Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: Splendid Lycra Maxi Skirt

      So. One of the items I've been dying to try out this spring has been a maxi skirt. I'm a huge fan of the maxi dress, but I seem to be on the fence on the maxi skirt. The overall style of a maxi skirt, particularly one that is A-line is very boho-chic, which is not very typical of my own personal style. I was willing to try it though. It really had a lot of potential to be my staple piece this summer.

   There are three basic types of maxi skirts.

 (1) The A-Line:

 (2) The Tiered Maxi Skirt:
Loveappella from, $44.

 and (3) The Column Maxi skirt:

from Express, $59.99

My first choice is the column maxi skirt. Very minimalist, and fairly fitted to the body. The other shapes, though somewhat appealing are my alternative choices mainly because I'm afraid that all the material would overwhelm my small frame. However, apparently it is impossible to find a column maxi skirt that is not black and is of fairly decent quality. That being the case, I decided to take my chances on this Splendid Lycra Maxi Skirt in Carbon (size XS) even though it had an A-line shape. And if I didn't like, I could always return it:

     It also comes in several other colors such as black, white, navy blue (which is what I had originally wanted) and Bermuda (an electric blue). One of the main reasons I chose this skirt was because of the fold-over waist, which meant that I could adjust the length to how ever long I wanted it. I could also unfold it completely and wear it as a dress, but I don't think I'll be doing that. The material is also a little bit on the thicker side, so it would be more forgiving than lycra skirts of lesser quality. And what did I get?

      Note, that I probably wouldn't tuck in the tank top for regular wear, but it is tucked in for the purpose of this review.

Size: The sizing was good, it helps that it is a foldover A-line skirt. Any bunching I can just sort of camouflage at the waist/hip area by folding over the top.

Quality: Pretty good. The material is thin, but not too thin. Just light enough to allow natural movement of the skirt.  Still very light and the material very soft.

Color: A nice medium neutral grey. Perfect for summer as I prefer not to wear so many dark colors in warmer weather.

Comfort: Comfortable, but not. LOL. It is comfortable in the sense that it is super light and I could just lounge around in it or wear it on a patio somewhere with a cold drink in hand or just walking about in the streets. But I am sort of uncomfortable and self-conscious because it is a long skirt and it's not something that I would typically wear. However, I usually feel this way when I'm wearing maxi dresses anyway. So that's not to say I wouldn't wear this on a regular basis.  In fact, I'm sure that I would wear it quite frequently.

     The regular price for this skirt is $83. Kind of pricey, I know. But I managed to get 25% by asking to match the current discount at (they will only match if it is a competing website that carries the same brand). You can also purchase the skirt at here. They have some 20% off coupons floating around. I have one here: MOSTLIKELY33355. They say this is one-time use, but I can't verify it. So whoever wants to use it takes their chances that someone else didn't use it before them. Good through the end of April. A less expensive alternative of the a-line style is this one from Express, as shown above for $59.99 and Express has coupons and sales quite often.

     I'm on the fence about the maxi skirt, but leaning towards the side of keeping it. The more I wear it around the apartment, the more I grow attached to it. I really like it, just a little self-conscious. What do you think of the maxi skirt? A keeper?

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Jarucha said...

I think some ppl can pull off maxi skirts but not me. I prefer above the knee or at knee skirts/dresses...I feel like I'll trip with the maxi plus I do not know how to style them.

Sunshine said...

I'm sorry to say...but i'm not a fan :( it looks so shapeless and the bunching at the waist looks weird. i think you should try the version that doesn't have the wide fold, it would probably look better.

Cher said...

No need to apologize! I need the feedback! Actually, I found that it looked better with the bunching at the waist, because then the fold was way too long and looked really awkward. Thanks!

Anon said...

Also not a fan of this on you - it adds weight to your midsection. Maybe the column maxi skirt would be better?

I have been wanting to try maxi skirts too, but being such a klutz I'm sure I will trip on it and accidently pull it down, accidently flashing someone. I'll stick to maxi dresses and knee-length skirts.

Cher said...

Thanks! You're right about it adding weight to my mid-section. I thought it would camouflage any "food"-baby that I had, but I guess not. LOL.

Sara said...

Yea I have to agree this is not flattering to your midsection cause it kinda overwhelms you since you're so tiny! Actually I have a shorter skirt that's like that, with the fold over, and I find it hard to not make it take up half of my torso!

AUBS said...

can i see it how you would normally style it? w/o tucking in the shirt?

i think it's the foldover that bothers me.

Cee said...

I've been toying with the thought of getting a maxi skirt as well. Most of the ones I've come across are tiered and have that wrinkled, casual look. I really like the a-line one you picked up. I can see it more easily dressed up compared to the ones I've been seeing. I'm not a fan of the bunching around the waist though -- how did the model get hers to lay so smoothly? I say keep it since you seem to love it and it fits well.

Cher said...

Well, I bunched it up on purpose. Haha. Because when I fold it over it the fold-over part is really long because I'm so short. Next week (or when I find time), I'll do another post and show how I might style it and with it not bunched up at the waist.

Cher said...

I'll try next week when I get back to D.C. (where I left the skirt).

Jess W. said...

I love the look of maxi skirts and dresses, though I have yet to properly own one. LOL. Despite that, I think your skirt looks lovely and I don't mind the bunching as much. The style does remind me of yoga pants, comfy and casual. If you showed ways to style this skirt, it would be easier to assess whether it looks good or not. =)

Cher said...

LOL. You ladies are going to make me work for this one! I have a few ideas on how to style this skirt. I haven't actually tried it yet, so it's going to be interesting to say the least. It could potentially be disastrous!

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