Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

    I had a great Memorial Day weekend in T.O! Other than having awesome weather, we were celebrating my grandmother's 80th Birthday, so we all got to play dress up! I actually only got one full length shot of myself and you can't even really see what I'm wearing! So for the sake of this post, I decided to get all dressed up again:

Eighty Six Dress (Black, size XS) with no alterations, Nine West Abi Bootie (Black, size 6), H&M earrings, and not shown, Forever 21 Studded Elastic Bracelet (Silver).

      I just realized when uploading these pics how pale my legs are compared to my arms! Must've happened this weekend being out in the sun all day. So much for re-applying sunscreen. Ack! LOL.

      And while my fam was having a great time dancing the night away, one of my uncle's and his wife were too busy too attend, but with good reason:

 Meet Sabrina!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Everyone loves a good code

A rarity in online shopping: Discount codes for Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch:

Hollister: 3606
A&F: 1531

Both work on sale items.  It doesn't come out to be much after you've factored in both shipping and taxes, but it's something. Both are juniors stores so clothes can look a bit "young", but they do fit small, and with the right choices for fit and style you might pick up a few great pieces for summer. Enjoy! 

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


      Simple EOTD, because it's starting to get really hot and humid in D.C. right now. Sorry, blurry again, and the lighting is off:

H&M dress (Grey, size 4), Bloch Giselle Flats (Cigar, size 6), Olivia Harris Satchel (Dark teal patent).

     This is the first time I've worn this dress since it's been hemmed. I had about an inch and half chopped off the bottom. It's the perfect length now! But, what I really wanted to wear this dress with was my new Mea Shadow Camelia Shooties, but I have something against open-toed shoes in the office place even if the dress code is casual:

My long weekend starts today! YAY! I'm going home to T.O. this weekend, so hopefully I'll have some fun pics to share. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend in the sun!

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Monday, May 24, 2010


            Sorry, pics are a little blurry. I had to turn up the exposure because it was such a cloudy day when I took these, and I have trouble standing still for too long!

H&M ruched cap sleeve top (Black, size XS), Jacob wide leg chinos (army green, size 0), Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag (Dark Brown, full-sized), Bloch Giselle Flats (Black, size 6.5), F21 magnetic bracelet (Silver).

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Saturday, May 22, 2010


...up and running!

    I got my new Macbook earlier this week and I'm totally in love. I'm taking my time getting everything going and I started a new temp project this week AND my mom has been in town to visit, so that's why I been M.I.A. But, I do have a few goodies to share. =D

    Of course, I did purchase a few pairs of shoes. Haha. Here are some pics and reviews of the ones that I've kept:

Boutique 9 Thomsina:

   This is actually a style that was released last season (or two) but re-released in new textures and colors because it was so popular. Here it is in Light Natural. A totally beautiful shoe. Classic and can go with anything. My one complaint though is that the color is a tad on the orange side, especially against my very yellow-toned skin but nothing I can't deal with. The heel is 4". I didn't really expect it to be that high, maybe 3.5"? But it is on the high side. Fits TTS, and just totally gorgeous. Original price is generally around $108US, but you can get it from Lori's Shoes for $102 with an extra 30% off with the code "SECRET30" until Sunday, May 23. Shipping is $5 via UPS, but the total still comes out to $76.40. Also comes in Grey and Black Leather. Highly recommend.

   Endless also had a F&F for two days this week. I hope some of you took advantage! It was 20% off AND you could use bing cashback for an extra 20%. There were some great deals to be had. I bought a few pairs of sandals (which I ended up returning and forgot to take pictures of), but I ended up with this open-toe shootie by Mea Shadow:

   So cute. The style name is Camelia and also comes in Black. All leather and the laces are elastic making them super comfortable, and this coming from someone with hyper sensitive feet. Great neutral beige color with a sliver wedge. There is a zipper opening in the back for easy entry and TTS. From Endless, the original price is $189, and from Lori's Shoes, $174. I've heard these sell at Anthropologie for $289. Ridiculous. I've tried these on with different styles of pants, including bootcut, skinny, and wideleg, and they just look super cute with everything. I'll try to post a sample outfit for tomorrow. I'm just in love with them. Even my dad was like, oh so nice! LOL. We'll see what SO has to say about them when he sees them. Haha.

