Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feeling proper.

     Have I mentioned that I actually purchased this H&M lace skirt?

     Well I did. Months ago when I found it restocked at my "local" H&M in downtown Toronto. I couldn't contain my excitement! Now ask me if I've worn it.


     It's such a neutral piece, yet I can't find anything to wear with it. Actually no, I don't think that's quite right. I think the problem might be that it's actually too "girly" to go with anything in my wardrobe! I feel kind of self-conscious when wearing it. But shuffling through my tops, I found a few pieces that might actually work. Here's one of them:

Jacket: Jacob Blazer (Black, size 0).
Top: H&M Silk Top (Blush, size 4).
Skirt: H&M Lace Skirt (Black Lace, size 4).
Shoes: Lauren by Ralph Lauren Zabrina Pump (Black, size 6).
Necklace: Target.

      Not bad, if I do say so myself. I think the real challenge is to find other pieces in my closet that will go with this skirt.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jacob Fitting Room Finds

     I made a quick trip home for the long weekend and I was absolutely determined to go to the mall despite my self-imposed shopping ban. I had some gift cards left over from Christmas and Jacob was having 25% all their regular priced items. I find it hard to turn down any good sale at Jacob, plus I saw a blouse on the website that I really, *really* wanted (but ultimately could not find). So here's an episode of AFD Fitting Room Finds exclusively for my Canadian and MA Jacob-accessible readers.

     It's kind of funny that the other day I was thinking that I really wanted a navy blue sweater but was convinced I wouldn't find one until the fall. I took one step into Jacob and BOOM! I was overwhelmed by everything navy blue. There was lots of reds as well. Jacob seemed to be doing a lot of nautical colors for this coming spring. Whites and stripes were scattered all over. I wandered around the store and I was not disappointed by their new collection. Using some self-restraint, I grabbed four tops and headed to the fitting room.

     The first sweater I tried on was this long navy cardigan in XS:

     Fairly basic, but in a good way. It fit well across my shoulders as most Jacob sweaters do, and it although it is long, I didn't feel like it was too long. Made of 100% cotton, it's not too thick, nor too thin. I ended up buying this. Regular price is $49.90CA and comes in a ton of colors. BTW, if you're wondering, the striped top I'm wearing underneath is also Jacob and is still currently being sold in the store.

    The next sweater was also navy blue but it was an open front cardi with rolled hem in size XS:

     It is a little bit thicker in texture than the first sweater. It fit well once I could get it on properly. I was a little confused at first because it was designed to have a lot of material bunching at the neck. Until I figured it out, I was wearing it like a dolman-sleeved sweater. The length is shorter than the first cardigan, as well. Overall, I thought the sweater was nice, but I didn't like the excess material sitting around my neck. I sweat like a fat kid and I could already imagine that this wasn't going to feel nice when my body temperature started to rise and it felt the need to cool off. The regular price is also $49.90CA and comes in several colors including red, black/white stripes, and black.

     The next few tops are oversized drape-y tops. I'm looking for just the perfect top for spring to wear with skinny and flared jeans that won't overwhelm my frame:

     I kind of liked this top (size XS) but I wasn't crazy about it. It has some dolman sleeves, but but the neck wasn't wide enough to wear off the shoulder which is sort of what I wanted. It's made of a jersey material and also came in as many colors as the first two sweaters I tried on. It's regular price is $29.90CA. Maybe for $10 less I would have purchased it, but as it was I wasn't convinced.

     The final top I tried on had a similar shape to the blue top but in a sweater material:

     This was size XS/S and accordingly it fit a little bit larger than the previous top.  The neck was wide enough to pull off one shoulder, but I felt like it was a little bit too big and I lost my entire upper body in it. I think the fact that it had horizontal stripes along with the fact that it had large dolman sleeves didn't help visually. I forgot to take a picture of the price tag, but given it was a thicker knit I would probably guess that it's price is $39.90CA. 

     There was a pretty good variety of bottoms in the store including some slim fit pencil leg trousers that I held in my hand for about ten minutes before I put them down. As much as I wanted to try them on, I was not dressed for it. As you'll see in the photos, I was wearing jeans (over knit tights) with lace-up combat boots (it was a cold day in T.O. with an expected snowstorm later). It would have taken me forever to undress and then re-dress! I'm sure many of you ladies can relate to not wanting to try stuff on when it requires too much effort. Next time I'll be sure to dress more appropriately!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

NYFW: Victoria Beckham (Fall 2011)

     I've been trying to keep up with all the fashion shows this week, but it's been pretty difficult with my long work hours. Trying to balance work with job-hunting, article-writing, and exercise while trying to squeeze in some down time so I don't burn out is proving to be a challenge. I've been mostly getting small glimpses of shows on any given website swearing to myself that I'm going to go back and view each show when I get the chance. So far, I've seen lots of great things. One designer that caught my eye, however, was Victoria Beckham. I love VB's personal style (though it doesn't quite translate into my own lifestyle), but when she started her own fashion line, I, like most people, was skeptical.  Sure she wears great clothes, but can she design them? The answer thus far seems to be a resounding, "YES" and according to all the fashion editors/writers/critics out there, she keeps getting stronger each season. I have to agree. I saw a few photos of her runway show in passing and decided I had to view the whole thing then and there. The pieces were exquisite. Minimalist, refined, and flattering. Just TDF.

