Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Deliberations: Bright Lips

    I know, I haven't done of these in a while. I've been off doing some of my own personal deliberating. But since I'm here, I've decided to talk about one of the biggest make up trends this spring/summer season. Bright lips! 

   I don't know about you, but sometimes make-up trends, particularly bold ones, make me pretty self-conscious. But with the right outfit, bright lips are a perfect accessory.

Photo credit: Getty Images via

Photo credit:
Photo Credit:

     I used to love lipstick and wore it religiously through my teens. Then gloss became the big thing and I was suddenly a convert. I hated having to apply and re-apply and getting lipstick all over my glassware, anyway.  I have come back to somewhat liking lipstick again, but now I've found myself with chronically chapped lips even in the summer time. My brother has the same problem. I have no idea where we get it from, but it makes wearing lipstick pretty difficult. Lipstick either contributes to more drying,  or I can't get the lipstick to apply properly and stay that way because my lips are always peeling. It's really quite disappointing and frustrating. These days the only thing that makes it on my lips on a regular day is Aquaphor.

    Here's a great article on choosing your best bright lip color on

   Are you ladies taking part in this bright lips trend or are you as apprehensive to try it out in real life, like I am?

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Playing Favorites.

Blouse: Ann Taylor Silk Camp Shirt (Winter white, size XSP).
Denim: J Brand 910 Skinny Jeans (Ink, size 24).
Shoes: Boutique9 Thomsina (Light Natural, size 6).
Clutch: American Apparel Medium Carry-All (Reptilian Poppy).
Belt: Ann Taylor Patent Skinny Belt (Black, size XS).
Watch: Michael Kors Runway Watch (Silver).

     This is one of my favorite outfits. It's simple and easy, looks great, and perfect for a dinner out with one (or a few) of your favorite people. If I could add one more piece of jewelry to this outfit it would probably be a mid-length gold chain. But seeing as how I can't find one, just pretend that there's one there and we'll both be happy. =)

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Poll: To Keep or not to Keep?

     Do you remember when I posted about these way back in January?

     I found them at the Rack. In black. Love. The regular price is $295 and I found them for $180. They feel great, so comfort isn't the issue. The issue is (1), they're black. If I had a choice, I would buy grey. Are they not as nice in black? To the point that I should return them? And (2), I think they would be super cute for work, but I don't know. Are they too girly for me? LOL. Yes, this is seriously the question. 

    Should I keep them, or no?

Results posted on Twitter. ;)

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Review: GAP Jersey Maxi Dress

      When Jean, pointed out this dress at GAP, I *had* to have it. I love this shade of green (here, known as Jade Stone), and I loved the grecian-inspired bodice. I was so excited to buy it, that I didn't bother to read the reviews first. I ordered it in XSP. It was only until Jean pointed it out that I realized this "maxi" dress will probably be too short. Bums. 

     The first thing I thought when I pulled it out of the bag was that the color was *gorgeous*. It's just a tiny bit lighter than it is in the stock picture, but otherwise very close. I tried to make my own photos as close to the original color of the dress as possible, but it didn't work. I'm starting to think the really challenging lighting on my balcony is too much for my photography skills right now. One of these days, I'll venture out and take some actual outdoor photos.

     Way too short for my liking. I usually like my maxi dresses to brush the top of my feet. It seems to be about 3" above my ankle. It might not have bothered me much if it hit me right at the ankle, but, awkward. I do love the top of the dress though, and the material is super-soft. The model must be wearing the Tall version, because the top sits much lower on her and hits closer to her feet than the petite version on myself.

     Here's how it looks with flats, which is usually how I usually wear my maxi dresses:

     Not that great, right? Then I had the idea that maybe I should just shorten it to a midi-length (I tucked the extra fabric into the bodice just to see what it would look like):

     It's a little bit better, I guess. It certainly makes it dressier. I'm not sure I'm a big fan of the midi-length on myself. And if I went with this, I would surely have to be wearing heels with it rather than flat sandals. I think this is going back unless I can find one in my local GAP to exchange for a regular length XS.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Bloggers Do It Better: Prep School

     My first BDIB! And this one is SO me. I couldn't participate in the first two challenges because I didn't have the items in my closet. Wardrobe holes fully exposed. =(
Raid your boyfriend/husband/brother’s closet. Find a tie or bow tie (everyone’s gotta have one for this assignment, no exceptions). Pair it with a button-down shirt (or whatever you can find! go creative!) and top it off with a vestcardigan, or blazer of some sort. There is a lot of room for freedom and creativity here, as always, but one thing I’d really like to see on everyone is a tie or bow tie (you can improvise with a cravat or something) and a vest or blazer. Feel free to skirt it up, or go all out with tailored pants! You name it, it is yours to have fun with. One thing I love is that it can be feminized so very easily: with some stilettos, a few stacking bracelets, dangly earrings, etc. I’m already dreaming up creations in my head!
Hat: Big It Up Flat Cap (Tweed, size S).
Sweater: GAP Elbow-Length Cardi (Deep Coral, size XS).
Top: J.Crew 3/4 Sleeve Button Down (White, size XS).
Pants: Talula Babiton by Aritzia Trousers (Black, size 0).
Shoes: LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Amaya Pumps (Black, size 6).
Watch: Michael Kors Runway Watch (Silver).
Tie: Dad's.

