Friday, April 15, 2011

Night Out.

Top: Rachel Roy Ruffle Halter Top (Fuchsia, size XS).
Denim: Paige Premium Denim Verdugo Jeggings (McKinley, size 24).
Boots: Calvin Klein Dina Knee-high Leather Boots (Black, size 6.5).
Belt: LOFT Skinny Belt (White Patent, size XS).
Bracelet: Forever21

    I really hate the feeling of having nothing to wear. So frustrating. But trying to keep on a somewhat tight budget this month (and assuming that I'm keeping everything that I've ordered online in the last few days), I've already exceeded my monthly allowance on clothes, shoes, and accessories, so I decided to forego a purchase for a night out with my friends. I'm proud of myself for not buying anything, but also a little depressed for having nothing new to wear. Finally, after much debate I decided on this Rachel Roy ruffle top that had yet to be worn, so that makes it kind of new. But honestly, it wasn't really any consolation. 

    This is probably the last time I'm able to wear boots before I have to store them away for good until the fall. It was a big dilemma as to whether I was going to wear boots or open-toe booties. I wanted the sexiness of the booties, but the comfort of the knee-high boots. And then I found out we were taking the Metro into the District (a sure sign there was going to be a lot of alcohol involved), so I opted for the tall boots instead. If I can reduce the chance of falling on my face, I'll take it. :P Through the night, I was feeling a little jealous because lots of girls were wearing sandals and open-toed shoes (but many girls with boots on as well), but what made me feel better was that at the end, I was pain-free and didn't land on my face at all. 

   On another positive note, I think the white belt in this outfit freshens it up a bit. A little unexpected touch in an otherwise extremely predictable outfit.

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Jess W. said...

I love your Rachel Roy top and it looks fantastic on you! I wish I had something that was so simple yet so interesting! I've had days where it feels like I have nothing to wear, but I think getting some inspiration from window shopping helps because you find ways to wear what you already have. But sometimes, we have to buy something to keep things fresh. =)

Petite LG said...

I love the color of that top. Looks great on you! The white belt definitely adds a special touch to this outfit. Have a great weekend, Cher!

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

Cher that top is GORGEOUS! The colour suits you so well. I hear you on the having nothing to wear thing but I'm just not motivated either to get to the malls and shop. I've been craving more interesting pieces than what I've been seeing and can afford LOL! So for now I have to learn to make what I have work.

Rach said...

I LOVE that top with the jeggings! Also loving your rings!
I'm glad winter is over, but I'll miss wearing my boots too :)

Ping said...

cher -- i love love this pretty blouse-- such a nice color. it looks great paired with the skinny jeans.

AUBS said...

glad this shirt is getting some good use.

Moniquezuman said...

I love you in pink!! You look so gorgeous!! Just came across your blog!

Monique xx

Petite in the City said...

i love the top! It looks great on you!

I know what you mean about the know how sometimes in March/April it gets slightly warmer in Toronto after the snow melted...I want to wear my open toe shoes, but end up opting for boots and its like EVERYONE else is wearing open toe shoes!! I'm sure your feet are thanking you for wearing boots! :)

Piril Maria said...

Nice outfit. Wonderful colors.

♥ Love,

Stylechic360 said...

I really love that blouse, you look really nice

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