Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review: DEX Boat Neck Sweater

Sweater: DEX Boat Neck Sweater (Graphite, size XS)
Bottoms: J Brand Lighweight Lovestory (Ink, size 25)
Boots: Michael Kors Parker Boot (Black Patent, size 6.5)
Jewelry: Forever21

     Lots of reviews lately, but I'm still working though my Piperlime haul. I got this DEX Boatneck sweater hoping for a great casual look paired with one of my favorite pairs of jeans, J Brand Lovestory.

     I really liked the idea of this sweater. But even though the picture did look like it had dolman sleeves, the description on Piperlime didn't explicitly say so, so I thought maybe that it didn't. It definitely did.  And in combination with the thick knit and boatneck, I felt like the sweater made my shoulders look extremely wide and broad. If I had been wearing skinny jeans with this sweater instead of the flare, I would have looked like an upside down triangle. The sizing itself is TTS, and the overall length is pretty good. It hits about mid-hip. The original retail price on Piperlime is $79, plus I managed to get it with an extra 25% off for a total of $60 plus cashback. Still not impressed. It's going back.

     As you might have noticed, my hair got chopped off. And no, not on purpose, at least not by me. For the long version of the story, I missed my appointment with my regular stylist because I was still on the road from D.C. to T.O. and I was so desperate for a haircut that I decided to go to the local mall for a cut. Bad idea. I asked for a collarbone length cut but the stylist disagreed with me saying it would make the ends go all crazy and instead he'll make it shorter....and *snip*. Yep. He took off a whole three inches more than I had asked. Argh. I'm really annoyed. I look twelve years old.  I'm not one to be overly attached to my hair...so as long as I'm the one who chooses to cut it. I know the cut doesn't look that bad, but I still hate it! And it takes exponentially more time to style in the morning. On the bright side, I probably won't need a haircut for another six months.  Anyways, that's my sad, sad story.

     I hope you all had a fabulous weekend (whether it was a long one or a short one). Mine was great except for the massive loss of hair. 

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review: Ella Moss Kinga Top and Adrienne Vittadini Adam Booties

Top: Ella Moss Kinga Drape Top (Red, size XS)
Denim: Paige Premium Denim Verdugo Jeggings (McKinley, size 24)
Booties: Adrienne Vittadini Adam Suede Booties (Black, size 6)

     I'm starting to really get into the loose-fitting-top-with-slim-cut-bottom-look lately. I think I generally try to avoid anything too loose-fitting because I'm afraid I will be overwhelmed by all the excess material. But I think I'm starting to learn as long as there is a proper balance and it's not *too* big, this look can be achieved without looking like I started shopping in the Men's department (or that I should go back to the Junior's department). 

     I purchased both the top and the boots from Piperlime during G&G. I was so excited about the top! I mean, check out this embellishment:

      Embellished shoulders have been one of my favorite trends these past few seasons. And I think I really do love this top, but I'm going through a "I'm-just-so-cheap" phase and I can't bring myself to keep it. The color is lovely, the material so soft and silky, and shoulder detail is just stunning. The top is a little bit on the large side, but I think it is meant to be like that, or least, I can get away with it. It's regular price is $118. I purchased it with an extra 30% off from the GAP G&G plus another 10% off from an old code that GAP customer service sent me for trying to sell me something that was out of stock, PLUS another $20 off gift certificate from buying too much stuff from BR/GAP/Piperlime in the past year. Oh yea, and cashback. So this top is approximately $50 after it's all said and done. I love it. But not enough to keep it because my conscience is telling me I should buy something more classic and versatile and preferably more work appropriate. The darned conscience is right. =(

       If you remember, I was obsessing about little booties that dip in the front a few posts back. I thought that maybe I would give these Adrienne Vittadini Adam Booties a try and see how they worked out:

      Their regular price is $89.99 plus 30% off.  Beautiful soft suede (you know I love suede!), a 4" heel, and a non-seamed, almond toe. The front dips just enough so that a little skin peeks out from under my jeans. So pretty. The soles are completely rubber, no slippin' and slidin' with these babies. The padding of the insole is rather strange though. It has a weird pattern in the inside of the shoe and I can feel it under my feet when I walk. Not sure whose idea that was. The heel is also a little wide so I do have some heel lift which does annoy me somewhat, and since I got my regular shoe size there is no room for a heel grip in the back of the heel without adding some discomfort. I think also the heel lift has something to do with the fact that I have narrow feet and small ankles, so there is a lot of space between the top of my foot and the top of the shoe. So instead of putting the extra thick heel grip in the back of the shoe, I put it at the front of the shoe and, Voila! Perfect fit!

