Tuesday, April 19, 2011


    I'm generally not a fan of skinny jeans/pants with chucks, but I thought this photo from a J.Crew catalog was just too cute:

     My version (I know it's not a very "spring-like" ensemble):

Jacket: LOFT Cropped Jacket (Tweed, size XSP).
Shirt: J. Crew Button-Down Shirt (Black with White Pin-Stripe, size XS).
Pants: Jacob Twill Cargo Pants (Mocha, size 0).
Shoes: Converse (Grey, size 6W/4.5M).

     I did some major rule-breaking today. Not only did I pair skinny pants with chucks, I mixed two prints: tweed and stripes. I never do that. I think it turned out OK, though. Not my most favorite outfit in the world, but I've really been trying to style things a bit differently to see what works and what doesn't. I think the model pulls off cropped jacket and skinny pants look better than I do. 

      The J. Crew shirt I've never worn before. I bought it probably more than four years ago, but couldn't figure out how to wear it until now. It's a little bit on the larger side because it's not petite sizing, but I like the looser "boyfriend" fit of it. 

     As you can see, I did an outdoor shoot. Let me tell you, these weren't easy. Taking your own photo is one thing, but doing it outdoors is a whole other beast. The fact that I'm not well-versed in outdoor lighting (yet) and that I was probably out during the wrong time of day, didn't help any. The post-processing really left me scratching my head. I'm squinting a bit in some of these photos, but the sun was bright and as much as I tried, squinting was unavoidable. They are pretty terrible, but what can I say? First try.

     Jacket and cargos also seen here:

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Hanna said...

I prefer the colors in your outfit than the model pics. I also like that you opted for a boxier/swing cut for the jacket, really bringing the outfit into a casual feel. Tweed is luxurious and I think it works magically with the stripes in your button down. The only thing that I can say is that perhaps you can fold down the collar? Or is it too stiff to do so? Either or I want to try an outfit like this...I just need to have a pair of chucks first. Heehee.

I do prefer indoor shots too!!! The only thing is that I really hate wearing shoes inside the house so I don't do it very often. I've been trying to edit the pictures so they appear darker but it looks pretty funky looking since the background tree looks almost black. Lol. I like these pics! And psssht what is this talk about squinting? I see a sultry look gathered from a bold, badass outfit!

Cher said...

Haha. Thanks for the feedback, Hanna. And yes, the collar is pretty stiff.
There's only one way to wear the collar, and it's up! For the most part it's
OK, but it would be nice to be able to fold it down for a little

Katherine said...

Such a cute outfit...I never pair skinnies with chucks as well, as a petite person but you pull it off so well...makes me think I have hope :) You look lovely.

Petite in the City said...

I've never been able to pull off skinny jeans and chucks. My short muscular legs with bubble butt, just doesn't work!! Anyone that has thin legs can pull it off :)

My friends from HK wear skinny jeans and chucks all the time, but with your tweed jacket you look much more classier!


Jess W. said...

I don't wear Chucks anymore, but when I did it was almost always with skinny jeans. I think if the pants were rolled up, it would give it more oomph and edge to your outfit!

I like outdoor shots because I don't get enough light indoors and the whole wearing shoes indoors thing bothers me. LOL. =)

Cher said...

Thanks, Katherine! :)

Sunshine said...

Hi Cher :)

I love chucks, I own 2 pairs :) If i know I'm walking A LOT, no amount of ballet flats will cut it because I know my feet will hurt after a few hours. So...chucks will do.

B_ra said...

I am way too addicted to Chucks and because I'm so little, I do my best to try to avoid wearing them with skinny jeans. I think because I've got thicker legs, they make me look so much shorter. I really like the contrast in your outfit though. I think for me though I'm not the biggest fan of the tweed jacket. I love the outfit without it even more.

p.s. I really like the natural lighting of the outdoor pictures

Cher said...

That's funny, because if I know I'm walking a lot I will AVOID wearing chucks. Too much rubbing for my feet (even with two pairs of socks on) and they are way too flat. When you get older the arches of your feet get way more sensitive and need more support (no it's not a myth!). Gotta love getting older!

Really Petite said...

You look better than the inspiration photo:D I could never pull this look off but you do it effortlessly:D

Bre Clifford said...

I feel you with chucks. My bf wants me to get some and I just have no idea what to wear them with. I think you pretty cute here though and it give me inspiration to give it a go. I also understand the outdoor solo photo sessions. They can be grueling and flat out awful sometimes.

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