Friday, March 4, 2011

Open wide.

Denim: Frankie B. 3" Broadway Wide Leg Jeans (New York, size 2).
Top: American Eagle Deep-V Favorite T (White, size S).
Sweater: Ann Taylor Open Front Cardigan (Mocha, size S).
Boots: D&G Suede Booties (Charcoal grey, size 6).
Scarf: Tolani Midnight Rose (Red/Navy).
Belt: Asos Double Wrap Leather Belt (Black, size S).

    I've had my eye on this Tolani scarf since before Christmas. It's 100% silk and the color is just *beautiful*. This has instantly become one of my favorites out of my entire scarf collection. 

   The pattern up close:

      For some reason when I upload the photos on to Blogger, the color doesn't look as great as it does in my iPhoto and camera, but believe me, the color is richer than you see here.

     As for the jeans, I bought these babies about four or five years ago when I first started to get into high-end denim. I love the wide-leg, but if you are familiar with Frankie B. jeans, they are made extremely, extremely small, but also are extremely, extremely *LOW*, even for me.  It was more of the style back then, but it's just down right inappropriate when I bend over. So you probably won't see my wearing these around with a short top, but otherwise, I still love these jeans. 

     A hint to wearing wide leg bottoms and flares: You want to try to keep the length as long as possible without any dragging as it helps lengthen the leg line. Too short, and you've chopped off your legs! Holds true for both the petite and tall. But of course, please remember, avoid wearing pants that may touch the ground if it has snowed recently and there is salt on the concrete. Any contact with salt is a sure way to ruin and fray your beloved pants. This has happened to me on too many occasions!

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curls-and-pearls said...

Love, love, love this look Cher! You look AMAZING! I absolutely love the jeans and how you styled that scarf. Thanks for the inspriation!

AubreyOhDang! said...

<3 frankie Bs. I loved them even more when i was in HS b/c showing your thong was the cool thing in school. HAHAHAAH.

Banhannas said...

Nice tips on the wide legged pants! I think they can be really tricky but if the length is done right you can make the legs appear even longer. Love the way you did with that scarf! I think I've seen another blogger do it and it was smashing on her too.

Michelle said...

You look amazing!! Gorgeous scarf!

I have said this many look fierce in these photos! :p

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