     Upon putting this outfit together, I realized my dad's tie collection is *extremely* dated. I was like, WTF? He doesn't really wear these, does he?  A part of me just wanted to run out to TJ Maxx and replace his entire tie collection. Jeebus. The tie I'm wearing is the least ugly tie he has. 

    I decided to forego a blazer in this outfit just because the whole thing was just pretty masculine, except for the brightly colored cardi and the pumps. Leaving the cardi fully exposed helped add some femininity to the ensemble.

     Want to see more or want to join in the fun? Check out Bloggers Do It Better at Pretty Shiny Sparkly.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review: Tory Burch Eddie Ballet Flats

     I love my Matt Bernson Waverly Flats, but I yearn for more color and variety in my shoes on a daily basis. Sure, I love heels like any other girl. But in my 30s and living in the city, comfortable walking shoes for to and from the office are a must. And we all know how picky my feet are...I complain about it much too often. I've been dying to try the TB Eddie Ballet Flats for a while. Lots of raves about these, however, there are a lot of raves about the Revas as well, and those just killed my feet when I finally got the courage to buy them. =(

    I saw the Eddies in my local Nordstrom and the display shoe was in my size (it was a 6.5, but sizing up is generally a good idea when buying shoes with the elastic in the back or can scrunch up). In the store it was surprisingly comfortable--no pinching or sharp poking from the elastic into my heel or ankles. These had potential and I've been hoping to take them out for a test run for regular use ever since. 

   Shopbop was having a sale last week, 15% off everything. Even though it wasn't the greatest discount, along with 8% cash back and free shipping and returns, this was enough to finally make my TB purchase. The regular price for these babies are $178.  I  bought them in Tan in size 6.5 (for the record, my regular shoe size is 6):

     Yes, I do already have a pair of tan-colored flats, my Bloch Gisele flats. I used to wear them every day because the color was so versatile and because they were first. After a while, I realized that they were much too flat for city-walking. They have absolutely *no* padding. It's basically like walking outside in your socks. When you hit your 30s, you come to realize that the arches of your feet need much more support, or you start feel pain anywhere from the arches of your feet to all the way up to your back. It actually kind of sucks. Now when I look for flats, I need to have at a decent amount of padding. 

   The Eddie flats do have a good amount of padding throughout the shoe. The one thing that bothers me though is TB emblem on the inside, here:

     It's a little bothersome at first. It feels like there is something in my shoe, except that I can't remove it. I could probably get used to it after a while.

     Generally, the shoe feels really good. Nice and cushy. No rubbing or pinching. The elastic around the mouth is comfortable, not too tight, and keeps the flats on my feet. Since I have such narrow heels, an elastic is necessary as I always walk out of regular ballet flats. However, the back where there is a little of extra leather sticking up feels like it *might* dig in the back of my heels, which is a pretty typical problem of most shoes I try on (damn you, feet!). I'm not sure, but it's definitely a possibility. See here:

      I'm sure for most of you this would not be a problem. Unfortunately for my hypersensitive feet, this was a potential issue that I have to consider.

     Upon further inspection, I'm not all that crazy about the color. It's a little bit too orange for my liking. And the width of the toe box is also slightly too wide for my somewhat narrow feet (excuse my veins):

     The quality seems rather good. The leather is nice and thick and there seems to be no problem with the seaming. They appear as if they could withstand a good amount of wear and tear.

     I like these flats, but they're not perfect for my difficult feet. For the price, I'll have to send them back. If you are looking for a comfortable flat, and your feet are slightly wider than mine, these TB Eddie Flats are definitely worth checking out. I think I may try out a different color to see if there's any difference in fit.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lazy or just Simple?

     Probably a little bit of both.  I'm sorry about the lack of posts, I've been having a rough last week or so and I'm not so sure it's going to get any better soon, so please bear with me. In going with this lazy/simple theme, I was too lazy to step out of the apartment for photos so I decided to take them on my very small, unexciting balcony. 

Top: AE Deep-V Favorite T (White, size S).
Scarf: Tolani (Midnight Rose).
Belt: H&M Men's Leather Belt (Dark Brown, size 32).
Pants: GAP Broken-in Skimmer (Pavement, size 00P).
Sandals: Dolce Vita Toni Wedge Espadrilles (Natural, size 6).
Watch: Michael Kors Runway Watch (Silver).
Bracelet: H&M Men's Leather Cuff.

