Sunday, May 27, 2012

Review: Ann Taylor Chelsea Cropped Pants

    Because I was unsuccessful at getting my hands on a pair of Ann Taylor Compact Double Weave Cropped Pants in Cruise Blue (see my review), I decided to try my luck with the Chelsea Cropped Pants in 00R, hoping that the fit would be similar. I also ordered a pair in Intense Orchid as well:

    Seeing that it had a side-zipper (which you all know I dislike), I knew the fit was going to be different from the Compact Double Weave Crops, I just wasn't sure how different. But they were definitely bigger around the waist, hips, and butt:


    Like the Double Weave Crops, the waist band and loops are slightly wider than average. It also has rear besom pockets, but no side pockets. The overall craftmanship seemed good. The material is made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex--It definitely feels more like cotton than the Double Weave Crops, but not to the point where it makes them too casual-looking for the workplace.

     I wasn't too pleased with the Cruise Blue due to the fit, so I almost didn't on the the second pair, but I'm glad I did, because these actually fit a bit smaller:

    A little pressing of the butt area and slimming of the legs, these would be some pretty great pants (though, still big in the waist). I contemplated keeping them, but as nice as the color was, I'm not totally in love with it. Here are the measurements both in 00R:

                                                                                       Cruise Blue          Intense Orchid
                                                              Waist:                     28"                            26.5"
                                                              Hip:                        34"                             33"
                                                              Rise:                      7.5"                            7.5"
                                                              Inseam:                  27"                           26.5"
                                                              Leg opening:         12"                            11.5"

     The Chelsea pant can be currently be purchased on Ann Taylor for $49.50 here (regular price $69). Of course, it also comes in petite if you need the short length (and I'm sure it fits better if you're as petite as I am or smaller), see here.

     If you are wondering about the outcome of my white Double Weave Cropped Pants, the dry cleaner was unable to get the rust stain out. =( I am going to dye them, but I'm on the fence about what color. I'm leaning towards red, something that I can wear through the fall, but I'm open to suggestions. The color has to be somewhat on the darker side because of the color of the stain (I would have loved bright yellow pants!). What do you ladies think? Should I dye them red or some other color?

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Dedegumbert said...

Have you tried Rit rust remover? You can buy it at any Walmart or large grocery chain.

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Cher, sorry to hear about the persistent stain but I vote red! I think theyd have a great place in your wardrobe.

N.C. said...

Yes, I've seen Rit rust remover too.  Haven't tried it, so not sure if it works. Another idea is Rit white dye?

Fashionably Taylored said...

I love these colors! great blog. Thanks for sharing!


Petite Therapy said...

Great review! I'll stop assuming same color, same size. 

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