Monday, September 26, 2011

AFD Opinion Poll: Boooottsss.

I want a classic and versatile boot. Mostly to wear under pants at work, but I suppose, if it looks nice with skirts as well, that's a bonus:

@Piperlime, $210
@Aldo, $120

Both are leather, but obviously, they have a pretty marginal price (and probably quality) difference. So, (1) or (2)? Please leave your preference in the comments below! Your reasons also appreciated (but not required)! :D

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Cee said...

Vote for #1. I like the buckle detailing and the thinner heel. I'd be tempted to wait for a sale though unless you really love it.

katherine said...

I also prefer 1 as I like a boot with a bit of character :)

Kristin Hebert said...

2! The Aldo ones are way cuter!

Canadianpetite said...

Piperlime! It looks sleeker. The heel is more tapered (less chunky) and it doesn't have that seam like the Aldo one. The Aldo one is cleaner but the platform part by the toes look chunky/heavy to me. the Piperlime seems classier with the buckle and crossover detail. 

Petite LG said...

I vote for # 1. It has more character and feminine look to it.

TOBeautyReviews said...

I like the heel of #1 better. Slimmer and more feminine.

Xuan said...

I think I'm like the Aldo one better. It's more youthful looking than the Piperlime. It might be the particular buckle detail that's giving me the older person vibe.

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