Friday, July 22, 2011

Fitting Room Finds: Ann Taylor Pre-Fall Collection

   I made a trip to the mall today on the hottest day buy a pair of boots, no less. LOL. I purchased these Via Spiga Kacey Riding Boots from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because the description said the shaft circumference was 13". They lied. Plus, for the price ($259 from $398), the leather wasn't that great. For a $400 boot, I was expecting a lot more. So don't get tricked. These boots are not for small calves.

    Anyway, back to the real purpose of my post. The Ann Taylor Pre-Fall Collection! The Ann Taylor store in my mall is very small, and the petite selection is not all that great, especially for the 00P,0P, XXSP, and XSP sizes, which is especially disappointing because I find that the clothes aren't always consistent in sizing, particularly in the skirts. But I did my best to try on all the pieces that were available to me that caught my eye.

First up, Broken Dashes Pencil Skirt in 0P. It's not the pre-fall collection, but it was the only bottoms I found that I liked: 


     At first, I thought it was going to be too big. And then once I got close to zipping it all the way up, I thought it was going to be too small. But it actually fit really well. The material was fairly nice, though I wish the fit was a little smoother around the hip area, as it was kind of bumpy. Regular price, $98.

    Pleat Placket Shirt, size 00P:

      This was too small for me under the arms. I usually wear a 0P in AT on top, but all they had was 00P and I really needed something with a collar for the next piece.  Nothing super special about it. Regular price is $68.

       The reason why I wanted a collared blouse? This Striped Jewel Neck Shell:

     So cute! They only had it in size S, so this is too big for me, but online it does say that it comes in XXS. It would probably look better without the shirt underneath, but I had to try it anyway. Regular price is $68.

     I can't find this blazer online, but I picked it up because it looks very much like the Theory Landon Blazer which I love:

     From the feel of it, the material seems to be partially made of linen, I forgot to check though. I'm pretty sure it is, given how wrinkly the arm is, probably from being rolled up. I'm wearing it in 0P. It was just OK. I wasn't wow-ed by it. It fit fine in the shoulders, but I felt a little sloppy in it. Regular price is $198.

     I thought this Simple Dabs Print Shell was really cute on the hanger, but it looked huge. I picked it up in 0P because there wasn't anything smaller available. It has a little tie in the back behind the neck, that I didn't take a photo of because it was too difficult to get the right angle:


    It was a little difficult to get over my head, and once on, I wasn't a fan as to how it hung on my body. It has a little pleated accent on the side, but it didn't do anything for me. Regular price is $68.

     And here, the Cross-over tank with buttons in Deep violet, size XSP:

     This was the only top I could find that was in both XXSP and XSP. I really only needed the XSP, however. The front is actually pretty low as you can see my tank there, and that's even after I made a really good effort to pull it up. If wearing to work, you 'll probably need a cami underneath. I wasn't a huge fan of this either, but other than the very low neck, it fit well. It's on sale right now for $39.99 from $48 and there is also an extra 50% off sale prices in stores right now. So this knit top would come out to ~$20.

    And finally, my favorite top of the lot:

    Drape Neck Striped Pull Over Sweater. I wasn't even going to pick this up off the rack, but I thought I would try it on just because I was getting a little frustrated with the lack of selection in my store. And it turned out to be so cute! I love how it drapes in the front and it's just perfectly slouchy. So cute over trousers or a pair of jeans. This is definitely on my Want List. I am wearing it in XSP and it's regular price is $88.

   I'm sorry, I couldn't do better, but my local Ann Taylor store kills me. This is why I do a majority of my shopping online. :P

    Right now, AT is having 30% in-stores and online on their regular priced items and it is an extra 50% off sale. Are you planning to pick anything up from the pre-fall collection?

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Michelle said...

I love that last top on you!! Super cute!!

I need to get a good look at my closet and find out what I want for work before I do any more shopping.  I know what you mean about the AT store...the one I was in recently had one rack (2-sided) of sale clothes, while the regular sale section had at least six racks of clothes! So sad! But I did find my bargain shoes! :)

AUBS* said...

new fall arrival is so blegh.

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

Look at you posting 2x in a day!!!!  I really like that skirt on you - it seems like it's high waisted - I still need to find a nice fitting skirt.  Thanks for the preview!

Alterations Needed said...

Random question: Is your DSLR loud when taking photos in fitting rooms? I've brought mine with the intention to take fitting room photos, but I fear being kicked out by angry sales associates after the whole fitting room fills with sounds of my shutter.

Cher said...

It's kind of loud. I mean, I can hear it. LOL. I don't know if anyone else can. Probably. But I kind of just do it quickly and try do it when I hear the SA leaving the area. 

Tara said...

That last top is adorable...I didn't see that at my AT today!

Really Petite said...

I am really wanting that orange skirt from their Fall collection (Cee tried on reg size) but unsure if the 00P will fit. Hopefully I can find one  to try on before buying since it's still pricey....

Cher said...

I couldn't find that skirt either, otherwise I would have tried it on. I left the store rather depressed. LOL.

Callandra said...

Uuughh....I feel your pain Cher!  I've started online ordering whatever I'm wanting to try on in multiple sizes because they're sizing has been so inconsistent and of course, I never can find my size in the store either!  I do love that last top so much but I have to say the purple wrap sleevless top looks really good on you too.

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