Saturday, March 31, 2012


     I'm trying to get used to this color-blocking thing. So you may see it quite a bit over the next little while. Some might find that color-blocking might be too much for work, but with the appropriate colors (avoid neon), it can be done without looking OTT. You can always anchor it down with a neutral colored blazer or equivalent cover-up to make it not so "in your face". Otherwise, if you're still not comfortable with it, one bold color at a time (for example, bold colored skirt or blouse) while keeping the rest of the outfit neutral is definitely OK.

Blouse: DV by Dolce Vita Camp Shirt (Orange, XS).
Necklace: Forever21.
Bracelet: Express.
Ring: Forever21.
Shoes: Boutique9 Thomsina (Light Natural, size 6).

    I have every intention of letting out the hem of this skirt about an inch and a half, but it seems like such an intimidating task since the hem seems to be pretty locked down and my sewing skills aren't fully developed. I'm afraid that when I try to put it back together it's going to look a bit messy when I'm done. I'll have to work up the courage before making an attempt.

    A few more words about this J.Crew double-serge cotton skirt building on my initial review here, since it was a big discussion on twitter a few weeks ago. Now I have a few months experience with it, I do have some new thoughts about it. A few petites didn't like how it was "stiff" out of the bag. The material is thick, but I wouldn't say it's stiff. It somewhat softens up with some wear. Also, because it is 100% cotton, it tends to wrinkle. This may bother a lot of people. But I think I love the color so much, I'm willing to overlook it. LOL.  It does wrinkle though, some of it falls out on it's own, but deeper wrinkles need to be pressed out. And this skirt will definitely test your pressing skills. The skirt says to dry clean, but you can throw it in a mesh bag into the washer and then hang dry. But again, this will test your pressing skills, especially if you are trying to get a perfectly wrinkle-free skirt. I would say that it's probably worth dry-cleaning every so often just get everything pressed out and wrinkle-free, but it's certainly not necessary. Also, when you wear tights with this skirt, it will tend to "stick", and thus, ride up as you walk. Sounds kind of annoying? Yes. But it's nothing a slip shouldn't be able to fix. After saying all that, yes, I still love this skirt. 

     Camp shirt and skirt recycled here:

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Really Petite said...

Love these two colors together Cher. And I do that too- overlook certain things if I love the color or something enough:)

Lovelypettit_mom said...

adorable color and good combination :-) take care

Press_rewind said...

great combo!

Lisa Ng said...

Great color blocking! If you can wear this to work, then definitely pop of color for your new beige pants from CM!

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