Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Deliberations: The Perfect White Tee

   It was an obsession for years--finding the perfect white T-shirt, that is. There's something about a plain white tee that's incredible versatile. The color white is just so "fresh". It can be dressed up or down (remember the Petite Fashion Challenge #5 hosted by Stylepint here).  The hunt for the perfect white tee probably started in my early years of undergrad. Back then, I was really into crew neck tees, but the neckline wasn't necessarily the biggest challenge. It was the material and quality of the tee. Low quality tees tend to stretch out and lose their elasticity after just a few washes which is truly one of my pet peeves when it comes to clothes. So I usually opt for something with a little stretch (although, not always depending on the particular material), and absolutely *no* ribbing. Another challenge was to find one that was light, but not sheer. These days, the sheerness of tees can be absolutely ridiculous. Sometimes the more expensive the tee, the more sheer it becomes. And even nude undergarments can still be seen. I also pay close to the overall shape and length of the shirt, the shape of the neck opening (now that I prefer v-neck tees), and of course, the price, because even the greatest quality white tees can only last so long with the amount of wear and tear I put them through, so they definitely have to be priced reasonably. So all in all, this is my "white tee checklist":

  • Quality of material. No ribbing, preferably with a little stretch but not necessary as long as they keep their shape after many washes;
  • Light material, but not too sheer;
  • Hip-length;
  • Length of sleeves. Not too long, and not cap-sleeved;
  • Flattering, because of course, we petites generally aren't a fan of boxiness;
  • V-neck. Low, but not too low; and
  • Inexpensive, preferably under $20ea.

   Meeting all the conditions was pretty impossible for years. And then AE invented the Deep V-Neck T about 7 years ago (or sometimes called the Favorite V-neck T) . Brilliant. I can't say enough about these tees. These tees change a little bit every year. And although this year, I'm not all that impressed by them (they are too long, and have this "burnout" pattern), most years they are perfect and fell for an extremely reasonable price of $15.50.

    This is this year's version:

AE Deep V-Neck T, $15.50. Buy here.

    I usually buy a couple every year or every few years, as a result, I have quite a few of these. So when I don't like  one year's particular version, I'm not devastated. I generally buy one size up because I like them a slightly loose-fitting and slouchy. LOVE.

   Do you love white tees as much as I do? Do you have a favorite? Or do you have a particular piece of clothing from a certain brand that you keep going back to buy year after year? Please share!

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Jarucha said...

I think AE shirts tend to be sheer. I have a v-neck shirt from AE and I have to wear a cami under because its too low. I haven't found a perfect white tee yet.

Cher said...

i can see how you might find the v-neck to be too low, but you think it's too sheer? I find the deep-v to be not that sheer at all (though, some of their other tees are too sheer). Do you wear a nude bra underneath?

Jess W. said...

I'm on a similar hunt for the perfect white tee but I'm looking for a scoop neck instead. I haven't had much luck in the $20 range so I'm thinking of investing some extra moolah for a James Perse one. So far, I'm still in my experimenting phase so I haven't quite locked down a brand or even a particular piece of clothing that I'd buy again. LOL. Hopefully I'll get there someday. =)

ElaineA (TOBeautyReviews) said...

I actually bought one from H&M not too long ago. Actually it was 2 for $14 and came in a set with my navy striped one. Right now it's the perfect white T for me! It could be just SLIGHTLY longer though as it hits above the hip but for the price it's great!

aubs said...

can't live w/o a white tee.

Jarucha said...

I never tried the white v-neck but in general when AE makes anything white, I can't wear them without it showing my bra. I only have one nude bra so I try to wear that when I wear light colored tops.

Cher said...

Nude bras are the key. I don't own any white bras anymore, they're pointless. It's either nude or black.

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