Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review: Steve Madden Wade Wedge Sandal

     I keep saying that I'll never by Steve Madden shoes again, but here you have it...more SM shoes. I suppose I'm hoping that I'm going to eventually find a pair that I actually like and will want to keep so I just keep buying, but inevitably I return. This time around, I think I was just too obsessed with finding the perfect wedge sandal that I didn't care if it was Steve Madden. I was willing to try it out anyway.

    These espadrilles come in both canvas and leather upper. The jute rope or braid extends beyond the wedge heel, and wraps around the ankle. I'm generally not a fan of this type of detail, but I was willing to overlook it in this case.

     In taupe leather:

     In brown canvas:

Quality: Probably one of the better made SM shoes I've come across in a while. The shoes didn't seem to have issues with leather version or the canvas version, but I personally prefer the leather version based on looks. They also had good traction on the outsole.

Wedge height: 4 inches.

Platform height: 1 inch.

Sizing: TTS. Normal width. Around the ankle, definitely needs an extra hole punch for smaller ankles.

Comfort: Surprisingly, decently comfortable under the feet. The problem, however, is that if I was to punch an extra hole into the strap for a better fit, the strap dug around my ankle and would most surely cut into my skin after some walking.  Of course, that's a deal-breaker.

Price: $49.95 at DSW

Other colors: Also comes in cognac leather which is not really cognac, but a darker version of the taupe (slightly brownish). The canvas comes in olive, black, and nude.

Overall: A pretty decent shoe for Steve Madden. I really like the peep-toe and t-strap design, but again, like yesterday's shoe, too high for my daily walking. If you have slightly larger ankles than my own that don't require an extra hole punch into the strap and you can walk around with this high of a heel then I would actually recommend that you try these out. For me, return.

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Lisa Ng said...

Yea, I don't by SM either. I consider a "teen" brand. Is that wrong? Hope you find an espadrille you like!

Fashionhypnotised said...


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Christain Louboutin said...

Woe , love this wedge heel !

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