    I've been in the mall with my mom the last few days, spending a lot of time in Macy's and Ann Taylor Loft. My mom is totally obsessed with skinny jeans right now, it's kind of funny. She ended up with the Modern Skinny Jean from ATL which is at a special price of $29.99. I'm smaller than my mom so I can't attest to the fit of the jeans on extra small bodies, but they looked really great on my mom. Anyways, the point of this rambling is to show what I got at Macy's after we wandered around the store for a few hours:

These wing earrings from Rachel Roy, original retail price is $34. They are a gun metal color and maybe almost 2 inches long, if that. I've been a little obsessed with finding earrings like these after spotting this picture of Sienna Miller with a gold pair:

   Though, I think hers were make sit on the lobe like that. I tried wearing them normally (with the wing down) and the way Sienna is wearing them and they work both ways. I'm really excited about them.

   Finally, my "almost-purchase" was this crazy bracelet at Macy's:

      I'm not really sure why I wanted to buy this. I just thought it was cool, and crazy and funny all at the same time. Realistically, I wouldn't even know where to wear this. LOL. It is $22 and very light--completely all plastic held together with stretchy elastic. I think I was just really amused, and I love collecting crazy jewelry, even if I'm not going to wear them!

     For good measure, here is my EOTD. It was an early morning, unexpected going out for breakfast with my mom so I just threw something quick together:

PPD Laurel Canyon (Medium Destruction, size 25), Olivia Harris Satchel (Teal Patent), Splendid Lorelle Baby Jersey Wrap Cardigan (Carbon, size XS), AE Deep-V Favorite T (White, size S), Converse Sneakers (Grey, Size 6), and a Newsboys Cap I purchased from some random jewelry store in the mall.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Good News and Bad News

      The bad news first. My laptop had another meltdown again. Which means, I probably won't be posting, at least with some IRL for a little bit. The good news? I finally sucked it up and bought a new Macbook to replace my ancient "baby". SO and my mom just kept telling to just buy one already! But it was time, and as much as I hate spending all my money in one place, I'm really excited about the purchase. I'm hoping it will arrive this week so you all won't go too long without a post with some good pictures (and I won't go that long without a laptop), but I'm not going to get my hopes up. 

      Hope all you moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday!

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A Sale Worth Noting: CKU

      If any of you ladies like Calvin Klein Underwear, is currently having their Family & Friends Sale! You get 30% off with the code UFFMAY. They also have free shipping over $75 and easy returns. Definitely a place you should check out if you are petite. I've talked about this before in a previous post, but Calvin Klein bras do tend to run on the smaller side, AND some styles can be found in 30 band AND they also carry a few petite styles. Currently, their Petite Tailored Strapless Bra is on sale for half price, making it $22 PLUS an extra 30% off. Great deal! I do recommend going up a cup size from your regular non-petite CK bra. If you have never tried CKU, for a little sizing help: I am a 30B but I wear 32A in CK bras (they fit amazingly) and I wear a 32B in their Petite Tailored Strapless Bra.

      I hope some of you take advantage of this great sale!

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fitting Room Finds

    After my bout with 80 hour work weeks, I did have a chance to go home and spend time with my SO...and go to the mall, of course! I found a few great pieces that I'm super excited about.

      My first stop was Aritzia. I don't have any pictures because they don't let us take anything into the fitting room, but instead have us lock up our stuff. I did try on a high waisted skirt to match my pant suit. I've been itching to find a skirt that would match the jacket, but either I couldn't afford it, or I've had no luck with something in my size. This particular skirt was very nice. A nice high waist and knee-length. The only problem was that it was too tight! The only small size left was a 0. Which I thought would be fine since my suit jacket and matching pant were size 0. I was definitely wrong. Is it just me, or is Talula Babiton making their stuff smaller? Not that I'm complaining, there are a lot of tiny Asians living north of the U.S.-Canadian border, but just sayin'.

