Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Pour La Victoire Mai Wedge Pumps

   The second pair of wedges I've had my eye on for a while now are the Pour La Victoire Mai Wedge Pumps. I didn't have high hopes for these because I read a review that said that they run big. But I had been so obsessed with them, that I thought I would just try them out for myself if not just to fawn over the color. This cobalt blue color just recently popped up online:

    Can I say that it's love??? The pictures do not do it justice. The color is unbelievable. 

    The breakdown:

Fit: TTS to maybe a smidge small, with a narrow heel for the narrow-heeled girls out there like myself. My heels do not slip out of these shoes even without heel grips and foot pads, which is such a rarity for me. Width is medium to a little narrow.

     It has little to no toe cleavage (you see some on my right foot because it's smaller than my left): 

Heel height: 3.25 inches, no platform.

Comfort:  A good amount of padding in the sole. The suede is rather pliable and soft, rather than stiff. The back of all shoes dig into the back of my heel, so I will probably cut a Spot Dot in half and place it in the heel of the shoe to prevent any soreness, but otherwise,  I don't foresee any problems.

Quality: Appears to be a well-constructed shoe made with quality materials. No synthetics apparent. It also has a leather sole:

Price: Regular price is $205. With F&F discount and 13% cash back from ebates, the final total will be $142.68.

Verdict: I can only keep one pair of shoes that I've ordered this month, so if I don't find anything better out of my other orders, I'm totally keeping these and stalking the other colors!!

    Remember, F&F discount code FRIENDS2 on orders of $100+ ends May 17th (some restrictions apply).

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Ping said...

very pretty!! love the pointy toe!

Cee said...

I'm so glad you chose this color. Love everything about it on you.

I got my VS Missy wedges and I'm leaning towards keeping them. They make my feet look a bit longer, like how the JMCs looked on you. The color isn't exactly nude against my skintone but I'm ok with that. Size 6.5 works for me because my foot's a bit wide, so I think 6 may just fit you. They also have it in black with an extra 30% off!

Girlie Blogger said...

Pretty color. Probably not your best pair but I think they would suit many outfits.

Pour La Victoire said...

So glad you love your Mai wedges!! That color is totally one of our faves. :)


xo Pour La Victoire 

Lisa Ng said...

I love the pop of color! Good call on the non-synthetic materials. I always try to buy at least leather upper shoes. That way, they can move with my feet.

Rachel said...

Since I saw you replied I had to reach out with this request. I have the Mai wedges in multiple colors and LOVE them! I have even bought the black patent twice because I wore them so much. They are the only heels I can wear walking to and from work in NYC without pain at all!! They are fantastic shoes!

I want them in a warm nude patent so badly! Can you guys please come out with these? The taupe is too greyish but I (as well as many other customers I am sure) would love a true nude patent. I really hope you come out with them. Thanks!!

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