Sunday, March 13, 2011

AT Fitting Room Finds

     I haven't been in an "American" mall in a while, but I thought I would check out some stuff that I've been seeing on the other petite bloggers lately. I obviously won't be the first to blog about these since the ladies have beat me to it. :P But it'll be interesting to see the fit on me as opposed to the other ladies who are a bit smaller than I am. There were actually a few pieces that I was dying to try out that I saw on the online store, but my B&M store didn't have them. So that was a bust.

     I swore that I would stop with buying cardigans, but I'm a sucker for yellow. Here is the V-neck cardigan (the lighting in the fitting room was extremely poor, taking the photos was a nightmare):

     It's bright, but not fluorscent. I love it. If I can snag this with a good sale, I'm on it! I'm wearing it in a size XSP.

     The next top was this sleeveless drape top in XSP:

     I'm generally in the vicinity between an XXSP and XSP, XSP giving me a just a touch of little extra room, but this top was pretty snug. I thought for sure I had picked up an XXSP, but no. It doesn't look small though and it's not bad in this size, a SP would probably be a little bit more forgiving after a large meal. It was just a little bit difficult more difficult than usual to slip on over my head. I think it would pretty cute under a cardigan.

     This silk shell with necktie and pintuck sleeveless blouse has been seen all over the petite blogs. I absolutely love it, so I *had* to try it on. There were no 0Ps left, which is what I usually wear in jackets and long-sleeve blouses to accomodate my back and shoulders, but I can get away with 00P in sleeveless tops. This top actually fit pretty perfectly in 00P:

     The last item I tried on was this Feline Ikat Print Jersey Skirt in 00P. I always wanted to try a printed skirt, and the material of this was super soft. It's in fact, 93% Rayon and 7% Spandex:

     As soon as I slipped it on, my first thought was, "Why is it sitting so weird?" It fit in the waist, but it really didn't hang right on my body at all. I think the seaming was forcing it to crinkle in odd places making it look like I lumps and bumps where I don't have them. What is that bump on the left side of my hip? Gah. Not a fan. Great print though.

     Overall, I really liked both the tops and the sweater. I think If I can find them with a discount I'll go for it, but the silk blouses  AT seem to be OOS pretty quickly lately, I might not be able to find them in my size by the time they go on sale. But, Yellow Cardi, I have my eye on you!

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Callandra said...

Hhhmmmmm.......too bad about the fit of that skirt the print is lovely and looks quite versatile. I also love the detailing on the sleeveless drape top. Have to agree with you on that yellow cardi too, it's yummy! Thanks for the review ;)

PetiteXXS said...

I love the pintuck necktie shell... it fits better on you though than it does on me, but I'm still debating which and how many colors I want!

curls-and-pearls said...

OOh the necktie blouse looks so good on you too! The yellow cardigan is definitely my favorite. I hope you get it at a good price.

Really Petite said...

That's the same yellow cardi that I posted last week but my camera made it look much brighter than it was so no one liked it! LOL

I still love it- so pretty and quality is great :)

Canadianpetite said...

That yellow cardi looked bright on Anne but with the lighting on yours, I would snag it right away (and I'm not even a fan of bright yellow). I am gauging that I'm about the same colouring as you (MAC NC2-30?). If only I was the same body size as you...

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