Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Deliberations: Colored Denim.

Hanneli for Shopbop. Great lookbook here.

     One of the big trends this summer and likely through the fall is colored denim. I did colored denim once. When I was 15, and it was all the rage. It wasn't skinny jeans, however. It was the baggy, ghetto kind like Aaliyah would wear (please say you all know who Aaliyah is or I'm really going to feel old). I didn't think I would go back there again, but I've been seeing some really cute photos of the red jeans on celebrities lately, and I suddenly needed to have them too. 

     A few tips on helping you figure out how to wear colored denim:
  • Wear with a neutral colored top to help balance the bright color out. For example, white, black, or grey can work with any color. Even a navy blue could work with red, yellow, orange, etc.
  • However, don't feel like you need to be limited to neutral colors. Color-blocking has been a big trend as well, so something like a bright orange or yellow tee on top? Go for it!
  • Something else that works? Prints! Striped, floral, polka-dots, they all "go". When doing prints, you can think of the colored denim as a neutral piece.  Also, taking a color out of print that matches the colored denim can really pull the whole outfit together.
  • I suggest sticking with a skinny denim. Anything wide leg or baggy, or even bootcut is too reminiscent of the '90s. Keep the look clean.   
  • Avoid doing all one color. Yes, you will "match", but looking like a crayon isn't a great look. If you insist on going head to toe in pieces in the same color family, make sure they are in different hues. For example, it is possible to pull off fuchsia jeans with a pale pink top (but with all the different colors out there, I'm not sure why anyone would do this, I'm not judging though :P). Make sure there is some sort of contrast between the denim and the top to break it up.

     Are you starting to develop some style ideas in your head? Here's an obvious one and the pointy heels give the look a little edge:

Tank: Express racerback tank (Black/white stripe, size XS).
Denim: Blank Spray-on Skinny Jeans (Rust, size 24).
Shoes: LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Amaya pumps (Black, size 6).
Belt: ASOS Patent Leather Skinny Belt (Yellow, size S).
Watch: Michael Kors Runway Watch (Silver).
Necklace: Dogeared Mantra Necklace (Silver).
      I know I look a little bit sweaty, it was really hot and humid in the storage locker area. 

      More photos:

      These are Blank Denim Spray On Skinny Jeans in Rust (yes, that's really the name of them), that I purchased from Shopbop for $80 (size 24). They are *very* stretchy, and a little on the smaller side, so someone a size smaller than I am could fit these easily. I would describe them as more of a stretch twill rather than denim because the material is very light and thin. They're more of a rusty brownish-red as opposed to a bright red, which is sort of what I wanted because they are more "subdued" in color (as subdued as red jeans can get). The rise is pretty low, I measure it to be about 7".  So if you like your bottoms to sit a little higher to prevent that muffin-top, these aren't for you. The front pockets are faux, which is kind of annoying because I keep trying to put my hands and other things in them. Otherwise, I kind of like the jeans overall, but I've been really trying to be selective about my purchases lately. I've been asking myself, "Will this help complete my vision of the perfect wardrobe?" This question has really reduced the number of purchases I've made recently when it comes to work clothes. However, I do allow myself more leeway when it comes to my casual wardrobe. I don't do a whole lot of trends, but when I do, it's usually limited to casual pieces.  I think these jeans may be far too trendy even though they're fun. I would rather spend my money on something else that is more timeless. I can't really see these lasting any longer than the fall/winter season, though I have been wrong before. 

     I'm also really loving the electric blue version. Check these ones out from J Brand:

Shopbop, $176

     What do you ladies think of these jeans? Should I keep them? Will you be partaking in this trend?

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questforfashionsense said...

Re: Aaliyah, age ain't nothing but a number. ;). Re: the jeans, they look great on you! Re: keeping them, only if you love them. I'm also not sure how long the trend will last, but if you love them and see yourself wearing them even when they're no longer "in," then they'll definitely be a keeper.

Sara said...

KEEEEEP! They look hot as heck! :D Just don't be afraid to pull them out over a normal pair of blue jeans.

Kileen said...

i love how you paired the colored denim with a striped top!  the black and white perfectly offset the rust color.  i'll have to try out this outfit idea too with my red skinny jeans! 

oh, and i've been lusting after those J. Brand jeans for forever!  i need them to go on sale already!  :)

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Erin said...

I love them! KEEP!!!

Vicky said...

Cher, I love your color choice. The jeans transition right into fall! It fits so well on you and you rock it. It must be uncomfortable trying to take photos in hot days like this. :) It reminds me of trying to take outdoor pictures in the midst of winter and I was freezing! lol.
Oh, keep for sure.

Michelle said...

So long as the back of these pants are doing nice things for you...keep! You look great in these! Loving the pointy heels!

li lin said...

True religion jeans is my favourite.So I want to share true religion uk with you!welcome to true religion uk.

Stylepint said...

I love colored denim, but I haven't quite found a pair that suits me well. lol. On you, it's should keep them! =)

AUBS* said...

yes yes yes yes!!!!  Dont make me pin you onto my Fashion board!

I was discussing colored denim with another petite blogger and we were looking at this one pic, and the colored denim was styled with a striped tee.  and then today, i read your blog.  Great outfit Cher!  Bravo!

Inez said...

Love this outfit! 

MissRockwell said...

Lol. What exactly is ghetto denim!? Anyhow love the look on you. They look perfect with that yellow background.

Guest from YLF said...

This is a great post!  I got introduced through You Look Fab
I love this trend and I hope it lasts.  I have pink jeans, cobalt blue, plum and teal already.  I would wear them more if it weren't so darn hot.  I don't think this look is overly trendy so as to be inaccessible.  (Thinking of drop crotch harem pants a while back.)  But it's trendy enough for me not to spend a lot on the look.  I got mine at Urban Outfitters and Ideeli (both on-line).

I don't mind a matched look but as you say, you need different shades and textures.  I rather like a "column of color" and find it elongating. 

VanC said...

All great tips! I love the stripes with red and black color combo. Now considering wearing black pumps with my blue skinny denim. And YES, I totally remember Aaliyah! Had to hop over to you tube to watch a couple videos to reminisce. Takes me waaaay back. (Stumbled here from the Color Brigade).
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