Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Suit up.

     If you have to wear a suit to work every day, you know that sometimes it can get pretty difficult to be creative and it gets so tiring after a while, you just don't even bother anymore. I personally love a great suit. Perfectly tailored, a great pant suit can look absolutely amazing and flattering without having to be tight or look as if it was painted on. Luckily for us ladies, we have a lot more variety at our disposal unlike the men who are basically stuck with a button-down and a tie.

     A lot of the "grown up" blogs out there focus a lot of casual and business casual wear--which is great, but the truth of the matter is, there are many professionals out there, including myself, that need to dress more formally. Many blogs also focus on a fashion that is a lot more feminine, and while I do sometimes enjoy a little bit of femininity in my workwear, it doesn't always appeal to my tomboy tendencies. LOL.

     A little pop of color and pattern can instantly make a plain ol' suit more interesting without having to accessorize with a lot of jewelry (if you're brain dead in the morning like me to even remember to do such a thing):

Jacket: Theory Nichelle Blazer (Light Heather, size 0).
Trousers: Theory Max C Trousers (Light Heather, size 00).
Belt: Ann Taylor Calfhair Skinny Belt (Leopard, size S).
Shoes: LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Zabrina Pumps (Black, size 6).
Sweater: GAP Elbow Length Cardi (Coral, size XS).
Cami: Smart Set Lace Cami (White, size XS).

   A few non-deliberate folds below the elbows there. Oopsy. But can I tell you how much I LOVE Theory suits? This suit I'm wearing is completely unaltered! Not even hemmed! My only complaint is that the rise is a little too high for me but I can overlook it. 

     This is the Nichelle Jacket, not the Gabe. For some reason the Gabe fits me really strangely in the shoulders. I can't get it to sit flat. Does any one else have this problem or do I just have very large trap muscles?! It was really quite frustrating when I was trying to choose a matching jacket for the trousers because the Gabe is the most popular Theory jacket made with every color and every material.

    Other suit brands I like are Aritzia (they fit much smaller than Theory!), and Club Monaco's are which very nice too, but they still fit about half a size too large on my frame. Do you have a favorite suit brand? Please share! I may need to check it out!

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Ping said...

cher- you look great. the suit fits you really well and can't believe it hasn't been altered. i don't wear suits so im don't have a favorite brand.

Fashionableasians said...

so lucky you didnt have to alter, i always have to alter so I don't look like I'm swimming in it! >_<

Katherine said...

Love the pop of color and the belt with the suit :)

Jenn said...

I've never owned a suit myself but this one is glorious.  And I like that you spiced it up with the belt and bright shirt.  There's just something about rolled up sleeves that exudes chic to me. 

Thervan said...

You look AMAZING!! Love that suit!

Little Nashua said...

OK, I am sold on Theory suits based on this photo. The fit is amazing. I, (un)fortunately(?) don't need suits for my job, and can even get away without them for interviews. But there is something about a suit that really makes a person look nice and I still want one (I made myself one last year but it's not great and looks a bit frumpy).  I, of course, live nowhere near a Theory outlet and so if I decide to try it out it looks like I need to hit the mall and pay retail or take a trip. And suddenly Canada seems like a great place to visit, since they have Aritzia stores. Hmm...I've got friends in Toronto, maybe I need to take a trip up there for some shopping...

Polka Princess said...

Nothing like a well-tailored suit to spruce up the boring boardroon fashion! And that pop of color with the cardi is JUST the thing for glamming it up!! :)

Clara Turbay said...

I like this blog. please come and check out mine.

AUBS* said...

You are hired!  If I was the boss, and you came in dressed like this, I'd hire you in a heartbeat.  hahah.  ok I guess I am not that great of a boss then, but you get my point.  Love the way the pants fit on you.  I know you think the rise is a bit high, and I might/might not agree but who cares?  they make you look extremely tall and slender.  and look at the length.  perfection!!!  You look fantastic my frienD!

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