Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review: Steve Madden Starla Wedge Sandal

   I ordered one more SM shoe. And I actually almost kept these until I started to walk in them.

Look: I liked the rather simplistic look of these. It has a larger open-toe, but nothing too "exposed". With the elastic straps, they certainly *looked* comfortable. It also had a rubber sole for good traction and softer impact when walking.

Wedge height: 4 inches.

Platform height: 1 inch.

Comfort/Fit: When I slipped these on, they felt really good. No digging or pinching and not too hard under the feet. They are TTS, with normal width. However, the fit issue I had was revealed only when I began to walk. I'm not sure if the straps aren't tight enough or if the problem was my narrow heels (it is quite possibly a combination of both), but as I walked, the shoe was flip-flopping around on my ankles. A sure way to break my ankles if flopped the wrong way given that these were 4 inches high. I'm not so sure that a heel grip would have fixed this, but admittedly I didn't try. 

Quality: The shoe itself was pretty decently made. I'm not a fan of imitation leather, which is what the heel backing is made of. But I really didn't notice the stiffness of the material. The jute rope wedge looked pretty sturdy on this heel. Note however, that SM shoes tend to vary in quality from shoe to shoe of the same style.

Other colors: Cream, black, and brown. Shown above in olive.

Price: $49.95 at DSW.

Final comments: Like the others, too high for daily use, but if you can these wedges to stay on your heels when walking, I would imagine that this would be a very comfortable shoe. The elastic straps, though not the prettiest, are extremely comfortable. I would recommend to try, but not for me. Return.

What do you ladies think of elastic straps on sandals?

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Kathleen Lisson said...

So frustrating! Sorry you had to send these back.

Lisa Ng said...

Flip flop high shoes certainly not acceptable or safe. Nice look tho.

Rites of Beauty Blogger said...

I have the same view of Steve Madden shoes. I admire them and even have a few pairs, but just don't find them as comfortable as some other brands. These are cute and summery but definitely too high for walking. Oddly enough, I find wedges harder to walk in than heels of the same height ...


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