Thursday, May 17, 2012

AFD Fashion Fixation: Polka Dot Denim

    I'm not one to over-do polka dots. They're cute, and I'll wear them in moderation, but they certainly won't take over my closet. However, when I spotted these Paige Polka Dot Verdugo Denim on Shopbop yesterday, I have to admit, I was completely enamored by them. And they're Paige, so you know the fit is going to be fabulous:

    Get them Shopbop for $190. 

   Need it cheaper? If you can fit Girl's denim, Target has a similar pair currently on clearance for $13.98 (regular price $19.99) by Harajuku Mini for Target:

    <3 <3

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Girlie Blogger said...

I love these pants. Very dainty but super sexy too.

Lisa Ng said...

Did you buy? You have a another polka dot pant, right? Great Target pick!

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