Friday, May 18, 2012

Review: Sam Edelman Beatrix Ballet Flats

       This is the last shoe review, hopefully for a while. These are the Sam Edelman Beatrix Flats. I love my SE Adena Studded Loafers (get an extra 30% off at Last Call!), so I thought that these flats would complement them nicely. I'm always looking for a great, comfortable pair of flats. So far I'm really stuck with one brand, and as much as I love them, it's nice to have a little variety.

Look: I love the spikey cap toe. It gives a rather feminine shoe a little bit of edge. No toe cleavage but the toe is a bit too rounded. I feel like a little girl wearing them, and that might just be a deal breaker for me.

Comfort: Like my SE Loafers, these flats have a lot of padding in the footbed, so there is no issue there. There is an elastic around the opening, which I need because I struggle with flats staying on my feet, but most flats with this feature tend to be too tight and dig into the back of the heel. These flats were actually very comfortable. I walked around in them and I didn't really feel like there was going to be any digging despite there not being any padding in the back like my beloved Matt Bernson Waverly flats.

Sizing: TTS in length, but they felt too wide for me around my arch. If you have a wider foot, these will probably fit you more comfortably.

Quality: The shoes appeared to be made well. I always have people asking me if the spikes fall off my loafers. I have had a few of the jewels pop off, but not the spikes. I wouldn't expect anything major to fall off these shoes. The leather used on these flats felt rather supple.

Price: Find them at Endless for $129.95.

Verdict: Return. Too wide for my feet, and I'm not a fan of the super rounded toe, I love the spikes though!

What do you ladies think of these flats?

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m in rockville said...

I think the flats look cute. A little pricey but I am looking for another ballet flats since the one I have now is wearing out.

Suzie Q said...

Those are so cute. I love the subtle spikes but yet very feminine and dainty looking. They look comfy as well =)

Sunyoung said...

I love these flats, but when I tried them on, there was the dreaded toe cleavage. I guess my toes are a little longer than yours? I love SE's Felicia flats though.

Girlie Blogger said...

Okay. I am in love with these flats. Of all the shoes you reviewed, these are possibly my favorite.

Cher said...

Really? You had toe cleavage? My toes aren't particularly long, I suppose (I don't think they're short either, but I could be wrong?). Maybe I should start mentioning that in my posts so I don't mislead people! LOL.

Lisa Ng said...

I love the spikes and padding. Agreed -- too round of toe = girlie, tho I'm guilty of wearing a rounded toe at times!

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