      Shoe Verdict?? Even though I really shouldn't, keepers!

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

zwani.com myspace graphic comments

    Wishes her American readers a wonderful holiday filled with love, thanksgiving blessings, food, and great shopping deals! ;)

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Review: Velvet by Graham & Spencer Gauzy Whisper Dress

      The second item I purchased from Piperlime during the GAP G&G was this dress:

     Velvet by Graham & Spencer Gauzy Whisper Dress in Blackberry, size XS. I wasn't completely sure about this dress, but I did like the ruching detail in front and in the back and the seam under the bust. Its regular price is $123, but it was on sale for $85.99 plus 30% off. I thought that if I was going to get the Bailey 44 dress (see previous post), then I might as well try this one as well. But by no means was I going to keep both!

      This, I think has a little bit more versatility than the Bailey 44 dress because of the color. I could wear it in the summer, but I could also bring it into the early fall nights with a little blazer thrown on top:

Blazer: Jacob (Black, size 1/2)
Belt: Asos Double Wrap Belt (Black, size S)
Shoes: Nine West Abi (Black, size 6)

     This dress actually is double-lined which somewhat surprised me although I don't think I should have been since I had tried a Velvet dress this past summer and it was also double-lined (see here in red). Looking back now, I actually wish I had kept that other dress but now it is nowhere to be found!

      After pulling this dress over my head, I wasn't too impressed by it. I thought it would actually be more forgiving and flattering to the body than it actually was. I could still see my "lumps" despite all the ruching across the front. Not cool. The overall length of the dress was good. The jersey material soft (as expected), and the straps themselves were wide enough to wear a bra underneath. Always a bonus when I can avoid wearing a strapless bra. I do really like it with the little jacket over top. But other than that, I can't think of much to say about it except "it's OK". Worth my $60? No, not really.

    Verdict? Return.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Review: Bailey 44 Dirty Bomb Dress

     I apologize for there being quite a few days since my last post. I've been working a lot of hours this past week and I've been [un]patiently waiting for my new camera remote to come in! All the photos I was taking with my self-timer were coming out blurry, so I figured I should just wait it out until I could post some proper photos. But it's finally here, YAY! Although using the remote also means that you will see me holding it in many of my pictures but that's the trade-off, I suppose.

     I made a few purchases during the GAP Give and Get Program last week. However, all of my purchases came from Piperlime, not GAP or BR (GAP and BR always have 30% off codes anyway). I managed to get my hands on two G&G codes that worked at Piperlime much to the dismay of my credit card. I bought several different pieces including one pair of boots, though I only have the intention of keeping just one item (possibly two if I really fall in love), all in anticipation of the quickly approaching Christmas holidays. A girl has to have something nice to wear for Christmas, doesn't she? ;)

     As a side note, I was debating as to where I should actually pose for the photos for these posts. Given that it is a review, I didn't really want to step outside of the apartment just in case I looked horrendous and someone saw me. =/ So in the end I just settled for "bedroom photos". I may change my mind about where I want to do them later, but for now these shall do.

     Returning to the task at hand, if you've been reading my blog for the past year you know that I'm always on the hunt for some summer appropriate dresses that will keep me cool in the D.C. humidity but won't overwhelm me by its girly-ness. I've been eyeing this dress Bailey 44 Dirty Bomb Dress for a while, but I couldn't justify its regular price of $158. During the G&G, it was on sale for $110 plus an extra 30% off so I figured it was worth a try. What got me when I looked at it online was the adjustable double tie waist detail.  It is made of 94% siro viscose and 6% spandex. Here it is in the color known as "Fire" and in size XS:

    Even before I pulled this dress out of the bag, I was shocked by the color:

     Looking kind of fluorescent? No, it isn't your screen. It really *does* look like that (actually I think I even toned it down a bit with a little post-processing). On the website it seemed like a slightly bluish red, which I was very excited about, but IRL this was definitely more orange red. So orange I almost didn't want to bother trying it on. I mean, really? Who wants to look like an unripe tomato? Not me. But when I did put this on, despite the iffy color I was really surprised at how flattering it was. The wrap-tie waist is a winner (please ignore the tired-looking face, it was a long workday):

      There is a little wrinkling across the bust now that I look back on these pictures, but it's just the way I'm standing. One problem that I did noticed when I looked in the mirror with this is the thin, unforgiving fabric. This is definitely a thong-required dress despite it being lined with another layer of jersey material. Even my seamless no-show hipster boyshorts were EXTREMELY obvious.

