Sunday, July 17, 2011

Orange Crush.

     I've been jonesin' for a sleeveless silk (or similar) button-front blouse this summer. I came across this one on Revolve by Dolce Vita: 

    Although, I prefer all natural fabrics, especially in the summer, viscose is close enough. I love this bright top paired with something appropriate for work:

Shirt: DV by Dolce Vita Camp Shirt (Orange, size XS).
Skirt: BR Lightweight Wool Pencil Skirt (Black, size 00R).
Shoes: Ann Taylor Signature Pump (Black patent, size 6).
Clutch: Botkier Charlotte Oversized Clutch (Black). 
Necklace: Forever21 Pendant.

      This new Banana Republic Skirt is actually size 00R, not 00P. Measured against my other BR skirt in 00P, but for the length, it's actually smaller! *scratches head* I love the extra length though; it gives it more of a true pencil fit. I always think Petite BR skirts are too short for my liking. And for anyone who has ever thought of taking down the length of a BR pencil skirt, don't do it. I tried. The most that it can be taken down is 1/4". For some reason they make an angular cut in them hem making it impossible to let it out a full 1"+.  I was really annoyed about that. =/

    Notice my new purse? It's no Chanel, but it will have to do for at least another few years. It's really labeled as a clutch, but it comes with this great detachable chain to making it a bit more versatile.

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Michelle said...

I love this entire outfit!!  You pull off bright colors on top very well!

Your purse is gorgeous! I personally do not like to carry any obvious designer bags (Chanel or LV) to my place of work, so this is perfect!! 

questforfashionsense said...

Love the outfit and the clutch/bag! Your hair looks great, too!

A Cleaner Closet said...

I love this top - so nice for these sweltering days we've been blessed with in the DMV.  I think that color is actually incredibly versatile and have been wearing a similar-colored top with cobalt, tan, black/white, and olive (my fave) bottoms.

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

LOOOVE the purse!!!  I'm so into oversized clutches right now and even better when it has a strap option!  I'm looking for a high waisted pencil skirt!!! I was afraid I missed the boat when they were all the rage - did you find this skirt recently?  I hope so, might have to jump on it.

Jane Squared said...

Do you feel there's a lot of toe cleavage with the Ann Taylor Perfect Pump?

Cher said...

yes! this is new! but vit's actually the lightweight wool version that they have all year round.

Cher said...

There's a little toe cleavage. Not a lot. But I don't have particularly long toes either.

AUBS* said...

ditto on michelle's comment.  thumbs up on everythg.

Really Petite said...

I love this look/outfit! Something I would totally wear to work! You look so amazing in skirts Cher!!!! I love the high waisted style of the pencil skirt on you- makes your legs look super long!

The top- oh so cute- that color is gorgeous!

Stacey said...

Love the proportions of this outfit! You look super lean and lovely. And the tank is the perfect sleeve length! Wow good choice!

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