself. =D I apologize in advance, however. The hours at work are going to be long and hard and chances are I won't be able to post much over the next few weeks, but I'll do my best.

    After tearing a huge hole into my favorite skinny jeans, I ended up buying FIVE pairs of jeans. The first two were J Brands that I got from Revolve with 30% off.

      The pair on the left are the 10" Skinny in Oyster. I had no idea these were jeggings and that really disappointed me even after studying the material online before purchasing.  I was also not a fan of the color. The fit on the legs were great. Nice and slim, but once I pulled them up I had serious saggy butt syndrome. It was just not holding its shape. Either that or I was not filling them out enough. These were definitely going back. I thought I was really going to like them. My alternate jean was the 10" Skinny in Ink. The classic J Brand Skinny. I really liked these. Nice and dark and the fit was great. The material was a little thicker than my old pair, but at least they weren't giving me saggy butt syndrome. The one problem I do have with them though, is that they are about .5 an inch shorter than I normally like my skinny jeans. They have a 29" inseam. Not awkwardly short, but I like a little scrunch to my skinny jeans. It wasn't a deal breaker though, I kept these! Score: 1/2.

      The next two pairs of jeans I bought were Paiges, my other favorite brand. I got both of eBay. If you hate the thought of spending obscene amounts of money on jeans, but still like the fit and quality of designer denim, eBay is definitely a place you should check out. Just be sure that if you aren't familiar with the brand that you have them authenticated. You can do this on They ladies there are wonderful and super nice. Just post up some pictures of the jeans, pockets, and the tags and they'll let you know if the jeans are authentic. Anyways, I digress. The first pair I bought was the Skyline 10" Super Peg in McKinley. This pair was not my first choice, but I got them anyway because it was the first time I saw a 10" jean in McKinley on eBay and I was having a coronary. I made sure they had the same measurements as my other jeans--for me, because I have very narrow hips it is important that I always get the hip measurement otherwise pants will be too big in the butt (or in a few instances, even too small). The second pair, I found the next day on eBay was the Blue Heights 10" in McKinley, which is the exact pair I've been stalking for over a year. I couldn't believe it. I purchased it right away and figured, whichever one I didn't like I would resell. I ended up receiving  both in the mail on the same day. I didn't take any pictures because by that time I was exhausted from work. What happened? The fit of the Skyline was just OK. It was a little off from what I usually like. Slightly too high in the rise and the fit in the leg was more like a 12" rather than a 10" so it was a little baggy throughout the leg. I prefer something slimmer, so I'm going to sell these on eBay over the next few days if you are interested. They are a size 24. Just a warning though, these are big for Paige. I am usually a size 25 in Paige (actually 25 is slightly big, but 24s I can't even button up), and even though these are a size 24, they fit around my hips very well.

     They Blue Heights pair I fell in LOVE with. The rise was perfect, and so was the fit around the hips and the legs. Two problems, however. As I was pulling them on, I saw a little "blemish" on the left leg of the jeans. Not a hole, but could turn into one if not careful. The second problem? There was no zipper!! I went to zip it up and I couldn't! I was really disgruntled. The listing on eBay did not mention these issues. So I emailed the seller and let her know that I was sending them back. Luckily, she was very nice about it and apologized claiming she didn't know and she would refund my money. I really love those Blue Heights though. So I'm going to continue to stalk them until I find them! Score so far, 1/4.

    The last pair I bought on a whim. Paige Blue Heights 10" in Black Diamond. I've also been stalking these for over a year. They suddenly showed up on Revolve in a size 24. I for sure thought that these were going to be too small. I have only ever fit into a size 24 in Paige jeans twice, the one time being earlier in the week with those McKinley Skylines. I pulled them out of the envelope and I was actually really surprised as to how stretchy they were. Kinda like jeggings, but not quite that stretchy. I started to pull them on and I knew right away they were going to fit. A winner! They fit great across the hips and in the legs. They are a bit too long for skinnies (31"), but an easy fix. Here's a few pics with a Jacob top in XS:

   I've also had this obsession lately with some studded flat sandals. I finally decided on this pair which I bought from Endless. They were having $20 off selected sandals, and I used 20% cashback from Bing:

     IRL, they are a more of a grey-ish color,  but still totally stunning. Unfortunately they didn't fit. I bought them in a size 6 (my regular size), and they were still a full size too big. Size 6 also seems to be the smallest size it comes in. Oh well. I really wanted to keep these too.

