Friday, January 20, 2012

Review: Ann Taylor Blouses (3!)

    In search of my next item for 5-tem Challenge, I decided to make some Ann Taylor purchases when they finally allowed us 40% off their New Arrivals. I really like AT blouses, they're made well and tend to fit and look beautiful when worn. Perfect both for work and casual-wear.

   First up, Single Button Tab Long Sleeve Shirt in Bright Royal Blue, regular price $118:

   The color of this blouse is UNBELIEVABLE. The photos do not do it justice. I think I literally gasped when I saw it in the box. The quality of the silk is OK (material is 95% silk and 5% spandex). It's not super smooth and silky, but it's about the same as their Silk Camp Shirt from last year. It fits perfectly on me in 0P, my usual AT size for tops and blouses. Untucked:

    J.Crew has something in a similar style and color in a sightly more feminine version here. I haven't seen it IRL, so I can't attest to the actual color, quality, or fit of the Blythe blouse. (EDIT: I saw the J.Crew version in-store and the color is very similar, if not exactly the same. The silk is a bit smoother--feels a bit like polyester. Very pretty, but I didn't try it on since J.Crew doesn't carry petite sizes in-store).

    Next up, Pleated Placket Long-Sleeve Blouse in Chartreuse, regular price $88:

    This 100% Polyester and feels really nice and smooth, but certainly feels like polyester. I wasn't blown away by this blouse, but it was nice. The details of the blouse are very nice--the hidden placket and the double layer cuffs. One thing to note is that the buttons don't go all the way up to the collar. If you like to style your blouses by buttoning them all the way to the top, the lack of buttons does take away from its styling versatility. Otherwise, if you are looking for a nice yellow blouse, this is certainly a good option. I've purchased multiple items in yellow in December, I think I need add a different color to my existing wardrobe. As to sizing, this also fits like a typical 0P blouse, although I had a bit of trouble pulling my hands through the sleeve with it buttoned up. Untucked:

   Ruched Shoulder Long Sleeve Blouse, regular price $88:

   This blouse, I ordered to hit the $150 mark for free shipping. It doesn't come in petite, so I didn't have high hopes for it when I ordered it in 00. The color is a french grey (grey with a purple-ish undertone), and the ruching at the shoulder is a very pretty detail, but it just did not fit. It was too big at the shoulders and way too boxy all around. It would have been pretty if it fit, but it didn't. It is 100% polyester, also. One thing I didn't like, was the sleeve openings. I would have preferred a cuff, it was just a narrow hem. To me, it seemed unfinished, but to others, it might not matter at all. Untucked:

   Other blouses I would have loved to try had I seen them in my size online are the Graphic Looms Print Blouse, regular price $88:

And the Fireside Blouse--the subtle print on this just stunning in real life, on sale for $69.99 plus 40% off but seem to be sold out in small sizes and even completely sold out in petite online:

Anyone else get their hands on these last two blouses?

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Alterations Needed said...

First of all, your photos are looking great!

I have the royal blue silk tab sleeve shirt and graphic looms print blouse coming to me in the mail. I've seen both in person in regular sizes and liked them both (the royal blue is GORGEOUS!) so I'm hoping the fit will work out. =)

Cher said...

Thanks, Kelly! :D I'm still having a bit of trouble controlling the amount of light. A lot of the time my photos are slightly overexposed (like above), but nothing horrible.

  I luurrvvee the blue one! I think it would look beautiful against your skin tone! And I can't wait to see the graphic looms one (you'll blog about it, right? ;)). I hope they fit you too!

Girlie Blogger said...

Love teh sleeves of teh last two. You are right. The blue one has unbelievable color. Super pretty.

Jarucha said...

I still have not bought an AT blouse although I did try that red one but they didn't have any in my size in the store I went to. I agree that the subtle print is soo lovely. This is pretty late but thank you for the leopard skirt review, I am so surprised its 118 online and not lined!

SS said...

That Blue looks really gorgeous on you! I like the color of last red blouse on screen but I'm thinking it was more orange red in real.

Aubrey Dang said...

i love that last red one.  i love the subtle print but havne't seen IRL.  i hope you somehow manage to get your hands on it and do a review.

Feifei X said...

Hi Cher!

The blue blouse is my favorite! I'm so inspired by this royal blue trend that I just placed my first ASOS order with my first royal blue item.  Can't wait!  (:

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