Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Poll: To Keep or not to Keep?

     Do you remember when I posted about these way back in January?

     I found them at the Rack. In black. Love. The regular price is $295 and I found them for $180. They feel great, so comfort isn't the issue. The issue is (1), they're black. If I had a choice, I would buy grey. Are they not as nice in black? To the point that I should return them? And (2), I think they would be super cute for work, but I don't know. Are they too girly for me? LOL. Yes, this is seriously the question. 

    Should I keep them, or no?

Results posted on Twitter. ;)

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Really Petite said...

I vote keep! I think they are adorable and if they are comfy- even better! Price is steep but I'd pay that if they were comfortable. I need black flats too!!!

And no not too girly for you at all- love!

Miranda Bond said...

I voted return because if you aren't in love with them return them and buy something you do love. but they are lovely and I think they would look great on you


Kileen said...

oh these shoes are super cute, but the price is a bit steep.  i would say return only because i think you can find something comparable for a more reasonable price. 

Cher said...

Yes. I think you're right about the price. I think I was just so excited to find them at the Rack because I loved them so much, and it was a good "deal" because they were $100+ off. They're also comfortable and don't slip off my feet, which is a rarity in my world. But the more I think about it, they are still pretty expensive. I could live without them, I suppose.

Amber G said...

this is a hard one. they're expensive and super cute, but your not completely sold. keep them around for a while and see if you reach for them?

tess said...

I think that they look great in black! Just a heads up, my local Nordstrom Rack has changed their return policy to 30 days.

Cher said...

Thanks, Tess. Yea, I noticed the return policy when I was in line at the store. I thought that it had changed, but I wasn't sure because I rarely find anything good to buy at the Rack other than some sports socks.

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