    All this buying, but yet nothing for work! I came to the realization today that I have three work tops that aren't button downs! Basically nothing for a business casual workplace. Good thing the office isn't too strict on dress code because I've been wearing jeans and t-shirts for half the week. =/ So over the next little while I'll be searching for some work appropriate tops. Nothing has caught my eye yet. I'm already starting to think that I'll wait to wait until I go home and get some at Jacob...and I have no idea when that will be. Argh.

     BTW, if there are any makeup junkies reading this, I have a few great codes to share:

(1) Sephora has a code for 15% off April 12-18th. Use "BI15". Don't forget to use cashback for some extra savings!
(2) Urban Decay is having a Friends & Family sale. 30% off with the code "1SFNF" until the 19th of April. Free shipping with orders over $50. I highly recommend the lid primer to make eye shadow last all day, and the 24/7 Eyeliner. Great colors, and great staying power, and very soft. "Zero" is super black and is absolutely excellent.

   Have a great week!

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Fitting Room Finds!

    I had the day off today, so I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and walk around DC/VA--to shop, of course! What I initially wanted to do was go to Georgetown, but I think there is way too much temptation there, so I settled for going into the District where there is *only* an H&M and a Zara, and then proceeded to the  Pentagon City Fashion Center, so I could return that BR dress that is too expensive for my liking (but still very cute!).

    Apparently I wasn't the only who thought going to H&M today would be fun. The place was jam-packed! But apparently because of the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival, the Easter Weekend, and the amazing weather we're having, the National Mall had record numbers today...only behind the Obama inauguration! I was actually going to make a trip tomorrow to experience my very first Cherry Blossom Festival but now I'm a little scared! Haha.

    I spent quite a bit of time wandering around H&M and this is the first thing I tried on. I have this in dark grey already, but I thought the stripes was cute. This shirt comes in a multitude of colors now including red stripe. I believe it's $9.95. 


I've been eying this jacket for a while, but never tried it on until now. I really liked it. I'm wearing it in a size 4, and it's pretty snug. The sleeves are also a little bit too long.  It is selling for $39.95 and also comes in black, army green, khaki, and I think, grey.

This dress I thought was so cute. But I just have nowhere to wear it. The other problem I had with it was the upper part of the dress:

I am wearing my bra under it as you can see. I might assume that you aren't supposed to wear one except that it hangs low on me so that if I didn't wear a bra or some sort of cami underneath, I'm sure I would be flashing people! Now I'm not sure if I have this problem because I'm petite, or the dress is poorly designed. If it wasn't for this *major* issue, I might have considered purchasing it. I suppose I could just wear a cami underneath. It retails for $39.95, and comes in other cute spring colors like coral and light pink. I tried it on in a size 4. I've learned my lesson, size 2 at H&M is just not going to fit. I already had trouble getting this dress over my shoulders. If I had tried on a 2, I'd probably have to wear the dress out of the store because I wouldn't be able to get it off!

I also tried on this little sweater:

      I really liked this as well, but I wasn't sure if I was actually going to wear it. Might be a cute cover-up at work or over a little dress in a contrasting color like pale pink. It was also a little pricier--$49.99.

     I ended up only getting a ruched cap-sleeve top, even after trying on a few dresses including one from the Garden Collection. I liked some of the things that I tried on, especially the navy jacket, but none of it was making me think that I absolutely *had* to have it.

     I also stepped into Zara, but to be honest, I'm not really a huge fan of the brand. Firstly, I much prefer their fall/winter collections over their spring/summer. Secondly, the fit is just so awkward on me. Thirdly, I have issues with their quality. A lot of people think that the quality between H&M and Zara are about the same, but from my own experience, H&M is a small step above and costs less, generally. And if you pay attention to the quality of your clothing, you know that can't be very good. I admit though, H&M has been pretty good lately for their trendy stuff. Their classic work attire collections, I still won't touch. I just prefer my work clothes to be of better quality so they last a long time. Of course, that also means more $$$. So if you are on a budget and aren't too concerned about quality, H&M should absolutely be a place you should check out. BTW, if you have kids or need to buy presents for other people's kids H&M has 20% off the kid's collections.

