Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review: Belle by Sigerson Morrison Verena Flats

     I'm not sure about anyone else, but every time Shopbop has a discount code, I feel obligated to order something, simply based on the reasoning that it rarely every happens. This is what I ended up with this time around, the Belle by Sigerson Morrison Verena Flats:

     What attracted me to these shoes were criss-cross straps. Nude shoes and ankle-straps have been a little obsession of mine lately. Both of these characteristics together in one shoe?? Heck ya! But when I first tried these shoes on, I was just "meh" about them. But maybe a part of the reason was that I'm just not comfortable with pointy-toe flats because I've never owned a pair because I always thought that they never really suited my style. The second time I put these on for these photos, I suddenly took a liking to them. Maybe it was wearing them with a full outfit that made me see their full potential. They're feminine yet a little edgy. I could see myself wearing them with skirts, cut-off shorts, and cropped pants and denim.  Above all, they are just really unique. 

     Here's the breakdown:

Look/Quality: They seem to be made very well. I don't see any flaws with them. The leather seems to be off good quality and overall the construction seems sturdy. Note that the soles are made of leather, so they will eventually need to be re-soled by a cobbler. I also really like the shade of nude. It might be ever-so-slightly on the pink side depending on the light, but they're fairly neutral without being too light or too dark in color.

Fit: TTS, probably a bit on the narrow side. Straps fit small. In fact, doing them up in the smallest hole was actually too tight. At first, I thought the straps were super uncomfortable, but then realized I could loosen the straps and they wouldn't hurt so much. DUH. So these are great for "skinny" feet and small ankles. They have a bit of toe cleavage. I don't have very long toes, so someone with longer toes will see a lot more than I show above. 

Comfort: The footbed has a good amount of padding, particularly under the heel. I didn't foresee any digging, rubbing, or cutting into my skin, but as a precaution, I cut up some Spot Dots and placed them in areas where I'm prone to being cut by my shoes.

Price: Retail $195 on Shopbop. You can also find them in other colors including, black patent, watermelon (coral patent), and light denim (light blue patent), or in faux snake lime exclusively for Madewell.

Verdict? Keepers. It totally destroys my budget for April even with the 20% Family & Friends discount, but I think with their potential versatility, they could be totally worth it. 

Do you own a pair of pointy-toe flats? How do you wear them?

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Looks & Books said...

Love these shoes! I pinned a version of them with regular straps forever ago and have been pining for them ever since. I'm happy to see that they're keepers. I can't wait to see them in an outfit post! 

SS_littleflowers said...

Love those anckle straps. They are unique and beautiful. I like pointy-shoe and pair with anything especially for chic outfit. I think pointy-shoe fits your style well 

Fashionchampagne said...

oph wow i absolutley love em 

Lisa Ng said...

Very versatile flats! I wear pointy black flats from Aldo and wear them with dress pants and also with rolled up jeans. I'm sure these would go with anything!

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