     The length is perfect, and the wrap tie allows me to move up the waistline to accomodate my short torso. The straps are also placed just right so a bra can be worn underneath without the concern of "strap-exposure". I really like the fit, but maybe I should have opted for the army green instead. The color is blinding!

     Verdict? Return. I think. As flattering as it is, the color of the dress is not the most versatile. Great for spring/summer, probably not so great to carry me into fall.  And as much as I would like to hold on to all the summer dresses that I can, I'm not sure that I can keep this.

     What do you ladies think??

     Reviews of the other Piperlime purchases will be posted soon!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

EOTD: Feeling Blue...and Grey

     Ventured out with the camera again on the weekend. This time in the underground parking garage/storage locker. I figured that maybe I could find some visually interesting backgrounds to take photos for the blog. I wasn't intending on posting any photos that I took down there, but I kind of liked how they turned out so the outfit here is extremely casual (it was the weekend, after all):

Cardigan: Velvet by Graham & Spencer Jersey Cardi Wrap (blue, size XS)
T-Shirt: AE Favorite Deep V-Neck T (white, size S)
Belt: Abercrombie & Fitch (bronze metallic, size S)
Denim: Paige Premium Denim Verdugo Jeggings (McKinley, size 24)
Boots: Maria Sharapova Collection by Cole Haan Air Sarafina Boot (Grey, size 6.5)

     And of course, my keys are hanging out of my back pocket, AGAIN. I swear that will be the last time. In the last six years I've lived in places where the door locks behind me, and so I'm totally paro about leaving my keys behind and locking myself out of my own apartment. Because of this, I always like to keep my keys hanging out of my pocket somehow or around my neck so I know where they are at all times. Obviously, not great for blog picture-taking.

     And the verdict as to the underground parking garage and storage lockers? LOVE! The only problem is that it gets as cold down there as it does outside. The storage locker area is perfect though. I can take my pictures in peace and not have to worry about people seeing what I'm doing. LOL. But come the end of November, I probably won't be too happy to be venture down there with my camera. So the search continues...

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Emma Lookin' Smokin'

      I think Emma Watson is just adorable and my opinion of her was just reinforced when I came across these pictures of her at the world premiere of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows: Part I in London, England on November 11, 2010 (photos by Getty Images Europe):  

     The dress is Rafael Lopez. I don't know if I would have picked the dress for myself, but the hair, makeup, jewelry, the lace and feather dress, shoes, and the bronzey skin put together is quite the ensemble, and she looks FAB!

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Friday, November 12, 2010

EOTD: First Try

    GAH! First (OK fine, second) try with me out and about with the new camera trying to experiment with good (and convenient) places to take EOTDs. And it was awful! Not only because I live in a condo so that everything is in a tight space, I also have no photography skills! LOL. After an hour and a half wandering around the building, both inside and out, I managed to take a few somewhat decent snapshots in the stairwell. Here are a few that I didn't want to delete in the camera right away:

Jacket: Le Chateau Suede Jacket (Dark brown, size XS).
Sweater: Club Monaco Merino Wool Turtleneck (Orange, size XS)
Denim: Paige Premium Denim Verdugo Jeggings (McKinley, size 24)
Boots: Eric Michael Vogue Boot (Black, size 37)
Scarf: Love Quotes (Mallard)
Belt: Jacob Suede Belt (Dark Brown, size S)

     As you can see, my hair is sticking up a bit, and my key chain is sticking out of my pocket. Great. This is going to be a long process, but I hope you'll stick with me until I figure it out! This would be so much easier if I didn't have to take my own photo. LOL.

     The suede jacket I'm wearing is actually one of my favorites that I purchased years and years ago, but I rarely take it out of the closet. It's such a beautiful piece though.

