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Review: The HANA Air Premiere Hair Dryer from

     I don't usually review beauty/hair products on this blog (OK, I don't think I ever have :P), but I was contacted by Misikko to review one of their top hair products. Misikko specializes in salon grade hair straigteners and professional hair dryers, and they were super kind enough to send me their top hair dryer, the HANA Air Premiere Hair Dryer for me to try out.

Disclaimer: This is a honest review of this item and the opinion therein is all my own.

     Let me first start off by saying that I don't normally blow dry my hair. Generally, the only time that I do is if my hair is too wet for me to go to bed, or if I'm going out at night to an event of some sort and I choose to wash my hair first. I try to minimize heat styling as much as I can and given that I'm obsessed with my flat iron despite having stick straight hair, so that generally means skipping the blow dryer when possible.  Admittedly, however, the flat iron works WAY better after a good blow dry.

My hair: I have the typical stick straight asian hair. It does tend to dry with kinks from sitting on my shoulders since I have shoulder length hair. I get it cut/trimmed about every three months to reshape and get rid of dry ends. Sometimes it will dry a little "poofy" until my natural oils can set in after a few hours. The strands are pretty thick, but the overall amount of hair that I have isn't a lot. It isn't very thick, but it isn't very thin either.

     I decided to use this dryer a few times before I actually wrote my review. The dryer I had been using is a Conair that I purchased from the drugstore. It's not the super cheap $15 kind. I decided one day to "splurge" and bought a $30 hair dryer. It definitely works better than a $15 hair dryer, but I've never really had anything else to compare it to, so all I can say about it is that it gets the job done.

     I'm also not really the most skilled blow dryer in the world. I usually just comb my hair through with a wide tooth comb before hand and then blow it through with my fingers. I know that if my hair was curly, the process would be much more difficult and time-consuming. The only product I put in my hair before hand is a spray-in heat protector.

Before (some gratuitous bathroom shots):



     My hair dried on the highest and hottest setting in about five minutes! I don't have a lot of hair, but that's pretty quick! The air got pretty hot, like it does when the stylist blows it at the salon. And my hair?? Good volume, shine (though my hair is pretty healthy to begin with), and soft! My hair is never usually this soft after a blow dry.

     Other things to note:

Weight: Typical weight of a hair dryer. Not too heavy. My arms didn't get tired using it, even when I was trying to style with a brush.  But again, I wasn't drying that long and not trying to blow straight or curl with a brush.

Noise: Typical amount of noise. Not extraordinarily loud, but exactly what you would expect.

Cord: Extra long! It is a good 10 feet long, at least. And the it seemed to be wrapped in a very durable rubber.

Settings: Hot and cool settings, both with two options of low and high.  

Attachment: Comes with a head (as all good dryers should). It makes styling with a dryer so much easier and easier to control where you want the air to blow.

Quality: Seems as if it is made well. I didn't try dropping on the floor a few times, but it does look as if it's made of some durable plastic.

Warranty: Two years from date of purchase.

Overall: I really like this hair dryer, although, I do think someone with more textured hair that blows and styles their hair straight could probably appreciate this dryer much more than I can.  I don't think that I'll be blow drying more often, but I can say that I'll be more than happy to use it. 

     You can purchase this hair dryer here for $195. 

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Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

After seeing all these reviews this hair dryer seems like it might straighten my hair super fast.  Ping had mentioned that it was on the heavy side so that kind of worries me and I usually look for a hair dryer that comes with a diffuser for my curly hair days!  Thanks for the review Cher!

Michelle said...

I love your gratuitous bathroom shots!! Five minutes?! Lucky girl!  My hair takes about two hours to complete if I straighten it...start of shower to the final straight strand!Your shower curtain is super cute!  :p

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