Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review: Tory Burch Eddie Ballet Flats

     I love my Matt Bernson Waverly Flats, but I yearn for more color and variety in my shoes on a daily basis. Sure, I love heels like any other girl. But in my 30s and living in the city, comfortable walking shoes for to and from the office are a must. And we all know how picky my feet are...I complain about it much too often. I've been dying to try the TB Eddie Ballet Flats for a while. Lots of raves about these, however, there are a lot of raves about the Revas as well, and those just killed my feet when I finally got the courage to buy them. =(

    I saw the Eddies in my local Nordstrom and the display shoe was in my size (it was a 6.5, but sizing up is generally a good idea when buying shoes with the elastic in the back or can scrunch up). In the store it was surprisingly comfortable--no pinching or sharp poking from the elastic into my heel or ankles. These had potential and I've been hoping to take them out for a test run for regular use ever since. 

   Shopbop was having a sale last week, 15% off everything. Even though it wasn't the greatest discount, along with 8% cash back and free shipping and returns, this was enough to finally make my TB purchase. The regular price for these babies are $178.  I  bought them in Tan in size 6.5 (for the record, my regular shoe size is 6):

     Yes, I do already have a pair of tan-colored flats, my Bloch Gisele flats. I used to wear them every day because the color was so versatile and because they were first. After a while, I realized that they were much too flat for city-walking. They have absolutely *no* padding. It's basically like walking outside in your socks. When you hit your 30s, you come to realize that the arches of your feet need much more support, or you start feel pain anywhere from the arches of your feet to all the way up to your back. It actually kind of sucks. Now when I look for flats, I need to have at a decent amount of padding. 

   The Eddie flats do have a good amount of padding throughout the shoe. The one thing that bothers me though is TB emblem on the inside, here:

     It's a little bothersome at first. It feels like there is something in my shoe, except that I can't remove it. I could probably get used to it after a while.

     Generally, the shoe feels really good. Nice and cushy. No rubbing or pinching. The elastic around the mouth is comfortable, not too tight, and keeps the flats on my feet. Since I have such narrow heels, an elastic is necessary as I always walk out of regular ballet flats. However, the back where there is a little of extra leather sticking up feels like it *might* dig in the back of my heels, which is a pretty typical problem of most shoes I try on (damn you, feet!). I'm not sure, but it's definitely a possibility. See here:

      I'm sure for most of you this would not be a problem. Unfortunately for my hypersensitive feet, this was a potential issue that I have to consider.

     Upon further inspection, I'm not all that crazy about the color. It's a little bit too orange for my liking. And the width of the toe box is also slightly too wide for my somewhat narrow feet (excuse my veins):

     The quality seems rather good. The leather is nice and thick and there seems to be no problem with the seaming. They appear as if they could withstand a good amount of wear and tear.

     I like these flats, but they're not perfect for my difficult feet. For the price, I'll have to send them back. If you are looking for a comfortable flat, and your feet are slightly wider than mine, these TB Eddie Flats are definitely worth checking out. I think I may try out a different color to see if there's any difference in fit.

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hawktom said...

 Are you kidding??? I love the colour, leather type and not too much ruching at the heel. I also love that the logo is not so visible on the toes. I tried those Revas and they hurt as soon as I put them on. Pricey but they look so worth it...might hunt for them. Thanks!

Stacey said...

 I have slightly narrow feet too! Ugh it makes getting flats so difficult! I have to limit myself to ones with little straps across. Seeing beautiful flats is such a tease because they're always a little too wide!!
Good luck on your quest for flats!

Really Petite said...

 Those look super comfy! I don't love love the look and I agree with the orangey color!

Thanks for the review Cher!

aubs said...

i like no toe cleavage.  but i wish it wasn't so rounded at the toes. 

Cher said...

Yes, I agree. It's a little bit *too* rounded. I thought that maybe it had a
little bit to do with my feet being on the narrow side so the toe appeared
rounder, but I'm not sure.

Brian said...

Hi there, long time no talk. Just want to let you know my Eddies collection has grown. 7 pairs now - YIKES

Hope things are good on the North side of the boader

Cher said...

Those are awesome! 7 is a lot, but hey! If they work, go with it!

Things are good here, in T.O., thanks for asking! I do miss the shopping though. :(

Brian said...

FINALLY after several years and many pairs of TB flats later I bought myself a pair of royal tan Eddie flats. YAY! They appear to be a bit different colour than yours and the grain in the leather is a bit more subtle but I love them like all my other TB Eddie flats.

Hope things are well.

Cher said...

Oh! I love the smoother leather! It's actually been quite a while since I've purchased a pair of flats. Maybe I should start looking again??

Brian said...

I'm always on the lookout for another pair of flats. You know my old saying. "You can never have too many pairs of flats!" I hope there is a new pair in your future too. Is there a cretain brand that has caught your eye? During the same sale that I bought the tan Eddies I also venture out and bought another TB style of flats. They are called Pacey I feel that these are the most elegant pair of Tory flats I own.
Hope you are having a great day.

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