     Now if you will excuse me, I'm off to read some more books on Photography for Dummies. =/

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fashion Fixation: Luxury Rebel Lisette Suede Choked Pumps

     OK, no pics yet from my new camera. I just got the new tripod today, which apparently is a necessity to taking your own photo. I'm doing a lot of experimenting with the camera and with the post-processing. Hopefully, I'll be able to put something up soon that won't completely embarrass myself. =/

     In the meantime, I'm a little late to the game, but I've been OBSESSED with these little booties lately:

Luxury Rebel Lisette for $220 on Shopbop and Endless (also available in Black). How amazing are these? I didn't care for them at first, but then I saw a photo on Shopbop where a model is wearing a red bootie where it dips in the front--just enough to show a little skin below here jeans, I was in love! So hot! Of course, now I can't find that picture, so you'll have to take my word for it. The only less expensive version that I remotely like is this:

Guess Dottest Ankle Boot regular price, $130 but on sale for $79 on Endless...and I cannot find my size! I guess I'll just have to settle with obsessing with the Lisette for a while.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday Present!!!

     Part of the reason I put myself on a super-low buy the last month or so was so I could splurge on a new camera! It took me a while to pull the trigger (as does every big purchase), but I knew I wanted it. So with a little enabling..um, I mean, encouraging from the SO, I went ahead and bought it. I'm so excited! It took me a long time to finally catch the photography bug, but when I began my blog almost a year ago, I started to become more "aware" about great photographic composition. Anyways, here it is:

     The new Sony Alpha a55! Brand new on the market with "new" technology (not really new, but  the first camera of its kind on the market). It's small and light, and super-fast. It's just perfect for little me and hopefully it will help me take some great pictures! You'll probably see a lot of experimenting over the next little while. I'll try to keep it fashion-related. LOL. Hopefully it will all be for the better! I can't wait to get some alone time with it!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Birthday EOTD!!

     And a boring one at that! LOL. I guess that's what happens when you have a very limited work wardrobe, haven't purchased anything in a short while, and you are working in a conservative work place. I usually like to buy myself at least a new sweater for my special day, but this year I decided just to wear a piece that I've never worn before. Ha.

     Please excuse the lighting, the pic was taken early in the morning before the sun even came up!

Sweater: ATL Long Cardigan (Olive, size XS)
Cami: Jacob (Nude, size XS)
Pants: Jacob (Black, size 0)
Boots: Bandolino Indulge Booties (Black, size 6.5)
Belt: Abercrombie & Fitch (bronze metallic, size XS/S)

   It turned out to be a pretty uneventful day. I went to work for 12 hours (where no one knew it was my birthday), and just had a quiet dinner with my dad at Kabob Palace in the local area. Yum!

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Am I Crazy?

     Ever since I saw these on Shopbop, I've had a strange attraction to them. So Michael Jackson-esque:

     I'm not really a sequins kind of girl, nor am I a Juicy Couture kind of girl (with a few exceptions). But there was something about these gloves. The sequins remind me a little bit of studs, and I thought they could make a winter outfit fun and an interesting of pop. 

    So I ordered them.

     I thought they would be a small birthday present to myself. They are quite the splurge for a pair of handwarmers, especially since I could have gotten 20% off the week before ($45!). They are very soft, but they are *very* loud. My friend at work saw them laughed and said, "Wow. Those are so flashy!" LOL. I still like them, but are they too much? Did I see potential in these gloves that isn't really there? What do you think?

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EOTD: Shopbop-Inspired

     One of my favorite places to find outfit inspirations is Shopbop. I can't actually afford most of things sold on the website, but I can certainly try and find pieces similar to what they do have.  I've been trying to put together an outfit similar to this one for a while now, but I wasn't been able to come up with the right pieces in my closet.

    I finally found a black skirt at H&M for a mere $13.90US that will do the job:

Jacket: BB Dakota Hinsdale Trench (Mushroom, size S)
Top: Club Monaco (grey, size XS)
Skirt: Forever21 (black, size S)
Socks: Hue OTK Ribbed Socks (black, OS)
Boots: Eric Michael Vogue Boot (black, size 37)
Necklace: Forever21 Triple Chain (silver)

  The skirt is actually longer than you see on me here. I just rolled it up like we used to do with the school kilt in high school. LOL. I rolled it maybe a bit too short, but the ensemble didn't come out too badly if I do say so myself. 

     Don't have OTK boots or knee-high boots? Alternatively, with just some short boots or ankle booties:

     And if you like the look, with some OTK socks and booties:

     Generally not my style, but I thought I'd try it out here just in case any of you ladies do like it and want to see how it works the rest of the pieces.

Which version do you prefer?

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