      I made a stop into H&M, but nothing really caught my eye except this freakin' FABULOUS dress with a leather panel down the center:

     There were only two of these dresses left on the rack. Both size 2. There's a good reason for this. We all know that H&M sizing has actually gotten smaller over the last little while. I haven't come close to being able to zip up a size 2 in recent months. At this point, since there was no other choice, I had to pick up a 2 and pray that this was going to zip up:

     No chance. LOL. You can see how tight it is. I couldn't get the zipper up past my waist, it was so small, and the back just lay open. It looked HOT, though. I was really disappointed. It's selling price is $149. Yes, it's expensive, especially for H&M, but if it had fit I would have bought it in a second. I left the store with a black long sleeve top with ruched shoulders. Yep. More ruched shoulders. I can't get enough.

     The final stop in the mall that's worth mentioning was Jacob. My main purpose of going in was to find my friend a birthday present. She loves Jacob, but now living in the U.S., she misses it immensely. I thought I would take a look and see if I could find her something that wouldn't break [my] bank. I found this sleeveless cowl neck top that comes in a bunch of different colors. The lighting is a little off, but I'm wearing it in lavender, size XS:

      Cute. It retails for $35, regular price. I think this is what I'm going to get her, but I'm going to wait it out. I'm sure that by the time I go back for it, it will be on sale. Everything goes on sale at Jacob. I love that. My mom also happened to get me a similar top from Jacob with elbow length sleeves:

    I adore this next top. It comes in five colors: Black, grey, orange, red, and light coral. This is me in grey, size XS:

     Such a great top for a night out. Regular price is $28. Extremely reasonable. I purchased it in grey (of course), but when it goes on sale, I'm probably going to buy another color. The SO isn't a fan of this. I'm not sure why. But oh well, he's not wearing it, I am! LOL.

     This last purchase, I could have almost died. I've been on a search for a nice pair of cargo pants for EVER. Wide leg, straight leg, name it, I've been trying to find the perfect pair. This season, J Brand released their own version which has been seen on celebrities, non-stop so far this season:

     J Brand Houlihan Twill Cargo pants. They come in several different colors and retail for $231 on Shopbop. Ouch. I'm also not a fan of the back of the pants. It doesn't seem to be very flattering.

     When I was wandering around Jacob, I found their own version, and I was ecstatic. It comes in two colors, black and army brown and retails for a very reasonable $59:

Jacob cargo twill pant in army brown (size 0) with H&M ruched shoulder top in black (size 4), and Rosegold Lara platform sandals in black (size 6).

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I admit, however, the fit is a little off. It is very low rise, which is fine for me because I have a naturally short rise and I am short-waisted, but it nips in a little bit too much at the waist making it a little tight around the hip area. There is also a seam across the thigh, that makes it a little tight in that area. I tried on the black ones in the fitting room, and I don't recall the seam feeling the way it does in the brown. But according to my SO, it looks like its cutting off my circulation. LOL. OK, I wouldn't go that far, but it is certainly tighter around the seam than it is around the rest of the thigh. I don't mind though. It's not uncomfortably tight, and they look awesome otherwise. I'm super pleased with them. I may have to go back for the black.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

More AT and ATL

    After my first experience with ATL, I have come to know better--that is, as to what size I really am. I still needed a few more work appropriate tops and cardis, so with the F&F, I made a few more online purchases (at work, no less).

    I purchased two ATL cardis. The first, which I was really excited about because I just love this color, is the V-neck cardigan in Willow Green:

It fit absolutely perfectly in XSP. The sleeves were just the right length, the overall length hit at the hip without being too long, and it wasn't too wide. Just slimming enough not to be too tight, yet not too baggy so it looked like I was carrying some extra weight (please ignore the fact that I am not wearing any eye make-up in these photos):

      It's sheer, but perfect for the D.C. summer weather, when you need a little cover up in the morning. Wow. Awkward pics, sorry. LOL. Regular Price $49.50. I'm kind of wishing I ordered this cardigan in grey and blue as well.

