Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hey there, Sailor!

    Trying to hold my purse J.Crew-style, but it just looks messy. Too many straps. I give myself an "A" for effort though:

Blazer: J. Crew Hacking Jacket in Double-Serge Wool (Bright Poppy, size 0P).
Trousers: Theory Alleen Trousers (Sailor, size 00).
Belt: Banana Republic Factory (Black).
Sweater: Jacob (Black/white, size XS).
Boots: Coach Letty Wedge Boots (Black, size 6.5).
Watch: Michael Kors Runway Watch (Silver).
Ring: Le Chateau.
Handbag: Olivia Harris (Dark Teal Patent).

     If you're wondering what the title of this post has anything to do with this outfit, the color of these Theory trousers are actually called "Sailor". They are deep, deep navy. Almost black. In fact, I thought they were black until I took them to the cashier at TJ Maxx and realized under the lighting that it was actually blue. It reminded of when I was a child and my dad always asked me if his socks were black or blue because he could't tell. I thought he was nuts. Apparently as I've gotten older, I've become nuts as well. Like father, like daughter. 

    Sweater and Hacking Jacket re-styled:

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Amber said...

lol, my parents always asked me about the sock color too. i have the hardest time now!! i just got a mug that is supposed to be black, and i swear its purple. love how slimming these pants are!

jenn said... are pretty hilarious.  I love this's so classy and put together.  That blazer is definitely a winner. 

Vicky said...

haha, you are too funny. The pants in the picture on my monitor is definitely navy blue. It must be the florescent lighting in the store. 

The Girlie Blogger said...

Great "sailor" outfit. Looks nice on you.

Michelle said...

Lol! about the socks!

You look great! You pull off the wide leg so well!

Callandra said...

Okay, now I seriously have leg envy 'cause your trousers make you look miles long!!  I tried to hold my bags in that very "modelesque" style too and it didn't work out! Lol

Viviianna said...

nice outfit, really like the coat, its such a nice pop of colour! xx

Melissa said...

Can't believe you found Theory trousers at TJ Maxx in size 00! Never have that kind of luck lol...

Cher said...

Haha. I usually don't have that kind of luck either, BUT, I found these the weekend after Labor Day. Apparently that weekend every year (starting Thursday?), every TJ Maxx with a Runway section gets a HUGE shipment of Runway items. There was some pretty amazing stuff.  I was like a kid in Candy Land. So now you know. ;)

Canadianpetite said...

I thought that was a Filipino thing - father/mother asking if it's blue or black. The pants are so thigh-slimming and love that you paired it up with that lovely striped top. Maybe if you too stuffed your purse with wadded paper ony, it will look like a J.Crew ad, you think?

Cher said...

HAHA is it a Filipino thing??

Hmm, maybe I'll try stuffing the bag a bit next time.

TOBeautyReviews said...

LOL my mom would always ask me that too about her skirts :P  You look amazing Cher!

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