Sunday, February 5, 2012

Review: Theory Frayne Pant in Tailor Wool

   I have been looking for the perfect skinny trouser for work for YEARS. This is not an exaggeration. It's always been an absolute fail due to my small size. -->Small-hipped women need not apply<--

   But when I saw these Theory Frayne Pants in their Tailor Wool material, I *had* to have them. They had the potential to be the perfect work separate and could also be worn with one of their suit jackets. 

Theory Frayne Pant, $255

      From the photo, they look like the perfect pant. Skinny, but not too skinny, and the quality being Theory, would be without question. I was willing to splurge the $255 (plus tax) that these cost if they actually fit almost perfectly.

    When I pulled them out of the bag, the first thing I noticed was the hole in the pant leg. OK, well automatic fail due to being damaged goods. But, I was willing to do an exchange if these actually fit. They looked a bit large in the butt area, but when I put them on, they did fit really well (purchased in 00, the same size as my Max C trousers)! 

    The only thing I think that would have made the fit better is a slightly slimmer leg, particularly below the knee.
    However there is bad news. The description on the Theory website says, "on-seam coin pocket":

   One wouldn't think that was a bad thing and also rather typical. However, what they failed to mention was that there was an extra seam going down the outside of the leg:

Yes. Really. About 2 inches from the side seam, there is *another* seam going down the front of the pants, and that is wear these "on-seam coin pockets" are. Not only that, but the pockets start two inches lower than the waistband making them really awkwardly placed. I feel like I have to reach down into my pockets. What the heck is going on here??

     Admittedly, the second time I put these trousers on for these blog photos, they kind of grew on me a little bit. However, for the hefty price tag, these had to be perfect, and they were not. I am disappointed because overall the fit was great.  These must go back and I'm not happy about it (my bank account is though). 

Here are the full measurements on the 00:

                                                   Waist:  26" (these are low rise)
                                                       Hip:  33"
                                                     Rise:  7" (crotch seam to top of waistband)
                                                 Inseam:  29.5"
                                          Leg opening:  12"

    Next on the list to try is Aritzia. I saw a few skinny leg wool trousers on their website last season and a few this coming spring/summer, but they're always sold out by the time I can get myself to a store back home in T.O. (I beg for online shopping!!). If someone has tried these, please let me know how they fit so I can hunt them down (or have someone hunt them down for me).

    What do you ladies think of skinny trousers for work?

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eveange66 said...

Oh too bad as I was also interested in your review. That is really a very "special" design with this very apparent double seam on what should be seen as a work appropriate pant. But I would rather prefer pants with "natural" waist as low waist is really a no no for petite I think.
I already have "skinny" black pants although not wool but  coton and spandex. Bought them some years ago (well at least 12 years ago if more) at Gap when they still carry size 0R (for understanding I am french) and well they did fir very well. I purchased the fisrt before 2000 and, as I was very satisfied with the fit, looked for an other one. But alas, seemed that Gap did change their sizing very quicly because the second one was not so well fitted than the first though being the same size. We have at last Theory here in France but it is really quite expensive. And as I am a tiny petite whith curves (but thin), things are not easy.

Ping said...

i like the skinnier trousers and i like this one, but not for the hefty price tag! i agree with you, if you're going to pay over $200, you better be head over heel in love and they should fit near perfect. i didn't notice the 2nd seam in the first pic. i wonder if the pants would drape better without it?

Ping said...

btw you should stop by aritzia, they are having a major sale! i got a couple of really nice items for work. be warned that their sale is final sale though. 

Cher said...

It seems to me like it would drape better. It almost felt like where the pockets were placed gave the pants a little more volume up top. At least that's what my first thought was when I put them on. The pocket almost acted as a pleat mostly due to it's placement. Super disappointed.

Cher said...

Oh gosh, I wish I could go! I was home last weekend, but I didn't have a chance to get to an Aritzia and I have no idea when I'll be home next. Argh.

Cher said...

The second seam is a special detail, but not one that I was looking for in a classic work pant. I actually prefer the lower waist. The 7" is perfect for me because I have such a low rise and short torso, so it balances me out a bit. For other petites this may not be ideal. 

there is another pair of Theory skinny pants online right now called the Yanette. It is made of cotton though. I may give it a try for a more casual work outfit, but I would really prefer something wool so I can wear it as part of a suit. But I'm surprised that France just opened it's first Theory store! Canada doesn't have one yet, but I'm hoping there will be one by the time I move back! Otherwise I'll be forced to make trips to the US for the sole reason of going to the Theory outlet store. =/

OurWiredLives said...

That sucks.. that is a huge mistake seam and pocket for sure.  Thanks for sharing.

Peachy said...

I recently bought a pair of the aritzia elliot pants and I love them! I would buy multiple pairs if they came in more colors. I tried on a 0 and 00, ended up choosing the 00. They're a little tight, but that was the look I was going for. It has a side zip and hook. The hook kinda digs into my waist when I don't tuck my shirt in, but that's probably because I chose the 00. The inseam on it is about 25.5 inches and come to about 2 inches above my ankle bone. I'm 5'3, 120 lbs with short legs and a longer torso.

Cher said...

Ah thank you, Peachy!! Is there about 2" of extra material at the hem? 25.5 inseam is going to be much too short for me (my inseam is ridiculously long for my height). If I can let it down 1.5" - 2", I'm totally hunting these down!

Girlie Blogger said...

Wow. Lots of problems with these. But they look good on you. And yes, I do think skinny trousers are appropriate for work.

TOBeautyReviews said...

Cher I think that Jessy shops at Artizia - maybe she could let you know how the pants are that you are asking about?

I agree about returning the Theory pants. For that price they need to be PERFECT!

Peachy said...

No...unfortunately the hem is only 1.5 inches.
I was looking to buy a pair of similar style pants online and saw that these pants look a lot like the j crew minnies, but I haven't seen a pair of the j crews in real life so I don't know for sure.

Suzuki Sayaka said...

What a shame! The fit looks really good on you though I agree it could be perfect fit if it was a little slimmer under knee. I didn't notice that weird coin pocket, but if you feel something weird for that price, you are right returning it. Hope good luck on next pants! 

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