      Now back to the task at hand: 

This skirt was rather cute. I tried it on in a size XS. Good length--not too short. But not really my style though. I prefer pencil skirts. Most other styles, even with just the slightest "poof" make me feel uncomfortable.

Having said that, I also tried this on skirt on. HAHA:

A similar style to the cream one, just shorter and a bubble hem. I wasn't really a fan. Both skirts are selling for $39.90.

I've never tried on a boyfriend style blazer. At least not in my adult life. But I saw this great one at Zara. On the rack it had so much potential, but when I put it on it just looked awkward:

I guess that is what it's supposed to look like, except for the sleeves. They are a tad long. IDK, maybe it's just my personal preference, but I prefer short jackets. This blazer is selling for $79.90 and I'm wearing it in a 34.
     Afterwards, I went to the mall and I walked by Express and was suddenly captivated by the jewelry that the mannequins were wearing. I had to check it out. I totally fell in love with a ton of difference pieces, but they were way too expensive! They were having a BOGO 50% off, but single pieces were going for $30+! Aaahhh!

     One of my final stops was Club Monaco. As usual, I love everything, but just found myself browsing through the store with no desire to try anything on...until I found this cute pair of Ursula slim straight leg capris in 00. I'm generally not a fan of capris on short women. They have to be just the right length, or we start looking like midgets. But I decided to try these on anyway, thinking that I might be surprised. Admittedly, it's been over a year since I've put on a pair of CM bottoms. The last time I put them on, they were slightly too big around the hips, but still close enough that they could be altered to fit. Anyways, I decided to try these on. I really didn't expect CM to change their sizing, but they have! And they fit pretty great! Sorry about the socks:

      Now the length on these are ridiculous, I know.  This is the perfect example of capris making a woman look like a midget. They probably have a 26 or 27" inseam, but my legs look so much shorter. But let's try to ignore that part for now. LOL. They fit well across the hips and thighs, and were even a little snug on my the waist. Woohoo! I didn't like that these were such an awkward length, so I wasn't buying these, plus they didn't have 00 in any of the other colors that were there. I'm super excited right now. I almost went and tried on the full length pants, but I decided that it was probably better that I didn't, because if I loved them I was certainly going to buy them! The full length comes in black and a very nice dark khaki color. The capris come in black, light khaki (the ones I tried on), grey, and black with white pin-stripe. I didn't even look at the price, but I would assume $90+. Plus, if you have a student ID, you will get 20% off your entire purchase. Next time I go home to T.O. and come by a Club Monaco, I'm trying on all the pants! LOL.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010


   I've been raving about Bloch flats the last week, and so I decided to perform an experiment. So badly did I want to try these Block Arabian Charina flats:

And well....

...I did!

      I purchased them from Zappos for an ungodly price: $179.  There was NO WAY I was going to keep these. They are $158 on WinkNYC and you can get an extra 30% off with "DCDEALS" making them a more reasonable $110. But unfortunately WinkNYC does not have free returns and I had no idea if these were sized similarly to the Giselle Roll Up Flats and if they were even remotely similar in comfort. I needed to be able to return them, hassle-free. So I ordered them from Zappos, and unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), they didn't quite work for my hyper-sensitive feet. They are so adorable though!

      I ordered them in a size 7, but I think they were a little big. If I were to buy these (and keep them permanently) I would probably go with a 6.5 for my size 6 feet. They were still rather comfortable and the snakeskin leather was soft, but the edges around the opening of the shoe felt a little "sharp". They didn't quite mold to my feet like the Giselle style. And knowing my feet, it would not be good at the end of the day. If you have normal non-hyper-sensitive feet, then these are definitely worth a try if you are willing to spend a pretty penny.

     Also, if you haven't already heard, Ann Taylor is having 40% off everything in store and online with the code "SAVE40". I actually did go into the store today on my lunch break, but quite literally there was almost NOTHING in XS, 0P, 00P or even S left in the store. I was so confused. I couldn't even try anything on if I wanted to because there were no small sizes left. Note to Store Managers, If you know your particular store demographic (mostly women who wear size 4/S and smaller) you should stock your clothes in those sizes so you don't have 30 shirts left in stock that are all M, L or XL. Am I right? Ugh.

    I plan to make a trip to H&M and Zara tomorrow on my day off. Hopefully I have some fitting room goodies to share!

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