    The photos, surprisingly, aren't bad. The color is kind of gross, but that's more to do with me and my inability to take outdoor photos and then correct in post-processing. You may see a lot my posts out here for a while. I should buy a plant or something to make the metal door at least a little bit more interesting. 

    This is a very casual and simple EOTD. Again, I was feeling lazy. I generally don't like capris on petite women, but the boyfriend pegged crops are really growing on me and these GAP skimmers fit pretty darn well in 00P. I also decided to pair them with my Dolce Vita wedges. The leg line doesn't look all that great now that I look at these photos, but oh well, I tried. Next time, I'll try a different shoe.

    Want to see other ways to wear a printed scarf? Tolani scarf also seen here:

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Friend Friday: Shoes

1.What is your go-to pair of shoes?

     In the winter, my UGGs. But for a slightly more "dressed up" occasion my LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Zabrina pumps.

2. What goes into your shoe buying decisions?

   Looks, comfort, price. Comfort is a big one though. I have hyper-sensitive feet and if I'm not careful I'm blistered, calloused and cut up for weeks. It makes shoe-buying extremely difficult.

3. The majority of the shoes in your closet are what color?

   Black, probably.

4. When it comes to designer shoes what are your favorite brands and why?

   I don't often buy designer shoes because I don't have occasions to wear them. I also live in the city where I do a lot of walking,  and heels and concrete do not go well together.  But I do love Jimmy Choo. They're sexy without being over the top (photos from

5. If price wasn’t an issue, you’d own which shoe?

A classic pair of Loub boots or heels, of course!

I've also had my eye on these Loeffler Randall Matilde boots for YEARS (photo from

As soon as I can afford them, they are on my want list!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review: Splendid Lycra Maxi Skirt, Part II

   OK, so as promised, a few photos of this skirt actually styled (see Part I here). LOL. I have a few other ideas on what to do with this skirt, but I don't know. At this point, I'm leaning towards just sending the thing back, especially since I killed my budget for the month of April, no thanks to Ann Taylor:

And here without the belt (pretend the tank isn't bunching, I couldn't find my shorter one):

Sweater: GAP Elbow-length Cardi (Dark Coral, size XS).
Skirt: Splendid Lycra Maxi Skirt (Carbon, size XS).
Tank: AE Favorite Tank (White, size XS).
Flower Pin: H&M
Sandals: Mea Shadow Camellia Shootie (Tan, size 6).
Watch: Michael Kors Runway (Silver).
Belt: ASOS Skinny Leather Belt (Yellow Patent, size S).

What do you ladies think? Still hate it?

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Deliberations: The Perfect White Tee

   It was an obsession for years--finding the perfect white T-shirt, that is. There's something about a plain white tee that's incredible versatile. The color white is just so "fresh". It can be dressed up or down (remember the Petite Fashion Challenge #5 hosted by Stylepint here).  The hunt for the perfect white tee probably started in my early years of undergrad. Back then, I was really into crew neck tees, but the neckline wasn't necessarily the biggest challenge. It was the material and quality of the tee. Low quality tees tend to stretch out and lose their elasticity after just a few washes which is truly one of my pet peeves when it comes to clothes. So I usually opt for something with a little stretch (although, not always depending on the particular material), and absolutely *no* ribbing. Another challenge was to find one that was light, but not sheer. These days, the sheerness of tees can be absolutely ridiculous. Sometimes the more expensive the tee, the more sheer it becomes. And even nude undergarments can still be seen. I also pay close to the overall shape and length of the shirt, the shape of the neck opening (now that I prefer v-neck tees), and of course, the price, because even the greatest quality white tees can only last so long with the amount of wear and tear I put them through, so they definitely have to be priced reasonably. So all in all, this is my "white tee checklist":

  • Quality of material. No ribbing, preferably with a little stretch but not necessary as long as they keep their shape after many washes;
  • Light material, but not too sheer;
  • Hip-length;
  • Length of sleeves. Not too long, and not cap-sleeved;
  • Flattering, because of course, we petites generally aren't a fan of boxiness;
  • V-neck. Low, but not too low; and
  • Inexpensive, preferably under $20ea.

   Meeting all the conditions was pretty impossible for years. And then AE invented the Deep V-Neck T about 7 years ago (or sometimes called the Favorite V-neck T) . Brilliant. I can't say enough about these tees. These tees change a little bit every year. And although this year, I'm not all that impressed by them (they are too long, and have this "burnout" pattern), most years they are perfect and fell for an extremely reasonable price of $15.50.

    This is this year's version:

AE Deep V-Neck T, $15.50. Buy here.

    I usually buy a couple every year or every few years, as a result, I have quite a few of these. So when I don't like  one year's particular version, I'm not devastated. I generally buy one size up because I like them a slightly loose-fitting and slouchy. LOVE.

   Do you love white tees as much as I do? Do you have a favorite? Or do you have a particular piece of clothing from a certain brand that you keep going back to buy year after year? Please share!

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