Saturday, April 30, 2011


   I mean the skirt. LOL. One of my purchases from the Ann Taylor 40% off sale was this navy blue pencil skirt:

     I purchased it in both 00P and 0P, just in case. Remember, the last time when I purchased the red AT skirt and I couldn't even zip it up all the way? That wasn't going to happen again. When the shipment finally came, I really couldn't decide which size was better, and after trying each skirt on three different times, I decided on the smaller one. But now that I look at these photos, I think it is just a touch too small:

Top: Jacob Sleeveless Tie-neck Blouse (Black/White Print, size XS).
Skirt: Ann Taylor Stretch Crepe Skirt (Navy Blue, size 00P).
Shoes: LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Amaya Pumps (Black, size 6).
Clutch: Le Chateau (Black).
Belt: Ann Taylor Patent Leather Skinny Belt (Black, size XS).

     I tried the 0P on again after these photos were taken and it just seemed too roomy in the hip  area for my liking and I don't really want to spend the extra money on alterations. They both just might have to go back. Unfortunate, because I was actually really excited about this skirt.

   As a forewarning, I would like to tell you ladies that this blog may slow down over the next little while. I know I've said this before, but it might actually be true this time.  I've found the need to take some time for myself and do some soul-searching to try to figure out my priorities and what I want to do with my life from here on in. I moved to the U.S. some time ago hoping to advance my career and to put myself in a better place for the future. Six years later, unbelievably, I've found myself in a worse place than when I started. For someone as ambitious as I am, it's just...unacceptable. Right now I just need to take a step back and re-evaluate things to try and decide if I want to take a giant leap and carve my own path rather than wait and hope that someone shows me one.  The path is not straight, nor easy.  At some point in your life due to the conscious or unconscious decisions you make or by uncontrollable external circumstances, you'll be forced off the main road. I have some big decisions to make that will probably change my life forever. Scary? Heck ya! They say good things come to those who wait, but sometimes you just have to forge forward and make things happen. You never know, you might just conquer the world. Don't worry, I won't totally disappear. I'll still try to post as much as I can, and if you really miss me, I'll still be hanging out on Twitter. :)

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Doris Chan said...

this was an amazing post. i am almost definite that everyone will respect you for taking charge your path. i find it so gratifying to see women stand tall, even when they are so small, and search for happiness in all aspects of their career, relationships and miscellaneous moments.

you're beautiful, confident, physically and mentally fit.
more power to you.
wishing you the best of luck :D
i hope you find what you're looking for

Cher said...

Thank you, Doris! Your comment means so much to me!

Cee said...

I actually really like the 00P on you. Where does it fit too tight on you? I think if you're still able to do all the normal things -- sitting down without hiking up the skirt, walking without needing to take baby steps, it's worth considering keeping. Perhaps you can take pictures of the 0P for comparisons?

It takes a lot of guts to take a leap of faith away from what is comfortable. I don't know your circumstances, but I'm also in the DC area. Everyday, I come across ambitious, type-A personalities (I don't mean that in a bad way at all) who know what they want in life and they just go for it. Compared to them, I probably seem lazy as hell, content with where I am in life and in work. Honestly, I probably would fit better in a slower environment elsewhere, but I can't imagine living anywhere else. Best of luck with all your upcoming decisions, Cher.

Jess W. said...

If the skirt isn't up to your standards, then it's best to send it back.

I wish you the best of luck and we all have to take risks to get where we want to be...if that's not where we are now. It might be a tough/scary/risky decision, but I think you have to surge forward to move ahead. We might not always know where the road may take us, but where there are opportunities, we can't let it pass us by.

I've been feeling similarly since I want to strike a new course but I'm afraid of failure, so I've been wavering between these two possibilities. But I have some more time to think over the next big step, so it's not an immediate situation. Good luck to you and keep us updated! =)

PetiteAsianGirl said...

It's unfortunate to be between sizes, Cher. The skirt is a beautiful color, but if you're not comfortable with the sizing, I guess return it?

I wish you the best of luck during your soul searching. Many mornings I wake up (or go to sleep) with the same heavy feeling you described that I'm not where I want to be given my ambitions. I'll probably follow in your footsteps soon and take a hiatus to decide what's truly important. I have no doubt you'll end up where you want to be, but like you said, the path is never straight or easy. Hope your hiatus isn't too long though ; )

hawktom said...

I loved this top since I saw it unfortunately, it is too too blousy on me.

I'll miss your posts but I wish you all the best on whatever path you choose. It's always more comfortable to be in the familiar but you never know what good surprises might be behind that door. I did the same years ago and looking was a life altering decision - one for the better.

Cher said...

I think the skirt sits a little too high for my liking, and it was just a little too snug around my hips even though you don't see any pulling. It's a pretty stretchy skirt. I sent them both back already. Haha. Sorry, I thought about posting photos, but I have too much going on right now.

There's nothing wrong with being content. I mean, isn't that all what we aim for in the end? As much as I like D.C., I think my time may be up here. It's pretty disappointing since I invested so much time here, but maybe it needed to be like this. Thanks so much for your comment!

Cher said...

Failure is a scary thing isn't it? I hadn't even thought it all the way through. The question has been, Should I do it? And I haven't even gotten to the question, What if I can't? LOL. But maybe that's a sign that I believe that I won't fail and I should just jump in.

I'll definitely keep you all updated! :)

Cher said...

It's a terrible feeling, isn't it? And I've been feeling it a long time. I've been waiting and hoping that something will come (and I'm sure my parents have been too), but I'm entering into my second year of just waiting with no end in sight and I don't think I can do it anymore. The light at the end of the tunnel is off. =/

I'll try to keep this blog up to date, I just didn't want you ladies to think I was neglecting you for no good reason if the posts stopped coming! ;)

Cher said...

I look at the top now, and I kind of wish that the shoulders were wider. The way they are now, they make me look really broad-shouldered (which I'm not really). It looks great under a cardi though.

Don't worry, I'll try to keep posting! It just may not be as frequent as I do now. ;) Thank you for your input, it's really nice to hear some encouraging words, especially from someone who's gone through the same thing.

Really Petite said...

*jumping up and down*.....LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! Totally something I would wear in next lookbook post is something similar!

I love you in skirts- and still LMAO about our comments to each other...hehehe

This is my far my fav post and fav outfit on you!

Maygenm said...

I just barely found your blog, and now you aren't going to be posting as much! I absolutely love it, so I hope you still do sometimes. Good luck with everything!

Underthecasun said...

Hi Cher,

Thank you for sharing about your life. Fortunately, I haven't been in that tough of a situation when it comes to work...but I've seen my loved ones gone through it. My brother who is super smart couldn't find a job after graduation and it's been over 3 years. It's so sad to see him in that state. I hope you find your way soon. Best of luck with everything *hugs*

aubs said...

good luck Cher! catch you on twitter.

ElaineA (TOBeautyReviews) said...

Sheesh, I missed this post Cher, sorry! You will no doubt come to the best decision for YOU. Good luck and I'll still be stalking you on Twitter ;)

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