Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Deliberations: Lovely Lacquer.

      So I decided to start something new on AFD.  I call it "Sunday Deliberations". A few of the blogs I like to read do a weekly post such as, Awesome and Awkward Thursdays at The Day Book, and Rule-Breaking Mondays at I'm Clothed Much. I figured since my blog is called A Fashion Deliberation, I should probably...deliberate more. LOL. It will be a little different from the other blogs, however. Instead of just outfits, these posts will actually make you read and encourage some thoughtful discussion and comments (hopefully) and maybe even let me get to know you all better (or maybe just the other way around). Don't be alarmed. I'll also try to include photos where appropriate. =) These posts will generally be fashion-related, but since it is my blog, I reserve the right to digress. Ha Ha. Why Sunday, you ask? No particular reason. It has sort of a nice ring to it and since Sunday is a day of reflection for some, why not?

      My first Sunday Deliberation post will be about...nail polish! It's not directly related to fashion in the typical sense, but after years of avoiding these little paint bottles like the plague, I've come to the realization that nails can actually be a great accessory to an outfit!

      If you've followed my blog for a while, then you know that I'm really a tomboy at heart and you probably wouldn't be surprised to learn that as a child and early teens I was completely anti-nail polish. If I was going to wear it, it would be clear polish and that's it. No red, and DEFINITELY NO PINK. I just couldn't get past how girly it was and it just made me feel really self-conscious. But as I got older, my style evolved. And as the more "alternative" colors were being sold (remember Revlon Streetwear?), I became more interested with this special paint.  I was totally fascinated with blacks, metallics, and other dark colors because it wasn't so girly. LOL.

     I would buy a bottle here and there, but not really wear it out in public. I would literally put it on, wear it around the house and then take it off. Around the age of 23, I realized that having a good pedicure was probably a smart idea when wearing open-toed shoes and I went ahead and myself a "french manicure pink" color. It was almost as if I was wearing nothing, but made my feet at least presentable to the world. For years, that's the only color I wore on my toes.  Any other color and I was convinced it would draw attention to my feet, and I didn't want that! =P

    Fast forward a few years and I suddenly had an epiphany: Nail polish can totally transform the "mood" of an outfit. Darks can give some edge, brights can make an outfit fun, and reds, of course, can make an ensemble totally sexy. Who knew?

   After years of collecting lacquer, I'm still drawn to the darks--especially blacks and blues. But I've ventured out into the greens, and now even neons and reds (although reds tend to look brown against my skintone, which I hate). Pink, unless its a french manicure pink is still off the table. LOL. Here are a few photos of my ever-growing stash, which I know is nowhere near what other ladies have:

      And a photo of the first red polishes that I've purchased in the last few months:

    My most recent purchase is Mezmerized by Essie that I found at Target (artificial light followed by natural light):

    My technique isn't that great and I'm incredibly impatient. I can't wait for my nails to dry and what makes it worse is the fact that I have this weird tendency to sit on my hands. Obviously, my freshly painted nails do not survive.

    What do you think of nail polish? Do you wear it? Why or why not? What are your favorite colors ever?

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Callandra said...

That's a lot of nail polish for a self professed tomboy! Lol Actually, I am drawn to all colors of nail polish. Love to change it up everday and I totally would if I wasn't so lazy..hee hee

Cher said...

@Callandra LOL. You are totally right, Callandra. I guess it shows that I don't have a lot of self-restraint when buying nail polish. I can't ever buy just one. said...

I am a polish FIEND! haha. I was just like you as a teenager, however - not wanting to be too girly, so I didn't wear much. Not my nails are rarely not painted, and I've got every color except for orange! (Although I've strongly considered buying some since I like the Chicago Bears haha) Favorite color ever is "You don't know Jacques" by OPI :)

curls-and-pearls said...

LOL I was just thinking EXACTLY what Callandra said :P

Cher I was always very girly but I never liked wearing nail polish b/c I HATED my nails. They were never long and pretty like all my friend's nails so just didn't bother. In university I started experimenting more but with very light pinks - almost natural but since I had gone so long without nail polish I didn't know how to apply it! I tried my roommate's red polish on once and I had to take it off immediately, I felt like I had blood on my nails hahahaha!

I think about 3 years ago when I became an Avon rep and there were so many colours available to me (at an inexpensive price) is when I really started getting comfortable wearing it.

I still can't wear super dark colours for more than a couple of days - it makes me feel ike I have marker on my hands or something :P and I can't do "crazy" colours like bright blues and greens but maybe I'll get there one day!

PetiteXXS said...

I like nail polish, but dislike the shape of my nails and plus I can't stand messy application (which is basically all I can do), so I tend to steer away from darks which only seem to emphasize those two facts. Still trying to slowly graduate from my french/nudes for fingers but I do love darks or bright colors for toes!

Really Petite said...

I just recently got into nail polish and now have accumulated a bunch..LOL I am wearing a dark purplish gray color which is totally outside my box but am liking switching it up since I always wear pinks :D

Mary said...

I am the opposite, I LOVE nail polish, always have, probably always will! I don't have one definite style so I like the darks, the blues, the pinks, whites, ALL OF EM! Essie is my favorite brand and has been for a while. My favorite colors are Jag-u-are (glimmery firey red, very universally flattering, I think!), Waltz (its an almost opaque glaze of white that almost looks blue or moonstone-ish, I love it!) and I love classic reds and vampy colors like big apple red and lincoln park after dark! I've also been eyeing another OPI color, Royal Navy- it's a purply blue color I bet you would like it to, if you haven't tried it!

Cher said...

@Callandra LOL. You are totally right, Callandra. I guess it shows that I don't have a lot of self-restraint when buying nail polish. I can't ever buy just one.

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