Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Deliberations: The Slip, Not Your Grandmother's Underwear.

    OK. Actually it kinda is.  But it's best not to think about it that way.

    My mom used to make me wear slips under dresses when I was a little girl. I mean, it was one thing to make me wear a dress, but also another thing to make me wear a slip underneath. I mean, WHY?!! It made me feel like an old lady, and I would just give her this grumpy face. I think it would have helped if she explained to me exactly *why* I had to wear this old lady gear instead of just forcing me to wear it just because she told me to. I am assuming that I understood solid reasoning at this point in my childhood.

   It was only until I reached adulthood did someone tell exactly *why* a slip was necessary. You ever had your flowy dress or skirt get all clingy to your legs? Yes, well a slip actually prevents this! Uh-huh. Who knew? LOL. Here are the classic "grandma" slip (all photos via

Commando Full Slip with Lace Bottom, $98.
Commando Half Slip, $48.

     Now, of course, slips have evolved since the days of the grandma slip and now we have things such SPANX and other similar shapewear:

Flexees Weightless Power Hi-Waist Slip, $38.
SPANX Slimplicity Half Slip, $52.
SPANX Slimplicity Strap Slip, $72.

     These are obviously great for "holding you in" and giving you a little extra help in those form-fitting clothes, but as to prevent help static cling like the classic slip? No experience there. I would imagine that it would, however. Can any of you ladies speak from experience? And how many of you actually own a classic "grandma" slip?

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Kileen said...

i've actually been looking for a slip as some of the sheer / chiffon skirts i bought recently are a little see-through. i'm thinking these spanx might be a nice double-whammy to both line and trim... :)

cute & little

Hanna said...

I never liked slips either! Lately I had to borrow my mom's slips for sheer dresses and skirts but I think it is time to buy some for my own. I'm eager to listen to what everyone else's thoughts on slips/shapewear.

Cynthia C. M. said...

I wore a half slip from Yummie Tummy with a nude bra when I got married. Needed the shapewear, but didn't want to wear a full slip because it flattened me!

Quest for Fashion Sense said...

I wore Spanx's Higher Power when I got married and I've used it multiple times since - the only problem is that I'm a bit shorter, so the hem sometimes shows underneath if I'm not careful. Re: static cling - I never had a problem with that when I've worn Spanx. I am looking to get a nude "grandma" slip ;D, though, because I think it would work better under flowy skirts and dresses [wearing Spanx's Higher Power would look like I'm wearing nude bicycle shorts if the wind were to blow a little too much, I think].

egged said...

I feel so old saying this, but they used to be much easier to find when I was a kid (and I'm not even 30 yet). I love slips, they make cheap unlined skirts and dresses hang so much better. Silk slips are best for static cling issues, but can be hard to find and expensive.

hawktom said...

I used pretty lacy slips as sleepwear. Then one day, I wore a dress that kept sticking to my hose (no hose in summer but winter is another thing) so I wore the slip and voila! No more cling! I also started wearing slips for sheer dresses. I actually have both 'Grandma' and Spanx style. I'd say the Spanx is great at holding you in and it also makes me feel sexy. It makes me think I'm wearing clothes from Mad Men show. Slips are great at minimizing those side lumps/rolls. Try out the lightweight ones instead of the heavyweight (I can't-breathe).

Petite in the City said...

No I did not know they prevent static!!! I'm definitely going to have to try them for my static-clingy dresses. My mom was the same and forced me to wear them as a kid.

I still don't have grandma slips now, I guess I need to purchase them? I have the shapewear though, corset tops and shorts to "hold stuff in". I get annoyed with the shorts because they ride up and its still visible that i'm wearing shorts underneath!

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