Friday, October 14, 2011

Review: Ivanka Trump Magnolis Ballet Flat in Wild Leopard Pony

    I've been a little obsessed with leopard print shoes lately. I used to have a pair of leopard print flats that I loved a few years back. But having extremely narrow heels, once they stretched out even just a little bit, I couldn't wear them anymore. I was actually walking down some stairs in the mall when they decided they didn't want to stay on anymore so every time I lifted my feet to go down a step, my shoe would fall off. So embarrassing.

   So I've been on the hunt since then. And since leopard is big right now, it's a really great opportunity to find that perfect leopard shoe. I found these Ivanka Trump flats in haircalf (calfhair?) and with Endless' F&F sale, I couldn't resist:

    The fact that it had an elasticized collar was enough to win me over initially to try it out.

Look: You are all going to think I'm crazy, but I hate the little bow. LOL. The toe is also too rounded for my liking. I feel like an 8 year old.

Quality: Not bad. The sole is leather and the shoe overall seemed pretty well-constructed. Not sure I would pay full price for these though.

Fit: Pretty TTS length-wise, but as to width, they seemed a little wide for my slightly narrow feet.

Comfort: Actually, kind of hurty for my hyper-sensitive feet. The slight elastic around the collar of the shoe just felt too "rough" against my feet all around. I'm not sure how else to describe it. It wasn't digging into my feet, per se, but it just didn't feel very nice. The footbed wasn't too bad though. These might work for someone with "tougher" feet than I have.

Price: $130 regular price, with 20% off with F&F and 13.6% cashback with BigCrumbs. ~$90

Verdict? Return.

     On a side note, I'm starting a project with really heavy overtime hours, which is good because it means I'm making some money after three months off. The bad news is that I'll be working an 82+ hour work week for the next 3-4 weeks, possibly more. The blog? Well, keeping up with posts might be a problem. When I work hours like this, there's usually no time to do anything except sleep and work. I set up my camera in the corner of my room like back in the day and hopefully I can sneak in a few EOTDs or "half-EOTDs" before work. I can't guarantee the quality is going to be spectacular though. :P I'm going to be a zombie by the time this project is done. But as they say, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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Amber said...

yuckies, working so much does suck. i barely find time to do anything when im working that much. but, sometimes that means you go that long without buying things, so when its over you can reward yourself :) too bad they didnt work out. im sad i didnt participate in the f&f sale!

AUBS* said...

i dont think your'e crazy.  i hate the bows & it's too rounded too, making it look like a little girl's ballet flat.

Rites of Beauty Blogger said...

I like the print, but I agree about the toe being too rounded. I always find it so much harder to locate a cute and comfortable (!!) pair of flats than heels.

ThaiThu Vien said...

Um, the top part of the shoe is too round for my taste but I really like the leopard pattern. Animal prints are so trendy this season. And they are a little pricey for a pair of flats in my opinion. Nonetheless thank you for taking the time to do the review for us!

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