     Of course, I've included just a few of my faves, even though I really just love the entire line (photos from Click the link to see the more from the line):

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring, where art thou?

Jacket: Ann Taylor LOFT Cropped Tweed Jacket (0P)
Sweater: Jacob Crewneck Sweater (Mocha, size XS)
Denim: Paige Premium Denim Blue Heights 10" Skinny Jeans (Black Diamond, size 25).
Shoes: Vince Camuto Prettie Flats (Black, size 6).
Scarf: Le Chateau (Royal Blue)

     It's warming up in D.C. this week. It seems to be a little early for spring since it's only mid-February, so I'm not getting my hopes up. I am going to enjoy this spring temperature weather, though. I ventured out into the storage locker area today. It was actually quite pleasant. I figured I could tolerate 50ºF/11ºC temps with a cropped jacket underground. Other bloggers seem to brave the snow and cold in the winter weather without any outerwear on at all.  I don't think I'll be doing that anytime soon.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

AFD Inspiration: Theysken's Theory (S/S 2011)

    If my work wardrobe could only come from a few select brands, Theory would definitely be one of them. I love the timelessness, minimalism, sophistication, tailored chic--everything I look for in a work wardrobe. Oh and it also helps that I can generally fit their clothes right off the rack; tailoring is one less thing that I have to worry about. However, the hefty price tag hurts my heart.

     For Spring/Summer 2011, the Belgian designer Olivier Theysken released his first collection with Theory a few weeks ago and I'm in love. The Theory website is one of the few fashion sites that I can access at work and I will just sit and drool over the collection all day long. A lot of the pieces are much less work appropriate. Here are a few of my favorites. Even if I can't afford these particular pieces, I am on a search to find something similar to incorporate into my wardrobe (all photos courtesy of

Other great (work appropriate) looks from the regular Theory Spring/Summer 2011 Collection:

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sweater: Jacob Kimono Wrap Sweater (Grey, size XS).
Dress: H&M Sheath Dress (Black, size 4).
Tights: Hue Opaque Tights (Black, size S/M).
Boots: Charles David Nexus Boot: (Black, size 6.5)
Necklace: Forever 21 pendant

     You must have noticed, this F21 pendant gets a ton of wear. I never expected it to, but I wear it with just about everything. Isn't it awesome when that happens?? I can't say the same for these boots, however. I totally love the boots, but I hardly ever have the opportunity to wear them. I'm such a homebody. 

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Spotted at Work.

     Do you ever notice on petite blogs that trousers are rarely ever shown? I've always wondered about that. But I think that it just may be that when you are very small, flattering trousers can be just so difficult to find, especially when on a budget. I love trousers though. The perfectly tailored trouser is so chic and looks perfectly put together with a simple blouse and a great pair of heels. I would so much rather wear a pair of trousers instead of a skirt, especially in the winter. In fact, I had resolved to wearing only pants to work for the rest of my life...until I moved to D.C. and realized it was just way too humid to do so and that I should just take advantage of the fact that I'm a girl and expose as much of my skin as possible while still being conservative. I do love a simple blouse and a classic tailored trouser, though:

Top: Ann Taylor Dotted Blouse (Navy/White, size 0P).
Bottoms: Talula Babiton by Aritzia Trousers (Black, size 0).
Shoes: Lauren by Ralph Lauren Amaya Pump (Black, size 6).
Necklace: Target.

     This shopping the closet idea is pretty difficult. I still find myself reaching for my newest pieces. I think on day I'm going to do an inventory of my closet and put my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with. This is going to be somewhat of a "fashion on a budget" blog for the next little while. Or at least I'm going to try. On top of my minimalist style, I hope it doesn't start to bore you. I know readers love to see new pieces when reading blogs. I know I do! But unfortunately, until I find that elusive first job (which is hopefully soon), shopping needs to be kept at an absolute minimum. Do you have any tips on how to incorporate older pieces that you love (but no longer wear) into your current outfit rotation?

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pre-Spring EOTD

Sweater: Jacob Turtleneck (Black/White stripe, size XS).
Pants: GAP Really Skinny Pants, cropped to ankle by me (Black, size 00P).
Shoes: Lauren by Ralph Lauren Amaya Pump (Red Garnet, size 6).
Purse: Le Chateau Clutch (Black).
Belt: Nine West Reversible Belt (Black, size S).

     I'm ready for spring. Mother nature isn't (did you happen to get buried in the snow/ice this past week??). It's still much too cold and snowy to give up my turtlenecks just yet, but I'm yearning to pull out all my spring clothes. So it's a little bit of a compromise. A light turtleneck with an ankle length pant. Actually, these pants are actually the full length GAP pants and I just folded them under. So cute with a red pump. 



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