Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday stroll.

     To my local Target, that is. The weather improved from yesterday, when it snowed. Yes, you read that right. It SNOWED. In October. In D.C.. That's wrong on so many levels. This coming from a Canadian. I guess I should count my lucky stars that we didn't get a foot of snow like in other parts of the country, but even so, being this far south I should not be seeing *any* snow this time of year.

Jacket: Jacob Leather Bomber (Black, size S).
Sweater: J.Crew Boucle Cowl Neck Sweater (Winter white, size XS).
Pants: GAP Really Skinny Pants (Black, size 00P).
Bag: Olivia Harris (Dark Teal Patent).
Boots: Marc Fisher Kevins Boot (Tan Leather, size 6.5).

    I decided to bring my camera with me because it hasn't been getting enough love. I'm still trying to get used to taking the photos with people around and proper posing is much easier when you aren't so self-conscious. I also thought my hair looked better than it did when I left the house, but apparently not (hence why my head is cropped off).

    GAP Really Skinny Pants and Jacob Leather Bomber Jacket re-styled here:

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Michelle said...

That sweater looks so cozy!!

Lol! So that is why you cropped out your head so much! :p

Cher said...

LOL! Yup! My hair is horrid. Haircut on Wednesday, so you'll be seeing more of my face/hair...maybe. 

The Girlie Blogger said...

Boo to bad weather.
Can't believe all the snow over there.

Tara said...

We got about 5 inches here in crazy.  I love your jacket and the bag color is great!

TOBeautyReviews said...

Fabulous outfit Cher, I love the bag - do you have a link to it?  I know I CANNOT believe you got snow!  You're brave to take pictures of yourself in public - not that you don't look great but I totally get the whole self consious thing - I can't even do it on my own balcony!

Cher said...

Hmmm. I can't find one. The official name is Olivia Harris Turnlock Flap Hobo (even though it's more of a satchel than a hobo). It's about 3 or 4 years old which probably why I can't find a link to it. I still use it regularly. It's a great rain/snow bag. I highly recommend having at least one patent leather handbag because it's so durable. It still looks new except for where I scratched a corner of the bag against a snow shovel one year (don't ask. LOL). 

Sara Sara said...

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Cher said...

Aww, thanks Sara!

gaby said...

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