Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Ivanka Trump Etta Fisherman Sandal

Shoe week(s) on AFD continues (I promise, it's almost done).

Look/Quality: I have to say, this is one nice looking wedge. A feminine wedge, unlike the big clunky things being sold these days. The actual wedge narrows toward the sole, making it more delicate looking, but also making it a bit more of a challenge to walk in. I love the peep toe for less "exposure". The quality seemed pretty sturdy, as well, which surprised me a bit. This is my first order of Ivanka Trump shoes (I think), and I wasn't expecting much, but this pleasantly surprised me. The one thing I didn't like was the gold plate tab thingy in the back. If you can't see it, it actually says Ivanka Trump. So like the Trumps.

Wedge Height: 4 inches.

Platform Height: 0.5 inches. Unlike the previous wedges I've been reviewing this is half an inch shorter than the others. Along with the narrowing wedge, it definitely takes a bit of extra effort to walk in.

Sizing: TTS, but a bit on the narrow side. Like the others, however, I would need to punch an extra hole in the strap, but I always have to do that anyway.

Comfort: Lots of padding in the footbed, and a rubber sole making impact on the concrete much softer. Leather is pretty soft as well. I didn't feel any impending cutting or rubbing.

Colors: Calf brown (as shown above), fuschia patent, rustic tan (light brown), black leather, and island lime (fluorescent lime patent).

Price: $140 at Endless.

Overall: Such a pretty shoe, good for more narrow feet. Wider feet might have comfort issues with this sandal, but otherwise they seem rather comfortable for such a tall wedge. I would keep these if I were looking for something like this, but unfortunately, I'm on the hunt for an everyday walking wedge. These aren't it.

What do you ladies think of these wedge sandals?

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Essence Brown said...

These are my favorite so far!
I could go without the gold plate, but its not a deal breaker.
And I'm 5'8, so I tend to go with a higher wedge so that they make more of a statement.
So these are my favorite!

Really Petite said...

I really like these but can we see them on you? I bet they look even better on. I almost wish they were more of cognac color verses a brown.....but that's just me. They are pricey but I say keep if they fit and you love them:)

Cher said...

I returned them yesterday. =/ I thought about posting some photos with them on, don't usually like to display my feet on my blog. LOL.

SS_littleflowers said...

I love them most so far. I agree the height is a little higher and could be problem.... Looking forward to seeing more & your decision!

Nelah {52newdays} said...

Gorgeous sandals, i like the look of combined materials and colors. Will go with oretty much everything.

xoforeverinpink said...

I love Ivanka Trump's shoe line, it's very classy and feminine. Such a shame it's not what you're looking for! I hope you find something, I'm also on the hunt for a good summer wedge, seems like it's harder to find something when you know eaxctly what you're looking for!

I've nominated you for an award, check it out on my blog! :)

witheachpassingday said...

Oh they are so pretty but ouch on the price. 

Lisa Ng said...

Cute wedges, though the threads holding the straps together near the though aren't high-end looking. Good luck on that quest for the perfect walking wedge!

Cher said...

Heh, I agree with you, although I have bigger issues with the gold plate in the back than the contrasting threads.

Lisa Ng said...

 Yea, the license plate ;)

Ashleywolfordda said...

So I bought some ivanka trump sandals for140 dollars within the first week the jewels fell off and the leather turned black. Im so dissapointed I will never buy her shoes again. A high price with extreamly low quality.

Cher said...

Oh no! That's awful!! I'd be pretty mad about that. Did you return them and complain?

Yf200 said...

These look good, but are so tricky ad uncomfortable to walk 20 short city blocks in. WIth my other wedges that is no problem. Have to go soak my feet now as the bottom is tender from wearing them.

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