Saturday, April 16, 2011

Review: DV by Dolce Vita Toni Wedge Sandals

   About a month back, during the GAP Give&Get, I ordered a pair of DV by Dolce Vita Wedges. These to be exact (photo from

     To be honest, I haven't been totally blown away by the summer shoes and sandals that have been released to date. I know it's still early into the spring/summer season, but usually by now I have a long list of summer sandals that I *have* to try. These wedges are actually only one of two pairs on my list. Apparently they were on everyone else's list too because these were backordered for weeks. But they finally arrived in the mail and although I was super-excited, I was also trying not to get my hopes up. Firstly, I have never done well with Dolce Vita shoes. Even though I am a size 6, every DV shoe/sandal I've tried has been ridiculously *huge*.  Secondly, after reading the reviews,  I was a little worried that the straps were going to be too big because of my small ankles and narrow feet. But when I pulled these on to my feet, I was in heaven. The suede straps were a perfect nude/natural color and super soft and pliable for my hyper-sensitive feet...and they fit! YAY!

     Some IRL photos:

     They have these super cute tassels in the back:

     The heel comes to 4", and the platform in the front is .75". High, but still comfortable enough for frequent wear. One thing that does concern me is the suede patch under the toes. From past experience, I know that this can leave some pretty unsightly toe prints after some regular use, especially if you live in the city and use public transportation.  It definitely needs a good spraying before any outdoor usage. Also, there is a danger that any long denim I wear over these sandals is going to result in some ink transfer on to the straps. Likely unavoidable, so I'm not going to lose sleep over it. Otherwise, I have absolutely no complaints about these wedges and I can't wait to wear them!

     The verdict? Keep!

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Jess W. said...

Super cute wedges! The suede elevates it to look pretty expensive and chic. I'd get a pair too if I didn't have my Charles David ones. =)

Jarucha said...

Wow, the tassles just add another kick to these awesome shoes...they are a bit too high for my liking though. I was looking through shoes at Piperlime too and saw some Clarks one that interested me.

H Rija said...

love the wedge and you have a amazing blog!
Also, I loved reading your profile - it brought a smile!!

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