      The second sweater I purchased was a Crewneck Cardigan in Blueberry. I love this color too, but this sweater did not come in Petite or in XXS. I decided to take my chances anyway. To my dismay, the fit wasn't great:

The sleeves are a little long, the overall length was pretty good (I like my sweaters a little bit on the longer side anyway), but the width of the cardi around the waist wasn't the most flattering. You can't really tell in this picture, but if I lifted up my arms, it looked like I had wings. Overall, it wasn't bad, I could certainly get away with it, but the sizing wasn't perfect either. The knit is also a little thicker than the green V-neck cardi that I had ordered. I thought about it for a few days, and just decided to keep it. In this case, color trumped fit. Haha. I love me some jewel tones. Regular Price is $39.50.

    I also purchased one open front cardi from the AT B&M store. This comes in three colors: black, brown, and white. I opted for the brown:

      I really love this cardigan. It's 53% silk and 47% cotton, and it feels so nice against my skin. It's a great office cover up when the A/C is blasting. Regular price is $68, and I'm wearing it in a regular XS. I figured that it was meant to be worn open, so it probably wouldn't be too noticeable if it was a little wide around the torso.

      My final online order from AT consisted of two tops.  The first was the Grosgrain Tier Top in Ground Pepper, regular Price $54. I purchased in XXS because it didn't come in Petite. I had seen a picture of Katie Holmes wearing this ruffle tiered top with a pair of jeans and I decided that I wanted one too.  When I first tried it on, I wasn't that impressed, despite having every intention of keeping it when I first order it. I found it too long for a workplace outfit. It wasn't in a petite size, after all. I thought that maybe ordering a XXS, would help fix the problem. Not really. But when I put the top on again to take these pictures, I found myself really liking it with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings:

Also worn with J Brand 10" Skinny Jeans in Ink (size 24) and my new Rosegold Lara Platform Sandals in Black (in size 6).

      The other blouse I purchased was the Oyster Sateen Beaded Blouse in Soft Pewter size XSP. Regular price $78. When I first pulled it out of the packaging, I thought it was super pretty. It also looked nice on and has some serious styling potential (which I did not do here):

      It might be really cute with a little skinny belt. Here's a close up of the front detail:

      The fit is great, but being $78 at its regular price, an extra 30% sill made it pretty steep. It is made of 56% polyester and 44% rayon, and the detailing is just gorgeous, but I think it will have to go back. It was actually hanging in my closet with the rest of my clothes for a while, but the practical side of me says that its much too expensive for my little unemployed self right now. If I actually had a permanent job, rather than taking on temporary projects, I would have definitely kept this.

      Now that you've seen a few pictures with my new Rosegold Lara sandals, what do you think? Keepers? Yay/nay?

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yes, more shoes.

    I'm quite aware that I have a problem. LOL. It's going to stop soon, I swear to you all.

    I've been on a search for a pair of platform sandals, and I've just been really unhappy with every I made two more:


Report Reade Platform Sandal in Black (size 6). I purchased this from Bluefly for approximately $109 with a code for an extra 10% off. I've had my eye on these for a while, so I finally just bit the bullet. I actually thought I was going to keep these. But when I slipped them on, I wasn't a fan of the shape of the toe. It was a little too pointy. And the straps were too...strappy? It created too much bulk around my foot, rather than a nice sleek look. The quality wasn't too bad, however. It looked like a very well made shoe. I just did not like the way it looked on my feet. Return.


Rosegold Lara Platform Sandal in Black (size 6). I ordered these from Revolve Clothing with a 20% off coupon. The original price is $158 (They are also sold on, but it didn't show up on their website until the day after I ordered these from Revolve). The moment I pressed "Purchase", I felt a tinge of regret. I wasn't so sure I was going to like them. I like straps, these weren't very strappy, although it still had the idea. Plus, the cheezy little silver braid on the front? What was that about? I'd so much rather it be silver studs or some sort of embellishment. Oh well. Free returns, right?

   But the moment I pulled them out of the box, I was really surprised by the quality. The "straps" were all leather, and VERY soft. I had to look twice to make sure it was actually leather and not some soft rubbery material. But nope, they were definitely leather. That cheezy little braid I was concerned about initially didn't look half bad. They also have a slightly padded footbed, which always helps with a high heel. They just felt nice on, and looked nice as well. I think I may keep these. I'll have a few pics with them on in the upcoming days. Maybe you can all help me decide whether or not they are keepers!

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